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Welcome to my Traffic Crush review.

Traffic Crush is a new software by Mike Mckay, Radu Haihainu, and Karthik NP.

It goes live on January 22nd at 11AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendors can be found here.

Traffic Crush Review
Traffic Crush Review
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What Is Traffic Crush All About?

Traffic Crush bills itself as "The Ultimate All-In-One Viral Traffic Software."

With Traffic Crush you will be able to tap into YouTube, IG, and Twitter.

You will not need to create your own content from scratch, as the software does it for you.

Purchase of the front end product include a commercial license.

There is no monthly recurring cost - you pay one time only.

Traffic Crush has been beta teseted and gets strong results.

Watch A Traffic Crush Review:

What Are The Steps You Need To Take?

There are 3 different platforms covered with Traffic Crush - YouTube, IG, and Twitter.


If, say, you want to create a video to post on YouTube, he's what you do.

Click on "auto video creator," select photos, and type in overlay text.

Then, press the create video button and download once it renders.

After this, you will upload it to your YouTube channel and go to once stop SEO.

Here, you will create backlinks for your videos.


With Instagram, you will want to find your targeted users.

Frist, click on users and then search instagram users by hashtag.

Select all and and add to a list, which you can then edit to the name of the niche.

After this, you can send either a premade or custom message.


With Twitter you will automate the process

You can do the following automatically:

  • Follow
  • Unfollow
  • Retweet
  • Like
  • Send Redirect Messages

Image Creator & Image Editor

Also, Traffic Crush includes and image creator and editor.

Traffic Crush Review
Traffic Crush Review

Who Is Traffic Crush For/Not For?

First, you need to be active on these three social media platforms.

However, what I like is how you don't need a following on these platforms.

You can start to generate a steady stream of traffic by letting the software do its work.

Of course, you need to be consistent in your application and results won't happen overnight.

Yet, if you put in a few hours of work a day, you can start to see results in 3 weeks to a month.

The traffic will increase you put the content out there.

Traffic Crush Review: Final Thoughts

I think Traffic Crush is an excellent option for newbie marketers.

Also, it's a viable option for veteran marketers looking to automate the process.

I think there are certain niches where Traffic Crush will work exceptionally well.

There is one niche in particular that will work very well with Traffic Crush.

Traffic in this niche is receptive to image videos and

Traffic Crush Review
Traffic Crush Review
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OTOs of Traffic Crush

OTO#1: TrafficCrush - PRO (Unlimited) Edition - $37 DS to $27

Commercial & Developer's licenses (sell videos you create, sell IG accounts with followers built-in, provide traffic services on Fiverr, sell SEO services!)
Unlimited everything (accounts, videos, niches, DFY images finder, followers, posts & backlinks!)
FB & Google pixel integration (now get traffic from both platforms also!)
DFY image editor
Link cloaking software
Bio-link builder
Advanced analytics
SEO backlinks
Priority concierge support

OTO#2: TrafficCrush - Enterprise Edition - $47  DS to $37

DFY Campaigns
Personalised daily & weekly social content planner & scheduler
Instant post re-writer (for constant unique IG/Twitter posts, articles for backlinks or YT descriptions + sell content on Fiverr!)
Case studies from top influencer strategies (include best & worst time to post videos, messages, images, etc!)
In-depth affiliate training & coaching
Mobile-First Module
Full 1-on-1 Personal Support

OTO#3: TrafficCrush - DFY Edition - $39 / $29 (DS)

Done-For-You Products To Promote With 100% Funnel-Wide Commissions
In-Depth Affiliate Marketing Training
DFY SEO-Optimized Software Product Reviews

OTO#4: TrafficCrush - Reseller Edition - $97 DS to $67.

Resell the complete TrafficCrush funnel with 100% commissions

OTO#5: TrafficCrush - IMX Bundle - $197 / $97 (DS)

Weekly in-depth 7 Figure affiliate training
4x DOTD winning cloud apps
New software to sell every week
Case studies into what works for us
Free software you need


The Best Niche To Promote In 2021 To Make The Most Out Of Traffic Crush - *24 Hour Profit Case Study Included.* Plus, how to promote IM/MMO products in this niche.


YouTube Bonuses:

The Best Type of Viral Videos To Create In 2021. There are certain viral videos that already have proven to be successful. This bonus shows you which niches to go for & how you can either create them your or use other videos. These videos that are wildly popular and get tons of views.

The CPA Project – My best selling course on video marketing and CPA marketing.

Advanced Backlinking strategies (Important to know so as to rank your videos in Google as well as YouTube).

Additional Video Ranking Strategies – Here are some additional ways to rank your videos IF you need more than what RankZPresso delievers on a very competitive keyword.

Instagram Bonuses

Instagram CPA Giveaway method. Never before seen method: How to make money with CPA & Instagram.

The Top IG In 20 Influencers In 5 Different NIches.

Leverage IG Influencers – This full course shows how you can take advantage of influencer marketing.

Explosivo - Instagram Mentions Strategy - Explosivo - My best-selling course on how to get fast traffic from Instagram.

Twitter Bonuses

 Twitter Marketing Masterclass – Full walkthrough on how to market on Twitter.

  1. VidConnect curates & monetizes videos on Autopilot
  2. Link Supremacy provides the perfect balance of backlinks to skyrocket straight to #1 in Google
  3. Vid Promo Pages Premium page builder with ready made templates of vendor's high converting sales pages.
  4. FB VidMatic. Creates entire fully monetized sites out of Facebook newsfeeds

These include the following: Crush It With Youtube (Resell Rights); Youtube Cash (Resell Rights); Youtube Celebrity (Resell Rights); Get Google Traffic (Resell Rights); Back Link Basics (Resell Rights); SEO Tactics For Today; WP Video Attention; SEO Skills Mastery; Traffic Inclination; Keyword Tool Software; Viral Infographic Traffic;  Pricing Table Generator App;  Recurring Income Course;  Targeting Instagram Video Course; Product Creation Formula.

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