RankZPresso Review

RankZPresso is a new cloud-based software by Mosh Bari.

It goes live on July 5th at 9 AM EST.

A recent product by the same vendor can be found here.

RankZpresso Review
RankZpresso Review
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What Is RankZPresso All about?

RankZPresso is 7 in 1 Cloud-Hosted Software.

It ranks videos on autopilot without the usual labor that goes into video marketing.

With RankZPresso, you get the following 7 features:

  • Title Generator
  • Description generator
  • Tags generator
  • Keyword generator to get profitable keyword ideas
  • Trending videos finder to find what’s working now
  • Video rank checker to spy on the competition.
  • Automatic backlinks builder (Important for ranking videos in Google).

Watch RankZPresso review below:

Who Is RankZpresso For/Not For?

This app is for those who are serious about video marketing, who do not want to pay monthly.

With RankZPresso, if you pick it up during the launch period, you will pay a one time fee of $17.

Alternatives to RankZPresso include Tube Buddy and VidIQ.

However, these tools come at a monthly to cost to unlock the features you get with RankZPresso.

Their free versions are limited and won’t move you forward in your video marketing.

The Problem with Video Marketing Tools:

Certainly, there are high quality tools on the market, but the problem is you need several of them.

A video research tool; Backlinking tool; a spy checker tool for trending videos, etc.

These come at a monthly price, separately.


RankZPresso Review: Final Thoughts

This app will save a lot of time and money for those serious about their video marketing.

Instead of hopping from one tool to the next, you can access multiple tools from one dashboard.

And, rather than paying monthly for multiple tools, you pay just once.

Also, if you have multiple channels in different niches, then you need RankZPresso.

How I can add value to RankZPresso with my bonuses?

Since you have the tools needed to rank your videos, I put emphasis on what sort of videos to create.

Not only that I will show you how to monetize these videos in the best way possible.

I realize that knowing which videos to create can be be a stumbling block.

However, in my bonuses (see below) I will show you the best methods for creating and monetizing them.

OTOs of RankZPresso

OTO #1 : RankZPresso PRO $39 DS to $29.

OTO #2 : RankZPresso SEO Toolkit $197 DS to $97.

OTO#3 : RankZPresso Developer/Agency License. $47 DS to $37.

OTO#4 : RankZPresso DFY Traffic $57 DS to $37.

OTO#5 : RankZPresso Reseller rights $67 DS to $47.

OTO#6 : RankZPresso Gold Miners Club $197. DS to $97.

OTO#7 : RankZPresso Whitelabel of both ShopZPresso and KashZPresso $1,497 DS $999.


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The Best Type of Compilation Videos To Create. There are certain viral videos that already have proven to be successful. This bonus shows you which niches to go for & how you can create them as well as or even better than your competition. These are simple to create videos that are wildly popular and get tons of views.

The CPA Project – My best selling course on video marketing and CPA marketing.

Advanced Backlinking strategies (Important to know so as to rank your videos in Google as well as YouTube).

Additional Video Ranking Strategies – Here are some additional ways to rank your videos IF you need more than what RankZPresso delievers on a very competitive keyword.

Secret Method To Promote Clickbank Offers using Video Marketing

Secret Method To Get Free Traffic From Latest Trends (video tutorial)

9 Video SEO Hacks you must know in 2020.

The Awakening – Full Course on Video Marketing.

Video Sales Formula (Full course).

Additional Free Tools To Use To Boost Your Video Marketing

Social Signals Unleashed

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