Upreachr Review

Welcome to my Upreachr review.

Upreachr is a new software by Victory Akpos.

It goes live on May 25th at 11AM EST.

Upreachr Review
Upreachr Review
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What Is Upreachr All About?

What this app does is it identifies Influencers on social media platforms.

These platforms include Tik Tok, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

Then, it contacts and closes deals with the top influencers on these platforms.

Once the deal is done, you get a ton of laser targeted traffic to what it is you’re promoting.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take To Use This App?

First, you narrow down the search by using keywords, niche, country, and number of followers.

Then, you should have a list of influencers that meet the parameters you set.

Now, you will want to send or schedule a message to these influencers.

You can send out a bulk email to this list in just one click.

Lastly, you have the ability to create and manage campaigns within the app itself.

Upreachr Review
Upreachr Review

Upreachr Review: Who Is It For?

In 2020, it’s obvious that one of the hottest traffic is influencer marketing.

Actually, this became evident around 2018.

However,  influencer marketing remains an untapped way to get traffic.

One reason: There ‘s more information on the web on topics related to Google or Facebook ads.

Well-known online marketing experts have far more articles discussing these major platforms.

Another reason: Navigating the world of influencer marketing is no cake walk.

How do you know which influencer is best? What criteria should you use?

A tool such as Upreachr is a game changer because it shows you the best influencer to contact.

Moreover, you get templates to contact these influencers so you don’t have to do it yourself.

In sum, Upreachr is a great tool for just about any online marketer.

What Can I Add To This Upreachr review?

In my bonus, I have a ready made list of Instagram influencers to contact.

These include 20 of the top influencers in the 5 most in demand niches.

So, this can get you going fast leveraging the power of influencer marketing.

Also, I have included the ultimate method to leverage other people’s list.

This includes the questions you should ask these

Lastly, have laser-targeted traffic is great but you will need to convert this traffic.

Conversion mostly happen on what’s called “the back end” or by way of email.

So, you get my ultimate vault of high converting swipes.

Make sure to check out all my custom bonuses below.

OTOs of Upreachr

OTO#1: Upreachr Ultimate ($47 – $57)

OTO#2: Upreachr Agency ToolKit ($97)

OTO#3: Upreachr Whitelabel

  • 100 licenses $97
  • 500 licenses $197
  • Unlimited licenses $297

OTO#4: Upreachr Social Stores ($47)


(Ultimate Vault of high converting swipes ARE included in this bonus package)

Bonus #1: The OPL Method – Underground way of leveraging other people’s list for a low cost. Even top IM’ers are oblivious to this incredible method – and will work brilliantly with Upreachr.  This bonus is limited and I plan to take it down after the launch. However, if you’re able to read this on my blog, it’s still available. 

Bonus#2: The Top IG In 20 Influencers In 5 Different NIches.  With this bonus, you get my top list of IG influencers so that you get the best influencers to contact right away.

Bonus#3: Leverage IG Influencers – This full course shows how you can take advantage of influencer marketing.

Bonus#4: Retargeting tutorial.  You will have a lot of visitors to your landing page. You want to make sure to retarget this audience using either Google’s or Facebook’s pixel for inepensive and highly targeted “remarketing/retargeting.”

Bonus #5:  Top Overlooked Clickbank Offers To Promote in 2020.

Bonus #6:  How Make Money with Clickbank and Instagram (Fast). This fresh, no fluff tutorial goes over little known method for how to earn on Clickbank using Instagram.

Bonus#7: Explosivo & Unreleased OTOs.  Full course on how to drive traffic on IG using low cost traffic.

Bonus#8: How To Crush IG Story Ads with CPA To Earn 10K+ A Month (In-Depth Tutorials From A Top affiliate Marketer).

Bonus#9: Campervan Commissions – Full course on Affiliate marketing A thru Z.

Bonus #10: Instagram Made Simple and Profitable. Step by step Instruction on how to succeed with Instagram


Bonus #1: Reseller License Videract + . Videract Allows You To Quickly Create High-Value “Interactive Videos” That Automatically Suck In Traffic, Build Your List, And Practically Force People to Buy in 2019 Through Deeper Engagement!

Bonus #2: Reseller License of BotEngage. Botengage is a Revolutionary ‘artificial intelligence’ bot technology that converts passive prospects into sales and leads…

Bonus #3: FULL Reseller License to VeedAds Software. Veedads lets you Easily Create Traffic & Sales-Driving Video ADs For Any Ecom or Digital Product In Few Clicks Without Experience, Creativity Or Technical Skills Needed.

Bonus #4:  Reseller License To Snapishop. In just a few clicks, Snapishop builds fully optimised and monetised money making stores with all the bells and whistles needed to bank big passive commissions. Move 100 times faster with Snapishop and earn massive commissions through multiple platforms such as Aliexpress, Amazon, Bestbuy or Ebay.

Bonus #5: Full Access to Octane. This product allows you to cash in unlimited with video marketing on YouTube. With the power of Octane, users can leverage from others’ video to monetize without filming and editing to make a video. You can quickly pick any video on YouTube, add your own call to action, use Octane to rank it to the first page of YouTube and start getting a massive free amount of traffic.

Bonus #6:  Reseller License To AlterStores:  AlterStores Allows You & Your Subscribers To Quickly Create High-Value “Affiliate Authority Stores” That Automatically Suck In Traffic, Build Your List, And Practically Force People to Buy in 2020!

ALL VENDOR BONUSES : This includes Over A Dozen Plugins & Guides

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