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ShopZPresso Review

Welcome to my ShopZpresso Review.

A recent review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

ShopZPresso is being brought to market by Mosh Bari.

It goes live on May 15th at 9AM EST.


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ShopZPresso Review: What Is It All About?

ShopZPresso is a cloud-based 3-in-1 shop builder.

This app can help you sell anything they want online.

This can be digital or physical products - or even a software license.

Also, you can drive free buyer traffic from running your own affiliate program.

  • Sell physical, digital & software
  • One Store to sell everything.
  • 1-Click import for 1000s of products
  • Get FREE TRAFFIC from affiliates

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What Are The Steps Needed To Get Started?

Firstly, you will be hosting ShopZPresson on your own server.

So, to use it,  follow simple, step by step instructions to install the script on your hosting server.

  • Step #1: Upload your ShopZpresso software to your site.
  • Step #2: Create your ShopZPresso account.
  • Step#2: Import or add products in 1-click.

Is it really that simple?To start, yes.

Of course, you will be running your own e-Commerce store.

But the above steps move you forward with ShopZPresso.

ShopZPresso Review
ShopZPresso Review

Is Hosting ShopZpresso Yourself An Advantage?

I would argue - most definitely, yes!

Having a site hosted for you by the vendors makes it all incredibly simple.

And you do have this option available to you with ShopZPresso.

However, significant drawbacks come with not having your own domain and hosting.

The main problem is this: you lack control. Your store is in the vendor's hands.

And, what if they don't keep the domain? Or do any updates? After all, it's up to them, not you.

Moreover, you won't be able to sell your website if the vendors own the domain.

In my bonuses, I have put together an action plan for you to succeed with the sale of your site.

Also, I have bonuses that walk you through setting up a domain and hosting (complete course).

OTOs of ShopZPresso

OTO#1 – $39 – Unlimited Version – Remove all the limitations of the main software – this is for those who want to take massive action and max out profits.

OTO#2 – $197 – Done-For-You -Massive DFY Pack, with multiple DFY sites, campaigns, funnels, etc.

OTO#3 – $57 – DFY Traffic –With this upgrade you will make sure to get all the traffic you need.

OTO#4 – $67 – Endless Profitz -This upgrade aims to boost your profits.

OTO#5 – $197 – Resellers License -Sell ShopZpresso + all the products in the funnel and keep 100%.

OTO#6 – $997 – Whitelabel -This allows you to sell the software under your own name and re-brand it.

#1) Content Marketing For Your eCommerce Blog (Underground Method For Getting Laser Targeted Traffic)
#2) FaceBook Laser Targeter - (Use the same algorithm as FB ads to find laser-targeted prospects on Facebook).
#3) How To Identify Trending Offers On Clickbank
#4) Mega Bonus - Top 5 Traffic Sources of 2020 + Full Training on each platform
1. Instagram Influencer Marketing
2. Google Display Ads
3. Bing Ads
4. Solo Ads
5. YouTube Ads
#5) Explosivo:  My best-selling course on how to get fast traffic from Instagram
#6) Twitter Marketing Masterclass - Full walkthrough on how to market on Twitter.
#7) Google Alerts traffic method (works in any niche).
#8) How to get a domain and set up hosting on your own account (step by step tutorial. A-Z on how to get your own website set up).
#9) How and Where To Sell Your eCommerce website.
#10)  Case Study: How I sold a website for $1,650.  Real time walk-through of a website I sold on auction.

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