Prezentar: Adeel Chowdhry

Prezentar: Adeel Chowdhry

Who Is Adeel Chowdry?

Prezentar Adeel Chowdhry
Prezentar Adeel Chowdhry

Adeel Chowdhry is a best-selling creator of the following products.

SQRIBBLE: #1 SMASH HIT all over the world selling 40,000+ copies and grossing $4,000,000+ to this very day. This product launch left people in total utter shock by the incredible detail, quality and product, including the results it achieved internationally. Sqribble won multiple awards and is the most imitated and talked about launch to this day.

PIXEL STUDIO FX sold 10,000+ copies all around the world and went to gross over $2,000,000+ in sales! It took 1.5 years from conception, development and releasing it. It has rave reviews, won incredible awards and still remains the #1 choice for eCover creation to this day.

Unlike many product creators, who create product after product, when Adeel Chowdhry launches one it is a big event and everyone in the internet marketing community takes notice.

Prezentar is set to become one of the best-selling internet marketing products of 2022.  It may very well break records for all time.

The reason for this is because of the need in the marketplace for an affordable, high quality presentation tool.

If you're lucky enough to learn about Prezentar during the launch period (lasting from 6/6/22 to 6/14/22) then you can take advantage of a discount code that I worked out with the vendor specifically for this launch:

On the order page type in: WeatherlyVIP 

To learn about my exclusive bonuses for Prezentar, go here.

To get a full review, go here.




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