SociFlux Review

SociFlux Review

Welcome to MRC’s SociFlux Review.

SociFlux is a new web app by Misan Morrison.

It goes live on December 28th at 11AM EST.

Another review of a viral app released recently can be found here.

SociFlux Review
SociFlux Review

Watch SociFlux Review and Demo below:

What Is SociFluX All About?

SociFlux allows you to post viral content to your social media account profits and websites.

The vendors claim this is the only social media app you’ll need in 2020 to succeed.

Is it true?

There’s a lot of competition for social media apps currently on the market.

However, I’m impressed by SociFlux as I think it has that extra something.

You’ll be able to create a social media posts and curate trending content very quickly.

Moreover, you’ll have a customizable website up and running.

Both your social media posts and your website can be monetization-ready with just one click.

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SociFlux review
SociFlux review

Who Is SociFlux For/Not For?

Just about every software product that hits the market claims to be “newbie friendly.”

No doubt SociFlux is as well.

However, what I like most about it: It’s a tool you can grow with beyond just social media posting.

From my view, the real value of SociFlux is the ability to set up a trending website.

Remember,  a website is an ASSET you own that you can sell for profit.

Many social media posting apps are exactly that – nice to have, certainly, but don’t build sites for you.

Here, you have instant integration with the domain of your choice.

Then, getting content on it and monetizing that content couldn’t be easier.

What Can I Add To This SociFlux Review?

There are three areas where I think my custom bonuses can help you:

  • How To Find Trending Content
  • Additional Traffic Sources
  • Ranking Your Website To The 1st Page

With SociFlux, you’ll have the ability to curate trending content.

However, what I want to show you is an easy way to identify the hottest trends.

This is especially important for you as you get a website up and running.

Obviously, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) lies at the heart of free web traffic.

And I have some ways for you to to rank your site.

As for traffic,  you will want to get paid traffic strategies in place as well.

So, I’ve got a complete paid traffic training for those of you who pick up SociFlux via my link.

OTOs of SociFlux

OTO #1 of SociFlux: SociFlux Deluxe:  $49. Sociflux Deluxe supercharges Sociflux to the Next Level by unlocking 10 extra stunning DFY premium templates + extra profit generating features + VIP practical Training videos on different ways to make money with Sociflux.

OTO#2 of SociFlux: $147.  10x Done For You Monetized SociFlux Sites. Generate 10x more income with sociflux completely done for you. Here the vendors build out 10 LIVE SociFlux Money sites for you. This means 0 work on your part, so you can use these 10 ready-to-go, money-making sites right away.

OTO #3 of SociFlux:  Sociflux Whitelabel License Sociflux Whitelabel License. 3 payment options, $197, $297 or $497 one time payment (which gets pulled down immediately after launch). With this upgrade you get whitelabel license to re-brand and put your logo on our SociFlux software and sell access to 100 – 500 customers while they keep 100% of the profits.

OTO #4 of SociFlux: Coembed-SociFlux highjackr machine. $47. This upsell allows you to leverage the reputation of top brands to 10x Traffic, Leads & Sales on Your SocfLux sites by legally hijacking other people’s website and videos, embedding your sociflux Links on them with attention grabbing CTA, Auto share on social media and then scale your results.

OTO #5 of SociFlux:  Sociflux Template Club. Here you get an extra 10 SociFlux Templates Monthly so you never run out of templates for yourself and clients.

  1. Best Ways To Find Trending Content (Full Tutorial).

  2. Underground Facebook Targeter (Use FB Ads algorithm to get targeted free traffic on FB).

  3. Explosivo: My Best Selling Course on getting fast Instagram traffic.

  4. Holiday Gold Rush: My Best-Selling Course on free traffic from Twitter paid traffic from Bing.

  5. Mega bonus: Best Traffic Sources of 2019 (+ How to set up winning campaigns on all 5).

  6. Advanced Strategies for ranking your SociFlux Website.

  7. CamperVan Commissions: Epic course on how to build your online marketing business.

  8.  All Vendor Bonuses

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