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TubeSiphon is a new cloud-based software by Glynn Kosky.

It goes live on March 22nd at 9AM EST.

A previous review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.


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TubeSiphon Review: What Is It All About?

Since I've been given TubeSiphon review access, make sure to watch my video review and demo.

With TubeSiphon, you can create membership/course sites using other people's content.

Simply, you populate your site with other people's videos in your chosen niche.

You can integrate a capture page onto your site so as to generate leads.

Then, use this site (or sites) to promote any affiliate product, CPA offers, eCommerce product...

Alternatively, you can sell your own digital or physical product.

You can also add banner ads or pop up ads on your site to monetize it further.

Essentially, with TubeSiphon, you leverage other people's content to get leads and commissions.

What Are The Main Steps Involved?

In this TubeSiphon review, I'll reveal what to do once you're inside the members area.

First, go to the training section where all these steps are explained.

Then, follow instructions to integrate your YouTube channel via YouTube API .

Next, you need to find content and then add this collection to your site.

Once you have collections set up, then this enables you to build out campaigns.

You can add videos to your collection one by one (manually)...

...or you can choose videos automatically by choosing a keyword.

After your collections are saved, you will build the shop section of your site.

Here, select the products (digital or physical) that are congruent with the video content.

Finally, create a campaign with the campaign builder.

TubeSiphon Review
TubeSiphon Review

Who Is Tube Siphon For/Not For?

Really, TubeSiphon benefits both newbies and intermediate online marketers alike.

It allows anyone to to bypass the content creation process and get straight to marketing.

Do you dislike the idea of creating videos and other content every day?

Then, this software is worth your serious consideration.

What about those already creating content and building their brand?

I'd say it's less suitable for marketers who are advancing along the content creation track.

In a nutshell, here are the pros and cons:

Pros, TubeSiphon can get you commissions fast and also build your list quickly.

Cons, It brands other experts in your niche other than yourself.

However, if you create your own videos, then you can brand yourself while using this system.

What Can I Add To This TubeSiphon Review?

TubeSiphon offers you the tools to succeed online without creating content.

Yet, there is a question some of you may be asking: What about traffic?

You don't get traffic strategies unless you buy Automated Traffic Flow OTO#3 (see below).

So, what I've put together a complete traffic system for you in my bonus pack.

This means you get a complete arsenal of free and paid traffic methods.

Additionally, I include bonuses to help you create your own video content.

Since you will leverage other peoples content, this is not required to start with TubeSiphon.

Still, though, as you progress, you want to brand yourself and build a community around you.

OTOs of TubeSiphon

OTO#1 – Unlimited Version (create unlimited campaigns). $97/DS $67

OTO#2 – Done-For-You Funnels (ADDITIONAL Done-For-You Sites in various niches). $97/DS $67

OTO #3 – Automated Traffic Flow. $97/DS $67

OTO#4 – Conversion Boosting Tools. $67/DS $47

OTO#5 – Bonus Page Builder. $67/DS $47

OTO#6 – License Rights. $197/DS $97

  1. Top 5 Traffic Sources of 2020 (with full campaign set up instructions for all five).
  2. Craigslist Free Traffic Strategy - exclusive tutorial on how to drive Craigslist traffic to TS sites.
  3. Free Online Classified Ad Secrets.  Easy free way to promote your members area.
  4. Twitter strategy.  Get free traffic from twitter to your membership sites. Dead simple but effective method.
  5.  The CPA Project (How To Create Easy Videos For CPA Offers - (This works well with TubeSiphon).
  6. Explosivo. My best-selling course on how to get low cost traffic from Instagram.
  7. Additional Free Tools To Use To Boost Your Video Marketing
  8. Secret Method To Promote ClickBank Products with Videos
  9. Secret Method To Get Free Traffic From Latest Trends (video tutorial)
  10. Product Display Video Creation/CPA Method
  11. 18 Premium Bonuses: $300 CPA Everyday; $500 CPA Everyday; CPA Coffee Shop Method; $200 Cash Hack; $2K CPA Traffic Jacker; $250 Cash Magnet; The Commission Glitch; Six Figure Influx; Million Dollar Toolbox; Overnight Commissions; Commission Toolbox; Pure Profit Payday; $100 CPA Daily; Commission Profit Hack; Instant Traffic Jacker; The Commission Magnet; The Commission Blueprint. Affiliate Lab (access).
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