Traffic Armageddon Review

Welcome to my Traffic Armageddon review.

Traffic Armageddon is a new trainng by Philip Johansen, Dan Kahn, and Jasdeep Singh.

It goes live on March 5th at 9AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendors is here.

Traffic Amageddon Review
Traffic Amageddon Review
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What Is Traffic Armageddon All About?

Traffic Armageddon is an information product (not a software or app).

It teaches you how to multiply traffic and clicks you get to offers.

In this training, Jasdeep will teach you how to setup your campaigns.

You will learn how to choose the correct offers and finally drive traffic.

These campaigns are designed to turn 1 click into multiple clicks.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

The members area is broken into 3 different parts.

  • Welcome
  • Main Training
  • A-Z Traffic Training
  • Bonus Training

So, you will want to start with the welcome area.

There is training on mindset (about 10 minutes), which you do not want to skip.

Then, you will get into the meat of the training – Jasdeep’s system.

All of the pages are done for you, so you just need to copy and paste the code.

Next, you will get in-depth traffic training on the following:

  • Bing/Microsoft Ads
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • YouTube (organic)

In the bonus training, you learn different tactics for building your list.

For example, how to build your list with a lead magnet.

Traffic Armageddon Review
Traffic Armageddon Review

Who Is This Training For/Not For?

Really, this training is for all levels of marketers.

This approach is completely new to me – so, I’m sure it will be to most of you as well.

So, I believe this training will have wide appeal…

…for those just starting out to veteran marketers as well.

That said, this training is not for marketers with a working system…

…and who are not looking to try out new ways of doing things.

Traffic Armageddon Review: Final Thoughts

This is a traffic generation method that will help a lot of marketers.

According to Jasdeep, this method is known to select high-earning marketers.

However, it’s not been put together in a comprehensive course such as this.

So, it will be fresh to just about all who grab this.

As for the traffic emphasis, Jaseeep puts emphasis on paid traffic.

This makes sense since Jasdeep is himself a solo ads seller.

This being the case, what I’ve done is put emphasis on free traffic options.

Additionally, I have put together traffic sources not included in this training.

Click Here To Get Traffic Armegeddon + All Relevant Bonuses

OTOs of Traffic Armageddon

OTO#1: DFY Accelerator – ($47DS to $37) Get 30 of Jasdeep’s proven email swipes that has made him over $100K.

OTO#2: DFY Sales Automation –  ($197 DS to 97) Jasdeep will give you his exact funnel and 100% approval to a product that is proven to convert. Jasdeep will also send you solo ad traffic for free.

OTO#3: Unlimited Traffic – ($197/$97).  Allows you to put your pixels on the vendors sales page and have a digital email list. The vendors pages get hit by multiple 1000s of buyers. These buyers are yours for the taking.

OTO#4 : Traffic Mastery – ($97/$67). This ‘all-in-one’ solution delivers all the traffic anyone could ever need. The vendors have taken proven strategies from the highest-earning marketers on the planet, applied them to their business broken them down into simple steps customized for Traffic Armageddon. Using free traffic, underground social media as well as the hottest platforms out there.

OTO#5 Reseller Rights– ($97/$47)  Get 100% resell rights to traffic armageddon. Double your profits by selling Traffic Armageddon as your own. As the FE allows you to multiply clicks, you will actually earn 5X more by picking this up.


Bonus #1: Top 5 Traffic Sources of 2021 (And How To Set Up Campaigns).  This is a Mega tutorial of how to set up campaigns on all of these major platforms.

Bonus #2: Method X. My best-selling course on how to get the best results from Bing Ads

Bonus #3: How to get to 25+ sales on Warrior Plus and JV Zoo.

Bonus #4: How To Host Your Own (first) Webinar – Step by Step. Tutorial.

Bonus#5: How To Use Webinars To Sell Your Products & Services.  Expert webinar host walks you through how to do a pitch webinar.

Bonus #6: The Lost Code.  The ultimate blueprint for affiliate promotions and closing high ticket offers.

Bonus#7:  Avalanche List Building 2.0 A full course on a system that sends an avalanche of highly targeted visitors and builds a buyers list.

Bonus #8: Conversion Cash Machine:  An email marketer reveals a a deadly effective ploy that ethically kidnapped 80% of his small email list & then went on to bank $32K.

Bonus:#9 List Profits Exposed: How to Generate $97 – $5K Sales from Your Subscribers and Customers starting now.

Bonus #10: 17 Email Cash Hacks.

Bonus#11: Affiliate Profit Blueprint. Step by step course showing how to build a $50 – $100+ per day income using a a powerful affiliate model that is both stable and consistent

Bonus #12:  Sales Funnel Mastery. Full course on setting up the perfect sales funnel.

Click Here To Get Traffic Armegeddon + All Relevant Bonuses

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