Video Game Profits Review

Video Game Profits Review

Video Game Profits is a new software and training by Tom E and Vick Carty.

It goes live on November 7th at 11AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendors can be found here.

Video Game Profits Review
Video Game Profits Review

What Is Video Game Profits All About?

In a nuthell, this online earning system involves video game arbitrage.

What the app does is it auto-searches for extreme-deals on online video games.

This means being able to buy games up to 90% off.

Then, it buys them and lists those deals…

….on the largest digital video-game selling site in the world.

It lists them there lower than all the other sellers.

This results in automatic 1st place listings on this site.

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Who Is This App For/Not For?

No matter what you’re currently doing to earn online…

…the app will help you create an additional income stream.

This app is can either be a side hustle or even full time.

However, it’s something that you will want to start with part time.

Then, you can grow your income with it equivalent to full time earnings.

Who Is This Software For/Not For?

Video Game Profits involves product arbitrage – this means buying low, selling high.

In this case, you will be buying and selling video games.

The key to make this strategy work is to find a sizable profit margin between the two.

Usually, the challenges of arbitrage have to do with finding a marketplace to sell on.

You need to find a marketplace with niche-specific buyers willing to spend (near) retail.

And that’s what you get with Video Game Profits.

Video Game Profits Review
Video Game Profits Review

Video Game Profits Review: Final Thoughts

This is a great method for anyone wanting to make money online part-time.

The problem with affiliate marketing and eCommerce for newbies?

It’s the time it takes to get set up and get into profit mode – usually 3 to 6 months.

Page builders, autoresponders, paid traffic, hosting, etc….

…are all essential (costly) aspects of affiliate marketing.

Really, you need these to get up and running with affiliate marketing.

With Video Game Profits you do not need any of these tools (which have a monthly cost).

You can get to earning several thousands without the usual headaches of earning online.

Also, with arbitrage you need the right products to buy and sell – you need a hot niche.

And, right now, there is nothing more on fire than the gaming niche.

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OTOs of Video Game Profits

OTO#1 Overdrive: $37 DS to $27

OTO#2: 5 Figure League: $197 Ds to $77

OTO#3: Copy Our Success: $197 DS to$97

OTO#4: 1k a day Club: $67 DS to $47

OTO#5 – License rights/Reseller: $167 DS to $67

Bonus #1)  5 Additional Places To list On:  In This bonus, you will discover 5 different sites that you can sell  services and products on. You’ll also get in-depth comparisons made between each of the major platforms.
Bonus #2) Arbitrage Secrets: In This Bonus, you will learn closely held secrets of service and product arbitrage.
Bonus #3): Ultimate resources for online marketing using free methods.  Available on the web, but difficult to find.This is a piece of affiliate marketing gold.
Bonus#4) Offline Bullet Cash.
Bonus #5) Underground Craigslist method: Here you’ll get step by step instruction for marketing on Craigslist that won’t violate any of their strict TOS.
Bonus#6) Free Online Ads – Here I’ll show you where you can post ads to high trafficked forums and free online and drive free traffic.
Bonus #7) 3 Untapped Traffic Sources – In this bonus, I’ll show you how 3 little known traffic sources.

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Video Magic Formula 2.0

Page 1 Ranking Formula

Free Red Carpet Magic 

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