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Rankr Review

Welcome to my Rankr review.

Rankr is a new software (plugin).

It's being brought to market by Trevor Carr, Jonas Lindgren, and Luan Casagrande.

It goes live on September 19th at 11AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

RankR Review
Rankr Review

What Is Rankr All About?

Rankr is a new 1-Click WordPress software (plugin).

It unlocks the ability to get page 1 Rankings in search.

Best of all, it allows you get free buyer traffic and sales.

The app gives you a step by step guide...

...on what you need to optimize in your blog posts.

You can literally start optimizing your sites for SEO in seconds.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

Step one is to find 1000s of Keywords You Can Rank For

Add any keyword, hit search and Rankr will instantly give you 100s of rankable keywords.

You can use those keywords to create your posts.

Also, you can add these as tags or to add inside your text.

This feature alone can get you 100s of page one rankings.

Step two is to create backlinks for your sites

Insert any link you want and create backlinks for your sites.

Backlinks play a role on how well you rank.

Without backlinks you won’t rank well - it’s plain and simple.

So Rankr solves that problem for you by creating high quality backlinks.

This give your sites the link power they need to rank and stick on Google!

Step Three is to do DFY SEO Tagging

The majority of marketers ignore an important SEO factor for their wordpress sites.

That is, it's important to use tags.

With wordpress tags you can rank better than your competitors.

Additionally, you can get free traffic from related keywords on your site.

Step Four Is Social Signals

Of course social media is everywhere right now.

Share your site and posts all around the web.

This means you can get that instant traffic. 

Of course social signals are great for SEO.

Rankr Review
Rankr Review

Who Is Rankr For/Not For?

Since Rankr is a wordpress plugin...

..it means that you should have own blog or website.

Also, it's important to have a niche for yourself.

If you are brand new to online marketing...

...then no worries as I have bonus training.

This will show you step by step how to set up a wordpress webite.

Also, you will learn how to set up a review site such as the one I have now.

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Rankr Review: Final Thoughts

This WordPress is about as newbie as it gets for doing SEO in 2021.

However, you will need more of foundation in the basics of having your own blog.

Also, you will need additional traffic strategies.

So, make sure to have a look at my custom bonuses below.

These will help you get the most out of Rankrr

OTOs of Rankrr

OTO #1 - PRO Version $27 DS to $17. You get access to: Speed Up addon; Content Creator addon; 50 SEO Tools.

OTO#2 - Rankr Academy.  $19 DS to $12. Step by step SEO training revealing the secrets of SEO and how to use all those tools to generate maximum results.

OTO#3 - Agency License. $37 DS to $27. Install on your client sites and charge a hefty fee for it.

OTO#4 - Resellers License. $97 DS to $47. Resell rights to the Rankr software so you can promote the software and keep 100% of the profits

OTO#5 - Cash From Scratch. This is a full member’s area with 4 x approx. 1 hour webinar replay in which Trevor Carr teaches his students what he would do if he had to go back to square one and start from scratch. Also get 4 x full VIP webinar replays, a member’s area with extra brand new training modules on how to make money online, bonuses, and even PLR rights to one of Trevor's award winning products.

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  1. How To Set Up A WordPress Site - Step by step training on setting up your first website.
  2. Create A Review Blog In Any Niche. Step by step multi-video tutorial showing how to get a domain that ranks fast in the search engines, how to structure your reviews, no stone is left unturned.
  3. Ultimate resource list for WordPress - the exact plugins you will want to use, best themes to use, etc.
  4. Content Marketing For Your Blog (Underground Method For Getting Laser Targeted Traffic)
  5. My Reviews Collection Blog Case Study  Go behind the scenes of a recent promo done with this blog (May 2020). Discover a simple ranking trick that helped this blog earn lions share of commissions of over $500 in just a few days.
  6. Case Study: How I Sold My Review Site On Flippa.  Step by step real time case study of on how I sold a review blog for over on $1,600 on Flippa
  7. Advanced Backlinking Strategies. Newly updated full tutorial for getting high quality backlinks to your website.
  8. WordPress Website Security.  8 part step by step video course on how to secure your website.
  9. WordPress Engagement Boost. Step by step training on How to increase engagement to your website.
  10. Blog and Ping Automator.  Crawl your site and ping search engines with this WP plug in.
  11. How To Identify the Best & Fastest WP Theme + How To Find Out About The Theme Your Competitors Are Using.

SEO Strategies with PLR Rights

WordPress SEO

SEO/PPC Domination

SEO Sergeant

SEO Explained with Resell Rights

The SEO Breakthrough

Beginners Guide to SEO

Simple SEO

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