Passive Profile Profits Review

Welcome to my Passive Profile Profits review.

Passive Profile Profits is a new training by Jonny Rose and Sasa Ilic.

It goes live on June 20th at 10AM EST.

A recent review of a product by one of the vendors can be found here.

Passive Profile Profits Review
Passive Profile Profits Review

What Is Passive Profile Profits About?

You might think this is about Facebook, but that’s not the case.

This training revolves around Linked In – an overlooked platform for marketing.

Currently, LinkedIn has half a billion people on their platform.

The typical LinkIn profile is comprised of business owners, professional, CEOs.

In other words, it’s made up of people for whom networking is paramount.

Also, these are high income earners or people who have a high budget to spend.

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What Will You Learn Inside The Training?

First, you will learn how to build an optimized profile.

This will help you get a lot of LinkedIn traffic flowing your way.

Then, you will learn how to convert the traffic that visits your page.

You do this by way of little-known strategies that Jonny uses himself.

Moreover, you do not have to do any active outreach with this method.

It’s a purely passive strategy that attracts targeted traffic.

Passive Profile Profits Review
Passive Profile Profits Review

Is Passive Profile Profits Worth Your Time?

In a word, yes.

This course is far from the realm of half-baked theory.

Jonny Rose is an actual expert in LinkedIn marketing.

He runs a five year old, successful LinkedIn marketing agency.

In the training, the first module covers his background with LinkedIn.

His agency covers coaching, workshops, and Linked advertising services.

So, he is active with LinkedIn marketing on a daily basis at a high level.

Who Is This Training For/Not For?

Of course, if your time is dedicated to video marketing, then this is not for you.

Or, if you’re exclusively focused on one social media platform, then stick with it.

However, if you are more of a “generalist” social media marketer…

…and want to hone your marketing skill in LInkedIn, then this is the product for you.

You may have heard about LinkedIn as a potential powerhouse for your marketing.

However, due to the popularity of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (and now TikTok)…

…LInkedIn gets overlooked.

Also, though, its frequently gets mentioned by experts as a potential goldmine for marketing.

OTOs of Passive Profile Profits

OTO 1: Passive Profile Profits PRO  ($27 / $17)  Accelerate your Passive Profile Profits with this “Million Dollar Masterclass.” Learn how Jonny used the profile optimization strategy to help build a 7-figure software business. 

OTO 2:  DONE-FOR-YOU Service ($147 / 97)  Jonny will create and optimize a profile that gets traffic and conversions for your audience if they purchase this. This saves you the effort of doing the initial setup yourself.

OTO 3:  An Hour With Jonny Rose ($157)  1 hr of 1-2-1 coaching, conversation and collaboration where you can get your profiles reviewed by Jonny, discuss any stumbling blocks you’re having with the product, or just ask anything you want about internet marketing.

OTO 4:  Resell Rights ($97 / 47) Keep 100% of the profits when you re-sell Passive Profile Profits to friends, family and email list or social media audience. Buy the Resell Rights and Jonny will bump you up to 100% Commissions Throughout The Entire Sales Funnel.


#1: FB Laser Targeter.  This underground tool shows you how to target people on Facebook using the same algorithm used by Facebook Ads.

#2: The Secret Weapon. This full course shows how to market in Facebook Groups using a very engaging method.

#3 Reddit & Google Search method: This is an excellent method to use on Reddit once you’re established on the platform, one that hardly anyone knows about.

#4: IM Insider’s Blueprint.  Multi-video tutorial. An exclusive, inside Look at the game of internet marketing.

#5: Explosivo + Unreleased DFY Upgrade.  This is my best-selling course on getting fast traffic to your IG posts.

#6: Holiday Gold Rush. My Best-selling course on a free Twitter marketing method and Bing Ads.

#7: Social Signals Unleashed. (Tutorial).

#8: Affiliate Profit Blueprint (Full course).

#9: Effortless FB Profits.  Full course on how to do FB ads and free Facebook marketing.

#10: All Vendor Bonuses.  Waiting for you in the members area.


ReddLab – Full course on Reddit marketing.

Kindle Boss – Full course on Kindle

Flipsy 1.0 – Full course on an unusual domain flipping strategy.

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