Prezentar Bonuses

Prezentar Bonuses

Thank you for having a look at my Prezentar Bonuses page.

In this page, I will describe exactly what you will get with my Prezentar Bonuses.

Since this is a very special product launch…

…I have put together by far my best custom bonus package ever.

These bonuses are available during the launch period from 6/6-6/14.

So, you will want to puchase Prezentar during this period.

I cannot guarantee that they will be available after that.

To have a look at my full written review, go here.

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3 Part Bonus Package

What you will get from me that’s truly special is a full case study course called:

Bonus Pack #1 (Exclusive) Anatomy of A Prezentar Promotion (Case study).

You will see how I carried out the following for my Prezentar promo:

  • Email marketing.
  • SEO/Blogging
  • Social media marketing (big platforms)
  • Social media marketing (mid and small platforms)
  • Paid advertising
  • Free advertising
  • Video marketing (Big video sharing platforms like YouTube)
  • Video marketing (underground video sharing platforms).
  • Other methods (sundry methods that I will use to promote Prezentar).

In short, you will get a full course on how to do an affiliate promotion.

Beyond theory, I’m documenting my entire promotion so you can see everything.

No other affiliate will give you this sort of detail, as I’m tracking everything.

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Bonus Pack #2:  How To Promote Your Prezentar Presentations on the Web

#1: Where to share your Prezentar Presentations on the web to get high volume traffic. (Exclusive Bonus)- Being able to create fast presentation using Prezentar is great. But where are you going to share them? This bonus will show you where to give you an extra edge over others who don’t have this info.

#2: How To Outsource The Sharing Of Prezentations for Dirt Cheap.  This bonus will reveal a very cheap source to pay someone to share your Prezentar presentation on the web to highly traffic  sharing sites.

#3: Instant Content Generation Hack  –   A perfect strategy for Prezentar. Here you will learn a newly discover hack to generate instant content. You can not only share content on social media but instantly rank on Google. This will get you unlimited traffic and works in any niche.

#4: Google-Approved Link Redirect To Your Offer.   Tutorial & special code. Underground tactic to finally outsmart the platforms so that you can post whatever affiliate link you want on IG, Pinterest, Quora, Facebook, etc.  Forget linktree! This is another great bonuse for Prezentar.

#5: Facebook Laser Targeter method (Awesome underground free tool. Simulate FB Ads for free)

#6: Facebook Live Wire – Guide On How To Use Facebook Live.

#7 :Total Email Follow Up Swipe Solution: 1. The Ultimate Vault of High Converting Email Swipes. 1. A 60 day Seinfeld sequence. Swipe emails by a 7 figure copy writers for the MMO/Biz opp niche. 2. A 7 Day money sequence for the IM niche; proven, high converting swipes for following up with prospects for any offer.

Bonus Pack #3:  Front End Access To All Of My Previous Courses (11 total)

  1. Holiday Gold Rush (PDF)
  2. Explosivo (IG methods)
  3. The CPA Project
  4. Cashout Reload
  5. Profit Zenith (PDF)
  6. The Double Game
  7. Method X
  8. Exitus
  9. Warlord Secrets
  10. Profit Cyclone
  11. Profit Domination

To claim these bonuses, please send an email to:

The case-study bonuses will only be available after the launch period ending on 6/14 – except for those who refund. The other bonuses will be available right away.

All of my bonuses will be sent to you when you send your purchase receipt to: will@myreviewscollection

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 Additional, Vendor-Arranged Bonuses

Note the custom discount code is a special bonus I worked out with the vendor to give to my customers only.

The coupon code to use at checkout is: WeatherlyVIP

The following two bonuses will be available in the members area.

  1. 10 ADDITIONAL PREZENTAR TEMPLATES. $247 value. Get an additional bumper pack of 10 exclusive Prezentar templates. These are NOT available anywhere else.
  2. PRESENTATIONS TO PROFITS SYSTEM! $497 value. This secret video module will teach you a powerfu method on how to turn your presentations into massive profits at a push of a button! You’ll be able to make $100+ PER DAY with this incredible strategy. (Delivered automatically to your customers in the member’s area).
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