Top 3 Internet Marketing Info Products of 2019

Now it's time to have a look back at the top 3 info products of 2019.

The products listed here are ones I reviewed: It should be noted that I likely missed out on some gems.

Also, software products are not included - just information products.

With that out of the way, let's look at my top picks of 2019.

#1 iPassive

Vendors: Trevor Carr, Jonas Lindgren, Mark Furniss, Andy Hafell.

Launch Date: August 28th, 2019.

The training, done by Mark Furniss, shows how to target a specific issue in your niche...

...and then use a product review as a sort of back-end solution to that problem.

In other words, it's not a straight up review, but the content aims for a wider audience.

If you've ever thought of doing this, you're not alone.

I came up with the idea myself after a few drinks one night in late 2018.

However, a fuzzy idea is one thing, and putting it into specific action is another.

The devil is in the details and the training shows you step by step how to execute the method.

 iPassive - Why The Small i?

iPassive caught some heat in the IM community among some reviewers as being gimmicky.

At least, the name itself had a gimmicky, Apple-esque ring to it.

However, the course had a unique angle and filled a real need in the market.

And it seems to have more evergreen potential than most of what gets released.

What Elevates iPassive To Elite Status

A course that's both "newbie friendly" and appeals to advanced marketers is difficult to find.

In fact, iPassive motivated a few advanced marketers to veer off the launch jacking track.

These marketers switched over and delved into this method with no looking back.

Additionally, iPassive allows newbies to promote products out of the launch period....

...which provides them easier affiliate approval on platforms such as Warrior Plus & JVZoo.

What Is iPassive's Appeal? 

2017-2018 was the year where training on launch jacking took off.

Newbies (such as myself at the time) tried their hand at it.

Back then, a slew of (excellent) launch jack Info products hit the market:

Lindgren's Lazy Method; Ignition; Traffic Victory; From 0 to 100 in 24 Hours.

Arguably, launch jacking method crossed the border into saturation.

Google & YouTube then flooded with reviews.

This opened up another way for newbies and mid level affiliates to try another tack.

And iPassive opened up a channel to swim in beyond the waters of launch traffic.

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#2 YT Supremacy

Vendors: Chris Derenberger, Robin Palmer.

Launch Date: July 15th, 2019.

This course focuses on affiliate marketing using YouTube.

Why this ranks in the top 3?

After all, there's no shortage of tools to help you succeed with video marketing.

It's what you do with what you know that gives you an edge over your competition.

The front end of YT Supremacy moves beyond the basics to give you that unfair advantage.

You can certainly go on YouTube and find "tips and tricks" to help you succeed.

However, what you come across won't provide you with a full picture of video marketing.

At least, not applied to promoting affiliate products online.

YT Supremacy Creators Are In The Trenches

Chris Derenberger is what you might call a multi-niche affiliate/video marketer.

From 2012 onward, he's been doing affiliate reviews is various niches (primarily using video).

From time to time, he'll do internet marketing product reviews.

However, it's not his only focus and he runs multiple channels promoting a wide variety of products.

And in YT Supremacy he shows you how to do what he does in all these niches.

Conversely, Robin Palmer is somewhat more niche-focused in internet marketing.

He's earned a reputation for not only being one of the hardest-working affiliates...

....but also for having a variety of clever strategies for ranking videos for his product reviews.

In YT Supremacy, he shares all his tactics and strategies.

With YT Supremacy, you get wide affiliate marketing knowledge combined with focused strategies.

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#3 PPC Steps

Vendor: Neil Moran

Launch Date: November 18th, 2019

PPC steps is a full course on CPA marketing using paid traffic.

"PPC" stands for paid per click - and it's what you'll be using for your traffic source.

Paid traffic is the fastest and most scalable way to do CPA marketing.

Even though CPA marketing can involve just "getting an email address" - it can be challenging.

This course is both detailed and comprehensive. It's meant to be a "super course."

To this end, it succeeds - appealing to all levels of affiliate marketers.

What PPC Steps Offers

With PPC Steps, you don't need tracking software, page builders, or web hosting.

To set up you campaigns, simply follow Neil Moran as he guides you through how to do it.

The training is "drip fed" which means time released.

You will only be able to access a certain amount to keep you from info overwhelm.

PPC Steps is designed not as a "launch and die off" style course.

Rather, it looks to be a flagship course for Neil Moran.

That is, he will continually update the member's area and add content to it.

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Final Thoughts

I should mention that what constitutes "a good course" is highly subjective.

Some courses which advanced marketers denigrate as "rehash" can be loved by newbies.

A course which newbies loathe (perhaps as too technical or too heavy on set up)...

...can be admired by intermediate & advanced marketers.

In this 2019 year end review, I tried to choose courses which appeal to everyone.

Thanks for reading and happy online earning in 2020.

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