ReZolved Review

Welcome to my ReZolved review.

ReZolved is a new app by Mosh Bari.

It goes live on July 27th at 9AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

ReZolved Review
ReZolved Review
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What Is ReZolved All About?

ReZolved allows users can find trending content from 10 top viral content sharing/social sites.

These include: Youtube, Twitter, Podcasts, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Imgur…

…giphy, Dailymotion, pixabay, and Vimeo.

With ReZolved, you will be able to do all of the following:

  • Connect your WordPress sites with the app
  • Select posts according to their viral potential and post them on your WordPress sites from dashboard
  • Generate and publish the highest quality and unique text  contents.
  • Transcribe podcasts and YouTube closed captions to your website.
  • Add amazon and eBay adverts for monetization.
  • Get a built-in blogging platform where contents can be published.
  • Alternatively, users can connect their websites and publish contents to their sites.
Click Here To Get ReZolved + All Relevant Bonuses

What Problems Does This App Solve?

This cloud-based aims to undo the major problems virtually all online marketers encounter:

 First, the issue of creating content problem is a thing of the past.

You will be able to find trending content with ease.

Also, the app resolves the traffic problem with a viral traffic method.

For those who do not have hosting or a domain, it’s taken care of for you by ReZolved.

However, if you do have a website,  you can integrate this app with your WordPress website.

Finally, you will have monetization options available.

You can earn affiliate commissions from Amazon and eBay and other marketplaces.

ReZolved Review
ReZolved Review

Who Is ReZolved For/Not For

The sales page claims this product is for everyone, but that’s can’t possibly be true.

There is no  online marketing product out there that is a fit for every online marketer.

However, while this app is perfect newbies…

…it also works well for those who are missing pieces of the online marketing puzzle.

Maybe you have hosting and a domain but not getting traffic or conversions you want.

Maybe you don’t want to create content day in day out and are looking for a way to cut down the  work?

Well, if this is the case, then this is definitely worth picking up.

ReZolved Review
ReZolved Review

What Are The Steps To Take To Start?

First, you want to go to the campaigns section.

Then you will get content from two different sources.

You can get content from audio/video file or a podcast.

Then, the audio will convert into text.

After this, you can post to your own blog or the one hosted by the vendors.

Next, you can go onto social sites and share this onto platforms such as Facebook.

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ReZolved Review: Final Thoughts

This is the first software I’ve seen that transcribes podcasts.

The advantage here is that you can get long form content.

It’s the case that Google currently prefers longer content to shorter.

So, this will increase your chances of ranking in the search engines.

However, in my bonus package I include other strategies for you to rank.

Importantly, I have a never-before-seen case study….

…on how to “rank and bank” on the the first page of Google.

It reveals how I made $100+ in a day without review access or even knowing the vendor.

OTOs of ReZolved

OTO#1  $39 – Unlimited – This upgrade removes all limitations and unlocks additional features of the software.

OTO#2 – $57 – Developer/Agency License – Allows you to use the software for your clients and sell a service to anyone.

OTO#3 – $97 – 100x Conversion Booster – Additional tools for automating SEO and getting more lasting and evergreen rankings.

OTO#4 – $57 – DFY Traffic – Want traffic for your store? With this upgrade you will make sure to get all the traffic you need.

OTO#5 – $97 – Resellers License – You can sell this product as your own and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.

OTO#6 – $39 – Gold Miners Club – Additional advanced training allowing you to make even more money with it.


(LIMITED) $100+ In A Day + “Rank & Bank” Web 2.0 Case Study (Limited to the 1st 10 People who pick up ReZolved.)

My Reviews Collection Blog Case Study  Go behind the scenes of a recent promo done with this blog (May 2020). Discover a simple ranking trick that helped this blog earn lions share of commissions of over $500 in just a few days.

Advanced Backlinking Strategies.  Discover the underground strategies I for advanced backlinking. (Freshly updated).

Case Study: How I Sold My Review Site.  Step by step tutorial on how I sold a review blog for over on $1,600 on Flippa.

“Side Hustle Monster” – A HQ Lead Magnet (You have permission to do as you’d like with this content) – This is an 18 page eBook I wrote to help freelance writers find work. You can use this content in any way that you want – use it as a lead magnet, make an email course of it, or sell it.  You will get this in word document. Just make a few changes, turn it into a PDF.

How To Create A Blog. Step by step multi-video tutorial showing how to get a domain that ranks fast in the search engines, how to get hosting, how to structure your reviews.

Content Marketing For Your Blog (Underground Method to get HQ Traffic.

DFY ProfitZ – A previous software and training by Mosh Bari.

TraffixZ – A Mosh Bari Softwar & training


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