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Welcome to my WP Story Machine review.

WP Story Machine is a new cloud-based app by Ankur Shukla .

It goes live on March 26th at 10AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

WP Story Machine Review
WP Story Machine Review

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What Is WP Story Machine All About?

WP Story Machine involves turning blog posts into stories.

Posts like these are some of the most trending content you can find on the web.

This plugin capitalizes on two distinct trends happening right now:

  1. An increasing amount of traffic coming by way of mobile devices
  2. The attention span of viewers is on a continual decrease.

Taken together, what this means is that people want to consume shorter content.

So, how does this create opportunity for us?

Most blog posts focus on long form content, which is of decreasing interest to a mobile audience.

So, what WP Story does is it transforms long form content into that which is digestible.

Create Short Form Content AKA "Stories"

The plugin creates slide-based stories from your longer blog posts.

Bear in mind, you are not truncating or altering original long form content.

Rather, you create shorter, faster-to-consume, alternative content.

Moreover, shorter content can be more easily monetized than its long form parent.

Currently, this is a fresh trend that both Google and Facebook are taking advantage of.

However, the majority of bloggers, large and small, continue to go about blogging as usual.

So, equipped with this plug in, you will be ahead of the curve.

WP Story Machine Review
WP Story Machine Review

What Can I Add To This WP Story Machine Review?

Really, this is a WordPress plug in worth getting exited about.

It's a real boon for bloggers in all niches.

However, the story format will work for some blog post types far better than it will for others.

In fact, certain types of blog posts are just a perfect match for stories.

Whereas, others won't work nearly as well.

For instance, would this WP Story Machine review work well in a stories format?

Fairly well, but it's by no means optimal.

In my custom bonus #1, I reveal the exact type of blog post that works perfectly for stories.  

It just so happens, too, that Google has recently begun favoring this type of blog post over others.

In addition, I'll give you the titles and keyword strategies you need to gain a competitive edge.

OTOs of WP Story Machine

OTO #1: $27. WP Story Machine Pro

OTO #2: $27. Profit Stories. (Downsell to $1 trial).

OTO#3: 67. Developers license. 

OTO #4: 97.  Resellers license.


#1: The exact type of blog post that works best for WP Story Machine in ANY niche + Example Post.  In this bonus, I will show you both what type of blog posts Google and the other search engines are favoring right now. Moreover, I will reveal how to create these posts yourself and the keywords you need to rank these "story friendly" type of posts. Best of all, I'll do an example post in the internet marketing niche - on this blog! - to reveal what to do so you can model after it.

#2: Advanced backlinking strategies. Newly updated strategies to get to the top of search engines.

#3: How To Set Up A WordPress Blog (A through Z).  This in depth multi-step tutorial covers what you need to know to get a WordPress blog set up. How to get the right domain name, get hosting, how to optimize your blog, how to get the essential plug ins, and a fast-loading theme.  After all, if you love the idea of My Story Machine but have no wordpress blog in place, then WP Story Machine is of no use to you.  Let me show you how to get set up fast and the right way.

#4: How To Find The Right Keywords To Rank Your Blog Posts. This precise tutorial shows you how to find the perfect keywords to rank your posts.

#5: Secret Method To Get Free Traffic From Latest Trends (video tutorial).

(Premium Bonuses):

#6: WP Ace Plug in

#7: WP Tweet Machine Reseller License

#8 Trendpressr Plug in whitelabel.

#9: All Vendor Bonuses (over dozen mix of plugins and social media marketing guides)

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