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TubeMotion Review

Thank for reading my TubeMotion review.

TubeMotion is a new software by Ashwath Shivaram .

It goes live on August 19th at 11AM EST.

TubeMotion Review
TubeMotion Review

What Is TubeMotion All About?

In a nutshell, TubeMotion is an app...

...that enables users to get a lof of traffic from Google and Youtube.

It's possible to do this by using other people’s videos.

There is no need to do any of the following:

  • SEO
  • Video Creation
  • Blogging
  • Paid Ads
  • Email Marketing
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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

First, when you land on the dashboard.

...connects your YouTube account to TubeMotion.

Next, you want to import your channels and upload a video.

To do this go to the channel manager.

Here, you can then schedule your videos to go live.

Then, you will want to integrate your social acccounts.

Additionally, you have the ability to use the keyword finder.

TubeMotion Review
TubeMotion Review

Who Is TubeMotion For/Not For?

This software is those who want to get serious about video marketing.

In particular, this is an all in one tool for those who are new to video marketing.

With TubeMotion, you get all of the features you need in one location.

Really, a full suite of tools such as what you get with TubeMotion...

...usually means you have to pay monthly.

However, with TubeMotion you only have to pay one time.

So, all in all, this is very good value for the price.

TubeMotion Review: Final Thoughts

TubeMotion gives you the tools to start earning with video marketing.

However, if you're excited about video marketing...

...and yet you're not sure about what sort of videos to create

then I have you covered.

With this in mind, I have put together bonuses to help you.

Beyond just having the tools to create and manage videos... need to know what is the best content to produce.

Make sure to check my bonuses below to learn how.

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OTOs of TubeMotion

OTO#1 - TubeMotion Pro. $47 DS to $37

OTO#2 - TubeMotion DFY. $67 DS to $47

OTO#3 - TubeMotion Success training. $27

OTO#4 - TubeMotion Reseller. $197

  1. Video Editor Software
  2. WordPress Automation Secrets
  3. 4 WP plugins with Reseller License.
  4. Facebook Quiz Creator
  5. WP In-content POPUP
  6. Survey Creator
  7. WP Video Focus

The CPA Project & OTO#1 (DFY). With this amazing bonus, you will access to my deal of the day winning course on CPA marketing & YouTube. Also, you will get Done For You videos, what keywords to rank for, and a lot of other high value material.

The YT guru commenting strategy. This is a deadly effective method for driving people to whatever offer you choose. You will not want to miss this bonus as it could make all the diiference for you.

Ninja Thumbnail Tactic - How to 5x your engagement with this this thumbnail tactic.  This is amazingly simple to do and like nothing you've ever seen.  I will provide real life examples from my own channel.

YT Shorts Thumbnail Template - With this bonus you will get a template that will work for both mobile & desktop.

YouTube Shorts & Clickbank How to create YouTube Shorts that convert traffic into sales.

YouTube Shorts Using TikTok Videos.  Discover how you can legally use TikTok videos (without the watermark) for your YouTube Shorts videos.

Best Tools to use to create YouTube Shorts

How To Monetize Your Comparison Videos with affiliate marketing offers (In depth step by step tutorials).

The Best Type of Compilation Videos To Create. There are certain viral videos that already have proven to be successful. This bonus shows  how you can monetize them better than your competition.

Advanced Video Backlinking strategies (Rank your videos in Google as well as YouTube).

Video Sales Formula (Full course).

Additional Free Tools To Use To Boost Your Video Marketing

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