Xmissions Review

Xmissions Review

Thank you for reading my Xmissions review.

This is a compilation by Philip Johansen, Dan Khan, Trevor Carr, and Jonas Lindgren.

It goes live on December 6th at 11AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendors can be found here.

Xmissions Review
Xmissions Review

What Is Xmissions All About?

The vendors have put together the best info products and software products.

With this app, you can tap into everything that works for the vendors.

In fact, it generates well over $1m in revenue on Warrior Plus.

For one front end product, you get a huge Xmas Bundle of front end products.

Also, for the upgrades you get a congruent funnel of upgrades.

For example, OTO1 is a bundle of OTO1s for the price of one.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

The key thing to keep in mind is not to overwhelm youself.

Since you have a bundle of products here…

…the danger is that you will try to do too much too fast.

That is, if you try to do multiple methods at once….

…this can cause info overload/analysis paralysis.

So, what I recommend is choosing one method or software at a time.

Then, you will be able to get results.

Xmissions Review
Xmissions Review

What Exactly Will You Get with Xmissions?

You get access to the following (15) courses and softwares:

  1. Undying Traffic
  2. Warlord Secrets
  3. Pocket Profits
  4. Divine Commissions
  5. Traffic Armageddon
  6. Rapid Mobile Commissions
  7. 15 Seconds Profit Warrior
  8. 6 Figure Secrets
  9. Oromode
  10. List Smasher
  11. Rankr
  12. Zappr
  13. Faceoff
  14. FIverrocket
  15. Highway Traffic

So, with this huge bundle you won’t lack any way to earn online.

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Xmissions Review: Final Thoughts

Give that I’m familiar with most of these products…

…and have reviewed them on my site (14 out of 15 of them).

…I will show you the best way to navigate them.

That is, as an exclusive bonus I will show you…

…which products to start with depending on what you want to achieve.

Also, I will give you the 14 of my best bonuses from each review.

So, make sure to check my bonuses below.

OTOs of Xmissions

OTO #1 — XMISSIONS Pro $37. Get all the OTO#1 upgrades of the 15 products for the price of one.

OTO #2 — XMISSIONS Ultra. $47. Get all the OTO#2  upgrades of the 15 products for the price of one.

OTO #3 — XMISSIONS Income Overhaul $67. Get resell rights to all of the 15 products for the price of one.

OTO #4 — XMISSIONS Resell Rights $97. Sell Xmissions as your own and get 100% of all the profits.

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Exclusive Bonus

Which Product Of The Xmissions Bundle Should You Start with? In this exclusive tutorial, I take a look at how a user should delve into these products based on what I know about them. One size does not fit all. So, I look at how they would be good for what different marketers want to do with them.

CUSTOM BONUSES SET #1 (Philip Johansen & Dan Khan)

Bonus #1 (from Undying Traffic): How To Rank High (In the first 3 places of the first page) In The “Videos” section of Google.  

Bonus#2: (from Warlord Secrets)  Quora Ads Training

Bonus#3: (from Pocket Profits):  Leverage IG Influencers method #1 & #2.

Bonus#4: (From Divine Commissions):  Brand bidding for ClickBank products. – Underground strategy reveals how you can brand bid on certiain CB products to get outstanding ROI.

Bonus #5: (From Traffic Armageddon): Method X. My best-selling course on how to get the best results from Bing Ads

Bonus#6:  (From 15 Seconds Profit Warrior): YouTube Shorts & Clickbank How to create YouTube Shorts that convert traffic into sales.  YouTube Shorts Using TikTok Videos.  Discover how you can legally use TikTok videos (without the watermark) for your YouTube Shorts videos.

Bonus#7: (From 6 Figure Secrets):  Digital Product Creation Strategies. In this bonus, I reveal the exact strategies how I create content for my courses, which I use for bonuses and full-blown courses  I’ve had 6 DOTD winning courses on Warrior Plus that have come about by these very methods.

Bonus #8: (From Oromode):  Clickfunnels Alternatives to save you money. In the bonus you will be shown how to get Clickfunnels 14 day free trial. However, you have other options. In this bonus, I will show alternatives and what I’m using currently in my business.

CUSTOM BONUSES SET #2 (Trevor Carr & Jonas Lindgren)

Bonus#9: (From List Smasher):  Turn Your Gmail/Gsuite into an autoresponder (multi-tutorial). Includes my related course, Profit Zenith.

Bonus#10: (From Rankr): How To Set Up A WordPress Site – Step by step training on setting up your first website. Plus Advanced Backlinking Strategies. Newly updated full tutorial for getting high quality backlinks to your site.

Bonus#11: (From Zappr): Where to share your PDFs to get high volume traffic. – Being able to create fast PDF is a great boon for those who pick up Zappr. But where are you going to share them? This bonus will show you where.

Bonus #12: (From FaceOff):  A 7-figure guru’s ultimate resources for online marketing.  While this is freely available on the web, it’s difficult to find! I’ve been using this myself for the last few months, but now I’d like to share it with you. This is a piece of affiliate marketing gold.

Bonus#13: (From FiverRocket): Social Media Ads Training. Want to run ads on Snapchat, Quora, Instagram, Facebook for your clients. This will cover how to run ads on most of the major platforms. This involves training on several platforms.

Bonus#14: (From Highway Traffic):  Google-Approved Link Redirect To Your Offer.   Tutorial & special code. Underground tactic to finally outsmart the platforms so that you can post whatever affiliate link you want on IG, Pinterest, Quora, Facebook, etc.  Forget linktree! This is a perfect bonus for Highway.

Bonus #15: All Vendor Bonuses (A variety of additional trainings).

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