Storiist Review

Storiist Review:

Welcome to my Storiist Review

Storiist is a new software by Eric Hammer.

It goes live on September 17th at 11AM EST.

A review of another product by the vendor can be found here.

Storiist Review
Storiist Review

What Is Storiist All About?

This software makes story-based emails easy to make.

This new software as a service creates story based emails in seconds.

It lets the user choose the elements they want.

Or, alternatively, one can automatically randomize them.

The generated emails are ready to deploy, complete with formatting.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

Once you enter the members area, you watch the instruction video.

The vendor will walk you through the process…

…of how the software creates story-based emails for you on autopilot.

You have the option of selecting the email segment you want sent.

Or, alternatively, you can randomize it.

No matter which email you choose, the paragraphs will fit together perfectly.

Also, you can type in your call to action and enter the link of your choice.

When ready, you can send out these emails without worrying about formatting.

Storiist Review
Storiist Review

Who Is Storiist For/Not For?

Really, it’s for anyone doing any email marketing along with online marketing.

Given most online marketers are sending emails to their buyers or subscribers…

…it makes sense to have a tool like this to get instant engagement.

To create your own high converting emails takes time…

…so it makes sense to have essentially DFY emails that are high converting.

Best of all, these will not be duplicates.

The permutations of paragraphs in the emails are such that they will be original.

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Storiist Review: Final Thoughts

So, with Storiist you have the high converting emails…

…that are very easy to create at a click of a button.

However, who are you going to send the mails out to?

You will need a list.

That’s what I’ve put emphasis on in my bonus package.

OTOs of Storiist

OTO#1: With this upgrade you get 28k permutations of Storiist instead of 10. $47 DS to $32.

OTO#2: No-Pitch Newsletter. Get the vendor’s 30 page newsletter every month on a recurring basis.  $27 for 3 months or $9.95 a month

OTO#3: Steal My Money. Guaranteed approval to promote Storiist post launch + 100% commissions on fe OTO#1, OTO#2, OTO#3.

OTO#4: Make Your Own Storiist With this upgrade, you can create your own Storiist or have the vendors create one for you.

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  1. Vault of High Converting Swipes and headlines (Access) + 60 Emails by a pro copy writer in IM/MMO + 7 Day money sequence (IM).
  2. Method X & Exitus – Get Access to 2 of my previous best-selling courses (over 1k units sold) that went live in late 2020.
  3. Email Marketing Assassin (Full course by a top, 6 figure internet marketers on email marketing)
  4. Avalanche List Building (Full course by a top, 6 figure internet marketers on list building).
  5. Campervan Commissions  (Full course on affiliate marketing by a 6 figure marketer).
  6. Turn Your Gmail/Gsuite into an autoresponder (multi-tutorial).
  7. Solo Ads Basics (Full course on solo ads)
  8. Zero Hour Work Days (Full course on solo ad negotiation by a 7 figure marketer)
  9. List Building On Steroids (Tutorial by a 7 figure marketer)
  10. Sales Funnel Mastery (Full course on sales funnels by a 6 figure marketer).
  11. Commission Blueprint (full course)

Bonus #7: Google Ads Done Right. Get complete video training on Google ads.

Bonus#8: FB Advertising For Marketers:  A complete video training on FB advertising.

Bonus #9: Twitter Ads Made Simple: A complete video training on Twitter Ads.

Bonus #10: Local Video Jackpot: A previous full course by Eric Hammer on local video marketing.

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