White Collar PLR Review

Welcome to my White Collar PLR Review

White Collar PLR is a new product by Eric Hammer.

It goes live on March 30th at 10AM EST.

A recent review of a similar product can be found here.

White Collar PLR Review
White Collar PLR Review
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What Does “White Collar” PLR Mean?

For those not familiar with “PLR” it means Private Label Rights.”

This means you can sell the product as your own with the ability to rebrand it.

Over the years, PLR products have developed a certain reputation of having low quality.

So, it’s important to select higher quality PLR before you use it.

In this instance, White Collar connotes professionally done PLR.

How Is White Collar PLR DIfferent?

PLR has multiple advantages for online marketers.

It can be used as a lead magnet to get people on your list.

Or, you can sell it as a full course to sell for whatever price you determine.

Thus, in either case, it’s pivotal to offer excellent content that does not look like PLR.

White Collar PLR accomplishes this: it is made up  of premium content.

It strikes the viewer with high grade production value.

And the videos use live action stock footage replete with soft music backgrounds.

Also, there are overlays so as to present it with a very polished effect.

White Collar PLR Review
White Collar PLR Review

Who Is This Product For/Not For?

In this White Collar PLR Review, we must look at who benefits most from this.

Those who prefer not to create their own courses will get great value from this.

If you don’t want to get in front of the camera but still want a video course, then this is for you.

Let’s say you’re new to online marketing, new to your niche, you don’t have expertise to teach yet.

So, oftentimes you need to settle for an eBook to use as a product.

Since video training has a built-in higher perceived value, it’s good to use this.

However, if you already have your own video training course, then you don’t need any PLR.

Final Thoughts Of This White Collar PLR Review

To get instant authority by high quality PLR is something I wanted to do…

…when I first got started online back in 2017.

I did seek out PLR materials – but none o them were high quality (enough).

So, if you’re new, then White Collar PLR is a very good option for you.

However, over time, even with high quality PLR, you are not branding yourself.

Eventually, you will want to start creating your own courses.

This means you can then brand yourself as an authority by delivering the content.

In my bonus package, I have put together training for you to do this.

OTOs of White Collar PLR

OTO#1: 10X Your Options. $37 with DS to 22. If 3 ready made packages complete with talking head presenters are great, ten are better! In this upgrade you get 10 additional ready made packs to use as your own, featuring full PLR rights. 

OTO #2: No Pitch Newsletter. $26.87/3 Mo. or $9.95/Mo.or $1 Trial This is a recurring offer. You get a 30 page no pitch newsletter every month from the vendor. Get tips and tricks to build a lifetime of freedom online. Everything you need to know in order build a real business online.

OTO# 3: Steal Eric’s Money.  $67/$47. Here you will get approval to promote White Collar PLR post launch and you get 100% commissions across the front end and first 3 OTOs

OTO#4: Done For You. $297 with DS to $247. The vendor’s team will customize the first three video packs and provide you with a ready made video intro which will be integrated into the videos as well.


Bonus #1: Online Product Creation Secrets.  In this tutorial, I show you how I created my 3 top-selling products on the Warrior Plus platform, which each sold over 1k units. You will learn how I turn bonuses into full blown courses. This is a must-have complement to Puma Products.

Bonus#2IM Insider’s Blueprint.  Understanding the Game of Internet Marketing. Once you graduate from “newbie” this is vital information that you absolutely need. Without it, you won’t get the full picture of what’s involves with IM. I paid a lot of money for this information, whereas you get it as a free bonus.

Bonus #3: Avalanche List Building (Full course by a top, 6 figure internet marketers on list building).

Bonus#4: Internet Marketing Success (My full course on list building).

Bonus #5: Campervan Commissions  (Full course on affiliate marketing by a 6 figure marketer on affiliate marketing).

Bonus#6:  Rolodex of the best online workers.   If you want the best, most cost-effective online workers to re-brand your White Collar PLR material then this will be of great value.


Bonus #7: Google Ads Done Right. Get complete video training on Google ads.

Bonus#8: FB Advertising For Marketers:  A complete video training on FB advertising.

Bonus #9: Twitter Ads Made Simple: A complete video training on Twitter Ads.

Bonus #10: Local Video Jackpot: A previous full course by Eric Hammer on local video marketing.

Get White Collar PLR + All Relevant Bonuses

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