Supernova Profits Review

Welcome to my Supernova Profits review

Supernova is a new information product by Sash Ilic and Chris Nunez.

It goes live on March 8th at 11AM EST.

Supernova Profits Review
Supernova Profits Review

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What Will You Learn Inside The Training?

Supernova Profits will teach you how to make the most out of an underutilized social media platform.

The platform in question is Reddit – a site which calls itself the front page of the internet.

Reddit is often ignored by many online marketers in favor of Instagram and Facbook.

The reason is: it’s not as easy to navigate one’s marketing efforts on Reddit as it is on Facebook.

So, this mean there’s a lot of opportunity on Reddit (if you know what to do).

And this course will teach you exactly how to make money on Reddit.

Make sure to check my bonuses for two no links strategies to drive traffic.

Supernova Profits Review
Supernova Profits Review

Is Supernova Profits A Fast Earning System?

Yes, once you’re established and post on Reddit frequently you can earn consistent income.

It’s a great source of highly targeted visitors, all of whom have intense, niche-specific interests.

However, if you’re just starting out on the platform,  it’s difficult make money quickly.

That is, posting links everywhere upon first joining will get your posts deleted.

Also, it could lead to getting you banned  from Reddit altogether.

So, you’ll need to adopt the approach taught in Supernova Profits.

If you’re looking for high converting pages to convert Reddit traffic, go here.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Supernova Profits?

Reddit rewards high engagement with their community.

This is true for marketers as well as those who are there for free.

So, if you’re tired of the low value, spammy-ness of FB Groups, then Reddit is a great option.

The biggest misconception about Reddit is: “You cannot post links.”

This is what I first thought when I landed on the platform a few years ago.

Why do newbie online marketers think this?

Because when posts get disapproved, it seems like Reddit dislikes links altogether.

It does take time to be able to post on Reddit – and the training walks you through what to do.

Yet, what if you want to start to drive traffic right away?

In my exclusive bonus,  I have 2 ways to drive traffic on Reddit without posting links!

Really, you’ll want to pick up Supernova Profits through my link…

…to get these 2 exclusive, underground bonuses.

OTOs of Supernova Profits

OTO#1: Traffic On Demand: $27.45. You will receive 100 clicks every month to any offer or page you want. The clicks are high quality and will convert to sales. Extremely cheap traffic each month. The clicks will be delivered every month in the span of 24hrs.

OTO #2: Done For You Campaigns. $27.95. Here you will receive complete Reddit campaigns that you can just copy/paste and use to drive free traffic to your pages. They include squeeze pages, Reddit campaigns and offers to promote.

OTO#3: Reddit PPC With Mastermind Access. $37.45 In the 3rd upgrade you will learn how to create paid Reddit campaigns and get cheap traffic that converts. This method also includes FB Mastermind and DFY ad campaigns.

OTO 4: Private 1-on-1 Coaching Class. $77.45. In the Third and last Upgrade you will receive 1 Skype Coaching with one of the vendors where they will be helping you set up your campaigns and answer questions.


“No Link” Reddit Method #1: In Supernova Profits, the vendors show you how to build up karma so you can post links. But what if there was a way you could drive traffic with no link?  This is a “must have” little known strategy to have in your arsenal.

“No Link” Reddit Method #2: Another way to drive traffic without sharing your link.

Reddit & Google Search method: This is an excellent method to use on Reddit once you’re established on the platform, one that hardly anyone knows about.

Free Traffic Frenzy:  A full course on Reddit marketing.

How To Build A Buyer’s List. Simple method to add buyers instead of freebie seekers to your list.

Urgency Suites Pro: Add scarcity/urgency to your promotions and campaigns. Works in any niche!

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