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Welcome to my Push Magic review.

Push Magic is a new training by Sam Zadworny.

It goes live on March 21st at 11AM EST.

Push Magic Review
Push Magic Review

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What Is Push Magic All About?

As the name of this indicates, Push Magic is about push notifications.

In particular, this involves push notification ads on specific platforms.

The training is in-depth and covers the steps needed to set up push ads campaign.

To set up an ad campaign, you will need the following:

  1. 3-5 offers from a CPA network.
  2. A landing page.
  3. Tracking device.
  4. An ad/creative

Then, you need to test and optimize these campaigns.

What do test and optimize mean?

Put simply, testing means you need to test multiple offers and landing pages.

After this, you run some traffic and you need to find the best among these.

The best performing landing pages and offers get scaled up.

Is Testing And Scaling Campaigns Difficult?

No, it's not difficult, but bear in mind it's not a fast process.

You can't just take any campaign, run traffic to it, and then call it a day.

All CPA ad experts follow a specific process and that's what you get with Push Magic. 

Most likely, that's why the training includes a "6 weeks challenge" module.

If you follow this, then you enter into an elite group of affiliate marketers.

It's marketers who consistently run successful push ad campaigns.

It's not an exaggeration to say that 10k a day is possible with push notification ads.

So, the upside potential is high because this model of affiliate marketing is very scalable.

Push Magic Review
Push Magic Review

Who Is Training For/Not For?

Really, Push Magic is for those who have money to invest in their affiliate marketing.

After all, Push Magic involves paid traffic solely.

I'd say that you need at least $100 put aside to test offers.

It is newbie friendly in the sense any new person can get up and running with this model.

That is, if you're diligent with the training and follow through with it.

However, if you have less than $100 it would be better to look into a free traffic method.

What I like is the vendor includes training on how to do everything yourself.

However, the vendor also provides pre-optimized landing pages you can use right away.

Final Thoughts Of This Push Magic Review

Push notification ads are not something to dabble in.

You need the proper mindset to see your campaigns to profitability.

Obviously, a budget is required to stay on course.

What if, though, you have the patience to see the Push Magic training through...

...but yet are still anxious to see results more in less than a week?

In my bonus package, I have 3 underground CPA networks I use to get quick profit.

Usually, when I run these campaigns, I make anywhere from $20 $40 from a $50 ad spend.

7 out of 10 campaigns are profitable and the other 3 are break even or a slight loss

These are very simple and you don't need any pre-lander.

You can direct-link to your offer.

This will get you some quick and dirty commissions as you training for bigger fare.

OTOs of Push Magic

OTO#1: $247. 1 on 1 coaching. 6 month subscription. (DS to $47. Monthly subscription).


BONUS #1: What Is CPA Marketing? A comprehensive Beginners Guide by one of the top CPA marketer's in the world.

BONUS#2: The CPA Project (My full course on driving free traffic to CPA offers).

BONUS #3: These two traffic sources you can use while going through Push Magic's 6 week challenge for some quick profit.  2 Must-Try CPC (cost per click) underground networks. I use these two traffic sources in my business regularly for CPA marketing and it's low cost, high converting traffic for CPA.  In addition, I will show you which offers to run to get a quick return on your investment.

BONUS#4: Explosivo. My best-selling course on getting low cost IG traffic to any offer.

BONUS #5: Explosivo for CPA Marketing – This tutorial applies my course, Explosivo, to IG traffic to CPA marketing. Geo-target traffic to get Explosivo results. Tutorial.

BONUS#6: CPA Income Crusher.  Full Course on dominating CPA with video marketing.

BONUS#7: Best AD Spy Tools for Affiliate Marketing. 

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