Profit Alliance Review

Profit Alliance Review

Welcome to my Profit Alliance review.

Profit Alliance is a new info product by Michael Cheney.

It goes live on November 8th at 9AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

Profit Alliance Review
Profit Alliance Review

What is Profit Alliance All About?

This training goes beyond a regular information product…

….Profit Alliance aims to be a complete affiliate business in a box.

This includes access to the following modules as a whole:

  1. Profit Alliance Onboarding Session
  2. Register For The Profit Alliance Onboarding Session
  3. Main Training
  4. Bonuses
  5. Special – Behind the Scenes of a $274K Week
  6. Access to “Help”
  7. Add An “Upgrade” to your membership?
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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

Simply, you will go through the training as it is.

There are two training modules.

First, you will have the Profit Alliance onboarding session.

Next, you will have the main training modules consisting of:

1. Getting Started
2. Grab Your Money Link
3. Get Ready-Made Promos
4. Get an Audience
5. Get Content
6. Get Traffic
7. Get Sales

Then, you will have vendor bonuses available as well consisting of:

1. Live Onboarding Session (not recorded)
2. True Story: Little Guy Fires His Boss And Makes Millions
3. Plug n Play Promos
4. Simplification System
5. Profit Alliance Playbook
6. High Performance Habits
7. Easy Payment Processor
8. Facebook Group
9. Customer Service System

Profit Alliance Review
Profit Alliance Review

What Are The Pros & Cons?

The pros are you don’t need to come up with your own promotions.

Why not? Because Michael Cheney has done it all for you.

What this means is, you can use the same proven promos…

…that have made a top marketer thousands in commissions.

You will be able to swipe and deploy the following:

  • blog posts
  • Facebook posts
  • emails
  • LinkedIn posts
  • YouTube content

Profit Alliance Review: Final Thoughts

This training gives you what you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

What’s great is that you don’t need to spend money on paid ads.

The traffic sources you get you’re likely familiar with – namely, Facebook.

However, do you want more than just training?

During the launch period (which runs from Nov 8th through November 15th…

…I’m offering a very special bonus that I’ve never offered before.

This is one-to-one coaching via email and a 20 minute skype session (optional).

It belongs to anyone who picks up the FE and ANY of the upgrades. 

This coaching aims to solve any issues or roadblocks…

…that you may be experiencing in you online business currently.

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OTOs of Profit Alliance

OTO#1: Premium Partner Pack – $197

  • Lifetime Recurring Commissions
  • Consistent Commission System
  • Total Email Automation
  • Seven-Figure Affiliate Formula
  • Ultimate Profit Masterclass
  • High Ticket Licence Pack
  • 1K Per Day Case Study

OTO#2: 10X Profit Partners – $97

  • Point & Click Profits.
  • 10x Profit Program.
  • Precision Profits Program.
  • Rapid Profit Plan.
  • Bulletproof Bonus Bundle.
  • Ultimate Profit Planner.

OTO#3: Scalable Traffic Secrets – $97

  • Rapid Traffic Machine.
  • Ultimate Authority Engine.
  • Total Traffic Takeover.
  • Marketing Money Matrix.
  • Secrets Of Scale.
  • Customer Conversion System.
  • Laws Of Leverage.
Launch Week Bonus (Must-Get)

One-to-one coaching via email with me for one full week and also a 20 minute skype session with me (optional).  It belongs to anyone who picks up the front end offer ONLY. You must buy Profit Alliance via my link from November 8th through November 15th to get access to this never-offered-before bonus. This personalized coaching aims to solve any issues or get rid of any roadblocks that you may be experiencing in your online business.

Custom Bonuses

Underground Social Media Platforms To Get Free Traffic From. These sites have already been researched – they get a LOT of traffic despite not being big name platforms.

How To Find Underground, Unsaturated Sites To Post (Multiply your success with similar sites than what I show you in the bonuses above. I will reveal my secret strategy for findng these untapped social media platforms.

My Personal Vault of DFY Ads and Subject Lines. Not to be missed as it’s the perfect complement for Partner And Profit.

All my SEO & Social Media Marketing Case Studies.  Consists of over a dozen case studies where I tracked my sales using ranking on Google or earning with social media.

The Double Game – My full course how to use your WordPress blog and Medium blog together.

My Full Quora Strategy – includes my 2 best-selling courses on Quora – Profit Code AND Warlord Secrets.

Underground Video Sharing Platforms Other Than YouTube – 

How To Leverage Authority Content to promote anything (without creating the content yourself – share method).

Vault of High Converting Swipes and headlines (Access) + 60 Emails by a pro copy writer in IM/MMO + 7 Day money sequence (IM).

Method X & Exitus – Get Access to 2 of my previous best-selling courses (over 1k units sold) that went live in late 2020.

Email Marketing Assassin (Full course on email marketing)

Avalanche List Building (Full course on list building).

Exclusive, Vendor-Arranged Bonuses

The Customer Magnet (full book by Michael Cheney)

“Accelerate Your Commissions”

Sell Sell Sell **(Where The Millionaire Money is!)

Three Little Known Cash Tactics

7 Deadly Profit Leaks and How To Plug Them

$20K Secrets of the Super Casinos

7 Deadly Myths of Internet Marketing

Affiliate List Building Hack

Funnel Profit Secrets

Epic Promos

6 Million in 6 Minutes

The One Secret That Changes Everything

3 Ways To Get Rich

Millionaire Cheat Sheet

How To Turn $3 into $3500 per Month

How to Meme for Money

Three Little Known Cash Tactics

One Thing You Need To Be Successful On Anything

How to Leverage Other’s Talent To Skyrocket Your Business

Why ‘Tactics’ Are Not Enough In Internet Marketing

Click Here To Get Profit Alliance + All Relevant Bonuses

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