Zero Buster Review

Zero Buster Review


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Welcome to my Zero Buster review.

Zero Buster is a training by Cynthia Benitez and Kong P.

It goes live on August 12th at 9AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

Zero Buster Review
Zero Buster Review
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What Is Zero Buster All About?

Zeero Buster is a new training that shows anyone how to start a business from zero.

More specifically, you will learn how to set up a print on demand business.

To do this, you will set up a teespring account.

This should take you about 45 minutes to an hour.

You will be able to sell t-shirt, mugs, cell phones and all such kinds of in demand products.

Then, whenever someone buys from your store, then t-spring will process the order for you.

So, you do not need to process or print this yourself - teespring will take care of it.

Nor will you have to ship the order to your customer.

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Who Is Zero Buster For/Not For?

Surely, Zero Buster is perfect for newbies.

And that's what's meant by "Zero buster" - meaning your 0 income online will come to an end.

In fact, a lot of people trying to earn online get stuck at zero for what seems like an eternity.

One reason for this is they try one method after another without sticking with one.

Additionally, they attempt methods which are too difficult for them to pull off.

However, if you stick with the Zero Buster method, it will pay off for you.

Zero Buster Review
Zero Buster Review

Does The Training Include Traffic?

Yes, the training does include traffic.

In fact, Cynthia gives you a full course  of hers from a few months ago.

This will show you how to drive traffic from Instagram.

The training itself reveals a Facebook method.

In my bonus package, I have additional traffic training that will help a lot.

Please make sure to read about my bonuses below.

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Zero Buster Review: Final Thoughts

Zero Buster is a perfect method for two groups of online marketers.

  1. Newbies who want the best chance to earn money online.
  2. Semi-newbies who have tried their hand at affiliate marketing or eCommerce and did not succeed.

If you're new to this make money online experience and you have virtually no budget...

...then Zero Buster will be a great way to get you moving into positive ROI.

Or, if you have given up hope about earning online due to previous failures...

...Zero Buster is will help restore your faith in having success.

From there, you can move into eCommerce and/or affiliate marketing.

OTOs of Zero Buster

OTO#1 — Zero Buster Traffic. $27 

The vendors will teach you free and paid traffic sources to promote your new business.

OTO2 — Zero Buster DFY Designs. $47.

With this upgrade, you will get 5000+ designs already done for you.

OTO#3 — Zero Buster License Rights. $67.

Sell Zero Buster as your own product and keep 100% of the commissions across the entire funnel.

OTO#4 —  Coaching $197.

Coaching for a month where the vendors will help with anything you need regarding make money online.


#1 Hour Long Print on Demand Training - This is a must have tutorial that will give you everything you need to know about Print On Demand A thru Z.

#2: FB Laser Targeter.  This underground tool shows you how to target people on Facebook using the same algorithm used by Facebook Ads.

#3: Best Place To Find An aged Facebook account (includes other aged social media accounts).

#4: Facebook Social signals easy hack Ranking Videos

#5: The Secret Weapon. This full course shows how to market in Facebook Groups using a very engaging method.

#5: Effortless FB Profits.  Full course on how to do FB ads and free Facebook marketing.

#7: IM Insider's Blueprint.  Multi-video tutorial. An exclusive, inside Look at the game of internet marketing.

#8: Explosivo + Unreleased DFY Upgrade.  This is my best-selling course on getting fast traffic to your IG posts.

#9: Holiday Gold Rush. My Best-selling course on a free Twitter marketing method and Bing Ads.


#1 - Affiliate Marketing Course For Newbies

#2 - Secret Method Of Building Your List Fast And Free

# 3 - Amazing Video Software

#4 - The Freebie Page

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