WP Spin Magic Review

WP Spin Magic Review

Welcome To MRC’s WP Spin Magic review.

In this review, we will investigate what this plug in does and how it can help your online business.

It’s being brought to market by Sorin Constantin, Vivek Sharma, and Ganesh Saha.

A previous review of a plugin by different vendors can be found here.

WP Spin Magic Review
WP Spin Magic Review
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Watch WP Spin Magic review below:

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What Is WP Spin Magic?

WP Spin Magic is a plugin that helps build your email subscriber base.

It does so by engaging customers with a spin wheel game.

This is an addictive game, which will engage website visitors and incentivize them to join your list.

The wheel is not “set” by the creators.

So you will be able to customize it as you like.

Building a list with free traffic can be difficult.

Typically, the rate at which visitors become buyers hovers at 2%.

So, with WP Spin Magic, you overcome a challenging aspect of web marketing – engagement.

WP Spin Magic Review
WP Spin Magic Review

Visitors Want Reasons To Stay On Your Site

The major social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — keep visitors on their site.

They provide ways to do this. With WP Spin Magic, you will be able to do the same.

There are various ways that you can engage visitors to your site.

Here’s an article which reveals 14 proven ways to engage website visitors

All of these are proven methods for to turn visitors into buyers.

However, some of these methods border on saturated with many marketers using them.

That is, it’s something people have seen before on other sites.

With WP Spin magic, though, you will have a novel way to engage visitors.

What Are The Pros & Cons?

Your site visitors will win an item that you designate (by spinning the wheel).

Therefore, the chances of them giving a fake email are slim.

This means you will drastically reduce the number of worthless subscribers on your email lists.

Also, the chances of an engaged subscriber increase as well.

Whether you have a general blog, eCommerce site, or affiliate site, WP Spin magic will work for you.

And with autoresponder integration, it’s easy to grow your list.

The main drawback of WP Spin Magic is that you need to get traffic to your sites.

You’ll need a combination of free and paid traffic.

So, in my bonuses, I’ve put emphasis on it.

OTOs of WP Spin Wheel

OTO#1 of WP Spin Wheel: $37. Re-sellers license. Sell WP Spin Wheel as your own product get 100% commissions.

OTO#2 of WP Spin Wheel: $47. A Conversion plugin which transforms visitors into actual buyers.

OTO#3 of WP Spin Wheel: $47. Create branded WordPress based dashboards with your own branding and color schemes. With this upgrade, you can charge premium prices to clients

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