ProStock Review

ProStock Review

Welcome to my ProStock review.

ProStock is a new stock platform by Uddhab Pramanik.

It goes live on July 31st at 11AM EST.

A recent review of product by one of vendors can be found here.

In this ProStock review, we will invesigate the following:

  • What it’s all about
  • What steps you need to take
  • Who it’s for
  • Final Thoughts
ProStock Review
ProStock Review

What Is ProStock All About?

In a nutshell, ProStock is the world’s largest, cloud-Based stock media platform.

Users gain access to more than 45 Million of the following royalty free stock:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Gifs
  • Animations
  • Audio Tracks

This is available for a low one time price!

With this huge collection you can customise your content easily.

This enables any online marketer to Skyrocket sales and conversions in minutes.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

Watch a short ProStock review & Demo Walkthrough:

First, you will click on “search” for the type of stock you want.

This can be an image, GIF, video, animation or audio.

Let’s say you want to select an image – you will click on “all images.”

Then, if you are looking for say, a dog, type that in.

Then, you will select a category and click on search.

You can do this with the multiple databases that are available.

Once you decide on one, then you can download or edit further.

With the image editor, you can do the following:

  • Adjust (coloring)
  • Filters
  • Orientation
  • Crop
  • Resize
  • Watermark
  • Shapes
  • Image
  • Text
ProStock Review
ProStock Review

Who Is This For/Not For?

Really, this is for anyone who needs stock images without paying monthly.

While we all know that any online marketer needs stock images for content…

…it’s difficult to gain access to high quality images without a premium price.

If you post regularly on any social media platform…

…then you will benefit greatly from this huge collection of stock images.

So, unless you are satisfied paying iStock and Shutterstock monthly….

…or are happy with using limited sites like Pexels and Pixabay…

…then it’s wise for you to grab ProStock.

ProStock Review: Final Thoughts

Given you have a massive amount of stock images available to you with ProStock

…all you need are the best strategies to make the most out of them.

So, in my bonuses I have put emphasis on helping you do exactly that.

How to take these stock images and amaze your audience?

That is what I have, so make sure to check my bonuses below.

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OTOs of ProStock

OTO #1 Pro  $38 DS to $28. Remove all limitations & go no limits With ProStock Pro Edition.

  • Unlimited Searches Per Day (100/day in Basic)
  • Unlimted Downloads Per Day (100/day in Basic)
  • Unlimited Renders Per Day (100/day in Basic)
  • Fully unlocked video editor; image editor; audio editor

OTO #2 Visual Edition $48 DS to $38. Generate 10x more traffic, elevate your brand, and make more sales with this Ready-made 700+ custom animated graphics templates. Or turn ProStock into a 5-fig/month marketing & design agency. Charge clients from $100 to $1,000 per service.

OTO#3 Business Edition $58 DS to $48 These templates will give you the edge you need! Soar above the competition with ProStock Business Edition

OTO#4 Traffic Edition $38 DS to $28.  Turn any (Even The Oldest, Lamest) video on the web into your own viral social micro videos

OTO#5 Youtube Edition $48 DS to $38. Rank your videos fast & with long term rankings with the vendors push live technology.

OTO#6 Reseller Edition $297 DS to $247.   Become a certified ProStock reseller & keep 100% of the profits.With an easy-to-use platform, you can create accounts for your clients in your dashboard and charge them monthly, yearly or on a one-time basis. 

OTO#7 Delta Edition $247 DS to $147.  Let the vendors setup Delta for you, so you can enjoy $46.12 payments on autoPilot


YouTube Automation To Drive Traffic To Any Page or Offer.  Includes hour long tutorial by a pro + my best-selling course Profit Domination showing how to use your ProStock images for maximum effect creating amazing videos 100% free.

The CPA Project & OTO#1 (Don For You). With this amazing bonus, you will access to my deal of the day winning course on CPA marketing & YouTube. Also, you will get Done For You videos, what keywords to rank for, and a lot of other high value material.

Underground Social Media  Sites To Post Content On – Go beyond well-known platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc to post content on underground platforms. This will give you an real advantage.

Underground Video Sharing Sites Upload Your Video (In addition to YouTube).

Full Social Media Strategy (Mega Bonus) – IG, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit as well as how to market your site with YouTube and other video sharing platforms. 

How To Use Medium To Drive Traffic. Get my course on using WordPress and Medium together to drive traffic. This can be used as an additional traffic source.

Steal The Gurus Traffic Method This tutorial will show you how to leverage 100 a day YouTube gurus using YouTube Ads by creating a simple 60 second selfie video.

How To Set Up YouTube Ads For Clickbank & Warrior Plus – My full course on YouTube ads will show you how to up campaigns for both Warrior Plus and Clickbank. This reveals underground targeting options.

Facebook Groups Strategies.  In-depth top-level strategies on how to grow your own Facebook Group in 2022.

The YT guru commenting strategy. This is a deadly effective method for driving people to whatever offer you choose. You will not want to miss this bonus as it could make all the diiference for you.

How To Rank High (In the first 3 places of the first page) In The “Videos” section of Google.  

How To Do Video Keyword Research (Tutorial)

Video Sales Formula (Full course).

Additional Free Tools To Use To Boost Your Video Marketing


Easily Duplicate Your WordPress Site

My Ad Rotator Script

Email Marketing Expert

Email List Building

Blogging Traffic Mantra

WP List Up Plugin

60 Photoshop Action Scripts Pack

21 Email Marketing Hacks

Email List Building Gold

Email Marketing 2.0 Made Easy

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