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Welcome to my WP Affiliate Suite review.

This is a new video training and WP theme by Chris Derenberger.

It goes live on February 3rd at 9AM EST.

A video review of a product by this same vendor can be found here.

WP Affiliate Suite Review
WP Affiliate Suite Review
Get WP Affiliate Suite And All Relevant Bonuses

Watch WP Affiliate Suite review below:

What Will You Get with WP Affiliate Suite?

You will get two different types of training inside the members area.

First, you will get affiliate marketing training (how to sell products other than your own).

In this training you will learn the ins and outs of how to earn commissions with affiliate marketing.

Topics for affiliate marketing section include the following:

  • Affiliate marketing & proof.
  • How Affiliates Make Money
  • What Is Launch Jacking
  • Affiliate Networks To Join
  • Getting Approved For Networks
  • Researching Niches and Products
  • Choosing The Right Keywords

Next, you will get 25 videos on WordPress training.

This is one of the most comprehensive trainings I've seen on WordPress.

It's very step by step and clearly presented on topics ranging from installing your site with WordPress...

...to customizing your theme and cloaking your affiliate links.

Additionally, you get a premium SEO-optimized affiliate marketing WordPress theme.

WP Affiliate Suite review
WP Affiliate Suite review

Who Is WP Affiliate Suite For?

Almost every week there is a software that aims to make affiliate marketing easy for newbies.

These products have a short term value, and can get newbies started with affiliate marketing.

Advantages these products have: They offer an incredibly simple plug and play set up.

With software products such as this: You can just add your affiliate link and you're good to go.

Likely, though, such products won't allow aspiring affiliates to create a sustainable business.

WP Affiliate Suite is not like this - there's a process in place you need to go through.

That is, you need to follow the steps to succeed. It's not 1-click plug and play.

The benefit, though, is that you create a passive income producing asset.

So, the question is: Are you ambitious?

Do  you want to get on a 6 figure-a-year track in affiliate marketing?

If yes, then you can't go wrong with the WP Affiliate Suite training.

What Can I Add To This WP Affiliate Suite Review?

As mentioned in this review, the WordPress training is comprehensive.

There's not much to be added there.

Also, the affiliate marketing training covers the basics.

However, this training only discusses the basics of affiliate marketing.

It does not delve into topics that are important for your growth as an affiliate marketer.

Topics such as building an email list and funnel building...

...lies outside the scope of WP Affiliate Suite.

Yet, as all affiliate marketers know, list building is critical for building a business online.

Your website, and your other online hubs, are places to build your email list.

So, in my bonus package, I've put emphasis on helping you get an advantage here.

OTOs of WP Affiliate Suite

OTO #1: Advanced SEO Strategies. $47. This upgrade explains how to rank more competitive keywords than the front end product. It shows how to use PBN’s, guest posts, social signals, proper anchor text diversity and more. Chris also goes over a document provided by Google for their manual evaluators to rate the quality of websites.  Here you will see what Google wants before giving your site a high rating.

OTO #2: WP Coupon Strategy. $47. This is  strategy Chris has been using for years to make sure he gets commissions from his visitors even after they leave his website and buy from someone else.  This is a sneaky strategy that not a lot of marketers are using and this has substantially increased Chris's affiliate earnings. Also includes his customized WP theme designed exclusively for this method.

OTO #3:  DFY Niche Themes Bundle. $197. This is what sets WP Affiliate Suite apart from any other WordPress training.  The DFY Shop has 50+ niche-based WP themes pre-loaded with content and ready to go in a variety of popular niches.  Customers can buy these themes for less than $4/each through this upsell. In the DFY shop, they can be purchased for $15/each.  Each theme has a custom logo, articles, banners, newsletter integration, premium stock photos and much more. (This OTO has a downsell to $97).

  1. How To Identify the Best & Fastest WP Theme + How To Find Out About The Theme Your Competitors Are Using.
  2. Ultimate Vault of High Converting Swipes - A large number of swipes and headlines that can be used for any niche
  3. Advanced Backlinking Strategies. Newly updated full tutorial for getting high quality backlinks to your website.
  4. Avalanche List Building.  The best blueprint for building your own subscriber list.
  5. The 9 Profit Pillars.  TOP 9 Income Streams 100% Proven to Make $100
  6. List Profits Exposed.  Earn fast cash grow your list, and gain fans.
  7. 17 Email Cash Hacks.  Steal a top marketers 17 Email Cash Hacks of How To Get More Clicks and Sales
  8. Sales Funnel Mastery.  Build your list by setting up the perfect funnel
  9. Bulk Importer.  Import and schedule 1000s of blogs into your blog.
  10. WordPress Website Security.  8 part step by step video course on how to secure your website.
  11. Graphic Design Academy.  Make professional quality images.
  12. WordPress Engagement Boost. Step by step training on How to increase engagement to your website.
  13. Explode Your Traffic.  Explode your traffic with these 6 free traffic methods.
  14. Blog and Ping Automator.  Crawl your site and ping search engines with this WP plug in.
  15. Split Testing Mastery.  100 tweaks and hacks you can apply to increase conversions
  16. V1 IM Edition Infographics.  Collection of internet marketing related infographics (source files included).
  17. Special Offer Redirects.  Schedule your redirects with this tool.
  18. 3X Retention Pro.  Plug in that applies 3 retention strategies.
  19. V1 Business Infographics.  190+ business infographics to drive traffic to your site.
Get WP Affiliate Suite And All Relevant Bonuses

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