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Welcome to my Ultimate Traffic Boost review.

Ultimate Traffic Boost is a new system by Richard Fairbairn and Paul O'Keefe.

It goes live on February 26th at 11AM EST.

A previous review by the same vendors can be found here.

Ultimate Traffic Boost Review
Ultimate Traffic Boost Review
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What Is Ultimate Traffic Boost All About?

Ultimate Traffic Boost allows you to build up a huge email list of subscribers.

You do this by giving away the ultimate lead magnet – real buyer traffic.

Then, the system fully monetizes your new list hands-free by connecting to your email platform.

So, you don’t even have to write any emails.

The reason?

Ultimate Traffic Boost uploads and schedules them for you automatically.

As a result, Ultimate Traffic Boost serves as a true business in a box.

Ultimate Traffic Boost Review:

What Steps Do You Need To Take?

Overall, there are three main steps to follow once inside members area.

First, you will want to choose your referral landing page from options.

Once selected, go back to the main dashboard and click ‘copy’ on your referral link.

Then add that link to your online assets - websites, social media accounts or anywhere you want for your visitors to sign-up.

Next, Enable the Cash Accelerator.

Scroll down to the Cash Accelerator button and click ‘unlock’.

This will take you to the Cash Accelerator purchase area.

This unlocks all 6 module, including the 17,500 visitors traffic package.

The last step: Once purchased, check your email inbox for your unlock pin code.

Add your pin code to the Cash Accelerator button on this page to complete the unlocking.

You can then add your affiliate link to all your new unlocked modules.

This includes cash accelerator, leads boost, bonus boost and cash boost for visitors to sign-up.

Ultimate Traffic Boost Review
Ultimate Traffic Boost Review

What Problem Does Ultimate Traffic Boost Solve?

The typical internet marketing approach has been to create a high quality lead magnet:

These lead magnets are usually one of the following:

  • Guides
  • Reports
  • Cheat sheets
  • Handouts
  • Video Training
  • Toolkits
  • Resource lists

You create products so as to get somone's email address.

This has been a tried and true method for marketers since the late 90's.

However, the problem in 2021 is that this is approach is not working as well as it used to.

Additionally, you have the issue of the cost to outsource high quality lead magnets remaining high.

To have a high level eBook written with original content ranges from $400-$600.

Who Is Ultimate Traffic Boost For/Not For?

Really, this system is a fit for all marketers.

This is not the case of advanced marketers creating a product for newbies only.

Rather, it's what the vendors are using in their own business to build a list.

So, Ultimate Traffic Boost is a fit for online marketers at all levels.

Since the vendors have split-tested opt-in pages, they have stats available.

This means you can choose the higher converting ones that you like.

Who is this not for? UTM may not be for those already using a working system/funnel.

That said, experimentation is the name of the game in IM - even for those who are succeeding.

Ultimate Traffic Boost Review: Final Thoughts

This is a unique system that solves the big problem affiliate marketers face - lead generation.

Usually, it's expensive to outsource creating a lead magnet or it's time-consuming to do it yourself.

This system helps you build your own online marketing business right away.

You do not need a business idea, special skills, or any prior experience.

Anyone can get started with this system.

How to get traffic?

There is additional training in the members area, which will help to this end.

In my bonus, I put extra emphasis on the both free and paid traffic generation methods.

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OTOs of Ultimate Traffic Boost

OTO#1 CashAccelerator [$97]

This huge upgrade allows you to offer all six unlockable modules of Ultimate Traffic Boost at once:

  • 1. Cash Boost
  • 2. Bonus Boost
  • 3. Lead Boost
  • 4. Traffic package – 2500 Visits
  • 5. Traffic boost – 5000 Visits
  • 6. Traffic package –10,000 Visits

Buying this upgrade then allows you to offer the Cash Accelerator for a one time fee, which massively discounts buying the modules one by one (By a huge $350 less). Your affiliate ID is hard-linked to the Cash Accelerator for life, and this offer is pushed to your leads by our sophisticated back-end system.

Every time someone purchases or upgrades – you get paid a commission. Completely hands-free. As a bonus for purchasing this you will receive a free 2500 traffic package added to your account

OTO#2: High Ticket Boost [$97]

This upgrade unlocks the High-Ticket section of Ultimate Traffic Boost and will grant you commissions of $1000 a pop.

Anytime this is unlocked by any of your leads (that are brought in by your referral pages or traffic packages) you will be paid $1000. This will also be built into the full follow-up system to give you the maximum change of making the commissions.As a bonus for purchasing this you will receive a free 5000 traffic package added to your account.

OTO#3: Infinite Income 247 [$297]

Infinite Income is the amazing system behind all that powers the Ultimate Traffic Boost.

By unlocking this massive upgrade, you will not only get Ultimate Traffic Boost firing at it’s full capability – you will also get access to the Traffic Toolbox. This will allow you to give away an entire traffic platform (not just visitors) in order to build up a huge list.

Nothing like this has ever been done before. Just like UTB – it also has three upgrades that can be unlocked by anyone you refer into your own system. Resulting in HUGE regular commissions. Also includes api integrations, full referral system, full tracking system, tutorials, tools and much more.

You will also get all the tools unlocked for your own use. As a bonus for purchasing this you will receive a free 10,000 traffic package added to your account.


Special Launch Only Bonus: My Brand New High Converting Funnel Set Up In the IM niche (Combines Optin & Bridge Page).

BONUS #1: Ultimate Vault of high converting split-test swipes for any niche – PLUS 60 emails written by a professional copy writer that can be used for any money online/IM/Biz opp offers:

BONUS#2: Secret Method To Promote Clickbank Products with Videos:  

BONUS #3  Secret Method To Get Free Traffic From Latest Trends (video tutorial)

BONUS#4: Mega Bonus – Top 5 Traffic Sources of 2021 + Full Training on each platform
1. Instagram Influencer Marketing
2. Google Display Ads
3. Bing Ads
4. Solo Ads
5. YouTube Ads

BONUS #5: Online Free Ads Secrets: Tutorial and training on how to get traffic by placing free ads.

BONUS#6: Fuego Breakout (Full Course on Instagram Influencers)

BONUS #7:  Twitter Method (Free Traffic From Twitter) 

BONUS#8: Two Top level Bing Ads Training Courses

BONUS #9: Explosivo. My Full Course on how to get fast traffic from Instagram.

BONUS#10: Free Traffic Frenzy: A full course on how to get traffic from Reddit.

BONUS #11: Avalanche List Building (Full course on list building.

BONUS #12: Campervan Commissions. Full course on affiliate marketing 

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