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Profit Content Review

Welcome to my Profit Content Review

Profit Content is a new product by Mike McKay, Radu Hahainu, and Calin Loan.

It goes live on November 17th at 11AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendors can be found here.

Profit Content Review
Profit Content Review

What Is Profit Content All About?

A wordpress plugin, Profit Content can create unique articles in any niche.

That is, the software create 100% unique articles using “Fill in the Blanks” module.

Amazingly, with the front end purchase, you will have get a commercial license.

This means you can use this software to sell content-writing services.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

First, you will log into the software, you will want to go through the tutorials.

Then, you will click on an article from a category that you select.

This content you can use for the following:

  • Sales copy
  • Video Script
  • Image swipes
  • Articles

With these articles, you can sell on places like Upwork or Fiverr.

Profit Content Review
Profit Content Review

Who Is This Software For/Not For?

Profit Content is for everyone who needs to generate fast content online.

Really, it's a perfect tool for anyone who needs to produce content on a regular basis.

Also, it's a very nice solution for freelance writers.

If you write for Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, or any freelance marketplace...

...then you can save a lot of time by creating content for clients with Profit Content.

Profit Content may not be for you if...'re solely focused on video marketing or email marketing.

However, is what's stopping you from creating written content?

Is it the time it takes to do so?

If that's the case, then Profit Content... likely the tool that can help you break through that barrier.

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Profit Content Review: Final Thoughts

With this plug in, you have a lot of options for where to distribute this content.

Of course, you can use it for your wordpress blog.

However, there are other blogging platforms that you may not know about.

So, in my bonus, I reveal where I post content other than on my main blog.

Also, what about driving backlinks to your blog?

In my bonus I reveal my strategy for doing this.

Make sure take advantage of my bonuses... maximize your experience with Profit Content

OTOs of Profit Content

OTO#1: Profit Content - Unlimited (PRO) Edition - $37 DS to $27. This edition removes all of the FE limitations and adds extra top notch features to the software. It also comes with additional tutorial videos and DFY Fiverr gigs.

OTO#2: Enterprise Edition. $47 DS to $37. 

OTO# 3: Profit Content - DFY Edition - $39 DS to $29. This edition comes with 5x DOTD DFY Products that you can sell and keep 100% of the profits, perfect to monetise all of the content you're creating. Also includes PRO product reviews for each of the 5 DFY products that you will be reselling.

OTO#3: Profit Content - Reseller Edition - $197 DS to $97. The Reseller edition gives you the rights to sell the products throughout the Profit Content funnel and keep 100% of the profits. The funnel components include pro grade sales copy, killer animated VSL's throughout and full tech support.  Get the same funnel that would cost $3k+ to build yourself.

OTO#5 Profit Content - IMX Edition $97 DS to $67. The IMX edition gives you all of our products, current & future, completely free of charge.  You get full training PLUS case studies that will give you the know-how to become an IM success story. 

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My Online Marketing Case Study Collection. First time offering as a bonus - Get access to all my case studies of earning online ranging from YouTube, This Blog (My Reviews Collection); Quora; Medium; Instagram, and email since I made my first commissions as an affiliate (in 2018).

"Side Hustle Monster" - A HQ Lead Magnet (You have permission to do as you'd like with this content) - This is an 18 page eBook I wrote to help freelance writers find work. You can use this content in any way that you want - use it as a lead magnet, make an email course of it, or sell it.  You will get this in word document. Just make a few changes, turn it into a PDF.

Profit Code - My best-selling course on how to generate content on demand for Quora and post without having any issues with their moderation.

How To Create A Blog. Step by step multi-video tutorial showing how to get a domain that ranks fast in the search engines, how to get hosting, how to structure your reviews, no stone left unturned.

Leverage Google To The Hilt. Insanely brilliant & effective strategy for leveraging google for incredible ranking power for your blog posts. This is a must have!

Alternatives To Fiverr.  FIverr is just one platform to sell your articles. Here you will learn about other platforms.

Case Study: How I Sold My Review Site.  Step by step tutorial on how I sold a review blog for over on $1,600 on Flippa.

Advanced Backlinking Strategies.  Discover the underground strategies I for advanced backlinking. (Freshly updated).

“Medium” + Spinner Magic. Tutorial on How to get the perfect Medium account for your product reviews. Then, how to use a Spinner for creating content from other source content.

Content Marketing For Your Blog (Underground Method For Getting Laser Targeted Traffic)     

  1. VidConnect curates & monetizes videos on Autopilot
  2. Link Supremacy provides the perfect balance of backlinks to skyrocket straight to #1 in Google
  3. Vid Promo Pages Premium page builder with ready made templates of vendor's high converting sales pages.
  4. FB VidMatic. Creates entire fully monetized sites out of Facebook newsfeeds

Crush It w/ Youtube (Resell Rights); Youtube Cash (Resell Rights); Youtube Celebrity (Resell Rights); Get Google Traffic (Resell Rights); Back Link Basics (Resell Rights); SEO Tactics For Today; WP Video Attention; SEO Skills Mastery; Traffic Inclination; Keyword Tool Software; Viral Infographic Traffic;  Pricing Table Generator App;  Recurring Income Course;  Targeting Instagram Video Course; Product Creation Formula.

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