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Welcome to my Ripple App review.

Ripple is a new app by Dan Ashendorf, Al Cheesman, and Billy Darr.

It goes live February 1st at 11AM EST.

A recent review of a product by two of the vendors can be found here.

In this Ripple App review, I will look at what this does and who it's for.

Ripple App Review
Ripple App Review
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What Is Ripple App About?

Ripple App is a unique traffic exchange.

With Ripple, your link will be shown to those in the Ripple App community.

You might ask: Who makes up this group?

These are several hundred beta testers and then those who buy the Ripple App itself.

These people will be clicking on and sharing your link.

With the front end product you can do the following:

  • 20 searches per month
  • Links description for maximum traffic
  • Advanced analytics
  • Competitions
  • Ability to earn and redeem points for various tasks
  • Referral system for maximum traffic

Will This Traffic Convert Into Sales?

The answer is: Probably not right away.

Rarely do people make buying decisions on first exposure.

Of course, it can and does happen.

However, it's best not to take this approach.

In other words, it's best not to direct link to an affiliate offer.

The traffic has the best chance to convert after multiple exposures.

Ripple App Review
Ripple App Review

What's The Best Way To Use This Traffic?

What I like about this app: This traffic is based on a buyer community.

So, it's the best traffic you can get - made up of buyer traffic.

What I don't like about it - there's no training on how to convert this traffic.

There are two ways I'd suggest doing this Ripple App traffic.

CPA Ads and building a list by using a high quality landing page.

Also, it's best if you give away a quality gift to entice people to join your list.

Success in internet marketing is based largely on what's called "the back end."

That is, sending out multiple emails.

So, you will need to have tools that help you with funnels and your email sequence.

In my bonus package, I've focused on showing ways to make the best use of this traffic.

OTOs of Ripple App

OTO #1:  Ripple App unlimited. $39. This is everything the basic version offers plus the ability to post,  share and click on as many links as your want

OTO#2: Ripple App DFY. Here the vendors offer done for you marketing material such as landing pages,  opt-in pages and everything you might need to run a profitable campaigns using the Ripple app

OTO#3: Ripple App Traffic. $197. For 1 calendar year you will have the opportunity to add your pixel to our sales pages so that you can re-target the visitors.

OTO#4: Ripple App Reseller. $39. Sell Ripple as your own product and keep 100% of the profit, while using all of the vendor's sales materials and support team. There's nothing to upload or host, as the vendors do it all for you.

OTO#5: Group coaching mastermind - $77. Be a part of a group of like-minded people being coached by Dan Ashendorf, a guy who's generated over 7 figures online.

Get Ripple App And All Relevant Bonuses

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