PinnaKle Review

PinnaKle Review

Thank you for reading my PinnaKle review.

PinnaKle is a new cloud-based app by Mosh Bari.

It goes live on September 3rd at 11AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

PinnaKle Review
PinnaKle Review

What Is PinnaKle All About?

In short, this app will allow you to get traffic from TikTok.

The main function is that it has an in-built TikTok video creator.

This will enable you to take videos from YouTube and put them on TikTok.

Additionally, you will have rank tracking, auto reply, and link wheel.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

First, you will want to go through the training.

Now you will be able to set up your Google app settings.

Then, you can import your YouTube and TikTok channels.

After this, you can start to create your TikTok videos.

You will be able to customize these videos as you’d like.

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Pinnacle Review

Who Is PinnaKle For/Not For?

This app does not require you to be an expert at TikTok.

The main skill you need to have is to know how to find the right videos to create.

By using existing, viral YouTube videos this means you don’t have to invent any.

There are certain videos on YouTube that have viral appeal.

You can use these on TikTok and leverage what they have to offer.

With PinnaKle you can go ahead use other people videos.

However, you should customize these to make them your own.

Then, you can take what’s already popular or viral…

…and then leverage the platform for clicks and sales to your offers.

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PinnaKle Review: Final Thoughts

PinnaKle enables anyone to take advantage of the power of TikTok.

If you’re not an experienced video creator on the TikTok platform…

…then to make material that has viral potential can be hard to do.

PinnaKle, though, solves this problem.

All from one central location…

…you can borrow the hard work of others on one platform and use it on another.

In my bonuses, I have additional strategies to help you leverage TikTok.

Certainly, this will give you an extra edge over others who don’t have them.

Make sure to check out my bonuses below.

OTOs of PinnaKle

(No info was given out to affiliates about the the upgrades other than both the pricing and the products are subject to change. The following is what you might expect for pricing for the OTOs). 

OTO-1: $29
OTO#2: $39
OTO#3: $197
OTO#4: $39
OTO#5: $197

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