VideoTik Review

Welcome to my VideoTik Review.

A previous review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

VideoTik is a new video builder app by Neil Napier and Abhi Dwivedi.

It goes live on May 27th at 11AM EST.

VideoTik Review
VideoTik Review
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What To Expect with VideoTik?

We know that TikTok is currently a hot social media platform.

Many online marketers are wanting to get cash in on the platform.

So, what’s the best way to leverage TikTok?

To create videos that are appropriate for the platform.

What VideoTik does is it allows you to create viral videos. 

It enables you to access an unsaturated pool of 800 million people.

VideoTik Review
VideoTik Review

What Are The Pros and Cons?

Many of us missed the “window of opportunity” on big social media platforms.

By this I mean social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

These gave the “early adopters” of marketers on these platforms a real advantage.

These got in early and tapped into a social network that grew exponentially.

Now, let’s say you’re immersed on these platforms.

Better yet, let’s say you have a big following and have success marketing on them.

Would it make sense to jump ship and head over to market on a new platform?

Perhaps, yes. However, I’d argue that it would be best to stay put where you are.

However, if you’ve missed the boat on these platforms, it’s time to get in on TikTok Using video.

Final Thoughts of This VideoTik Review

Really, it’s not a good time for any of us to delay on getting on TikTok.

TikTok is here, and the time to build a following and create viral videos is now.

However, a major stumbling block is that creating videos can be a nussiance.

Yet, as you can see in the demo: Creating videos with VideoTik is a snap.

Then, what keeps any of us from monetizing this trending social media network?

Only this: Knowing how to monetize the platform from the videos we create. 

So, in my bonus package, I have put emphasis on exactly how to do this.

You get key information on the best offers to promote and the best way to promote them.

OTOs of VideoTik

Note: The main product can be either personal ($27) or commercial ($29).

OTO#1: VideoTik Unlimited + Social Media Poster. $67 with DS to the lite version at $27.

  • Create unlimited videos per day
  • Get fast-track support and priority rendering in the vendor’s video queue
  • Accrue huge social traffic by sharing videos to unlimited Instagram, YouTube and Facebook accounts
  • Maximize your traffic, leads & sales with unlimited publishing
  • Outsource video creation to your team with the vendor’s sub-account feature
  • Improve your videos with access to 5,000 new images and 10,000 new videos

OTO#2:  VideoTik Site Builder. $197 with DS to the lite version at $97.

VideoTik Site Builder is an easy-to-use cloud-based app that churns out 100s of highly customizable, traffic-getting video sites in multiple “in-demand” niches!

  • Create Unlimited TikTok™ video sites Every Single Day
  • Leverage The Power Of TikTok™ Viral-Traffic with instant, automated Videoblogs.
  • Each Videoblog Will be “Loaded” With Buyers-Traffic-Infusing TikTok™ Videos!
  • Make Easy Money & Affiliate Commissions Since Each Video Is Monetized With Amazon Ads, AdSense, Or Even Your Own Products…
  • Commercial Rights Included

OTO#3: VideoTik Agency. $67. This agency upgrade includes:

  • Ready Made Agency Website with PayPal Checkout
  • Done-For-You Client Contracts
  • Step-by-Step Video Selling Training
  • Clients Access Account Features
  • Allow Clients to Schedule Appointments
  • Pricing Strategy
  1. Video Sales Formula (Full course).
  2. Additional Free Tools To Use To Boost Your Video Marketing
  3. Vidrank Training. (A premium training designed from the ground up to take you by the hand and teach you how to copy an entire successful business marketing strategy to earn loads of profits)
  4. Top Overlooked Clickbank Offers To Promote in 2020.
  5. Leveraging Influencers – This full course shows how to take advantage of influencer marketing.
  6. Social Signals Unleashed (Full course by a 6 figure a year online marketer)
  7. Secret Method To Promote ClickBank Products with Videos
  8. Secret Method To Get Free Traffic From Latest Trends (video tutorial)
  9. Product Display Video Creation/CPA Method
  10. The Awakening (Full course on Video Marketing)
  11. How I grew my YouTube Channel To 10k (Brendan Mace tutorial).
  12.  How To Create Easy Videos For Max Bounty Offers
  13. Access to video sales authority
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