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Welcome to my One Minute Magic Review.

One Minute Magic is a new training by Mark Furniss and Trevor Carr.

It goes live on July 14th at 11 AM EST.

A recent review of a product by one of the vendors can be found here.

One Minute Magic Review

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What Is One Minute Magic All About?

This involves a case study and training about marketing on the social media platform TikTok.

Amazingly, Mark Furniss has already built up over 2,000 followers on the platform.

He's has been building his list and pulling in affiliate commissions using simple videos.

No, he has not put his face on camera.

Remember, with TikTok, the videos can be no longer than one minute.

Well, we all know it's easy to make simple videos, then why isn't everyone doing it?

In this One Minute Magic review, we will investigate this question.

Watch A One Minute Magic Review Below:

What Does The Course Cover?

The course starts of with a 7 day case study.

Then, it proceeds to give a brief over of the TikTok platform,

This is important so you can understand how to put your links on there.

Mark has a special way of alternating his links (using a free tool).

Finally, you will leaarn how to create short, simple, 60 second videos.

To use your own voice or face on camera is optional.

One Minute Magic Review
One Minute Magic Review

Why Is TikTok Overlooked As A Platform To Market On?

One of the main reason has to do with the ongoing popularity of platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram.

Many marketers using these platforms for many years have build up huge followings on them.

So, the student of the major gurus have grown pages/channels in the way that they've been taught.

All of us are creatures of habit and don't like change - and marketers are no different.

What this means, though, is  that a new platform like TikTok is unsaturated.

It brings with it a huge opportunity to gain a new audience very quickly.

To grow an audience this quickly on a platform such as Instagram is inconceivable.

If Mark can get 2k+ real followers in one week, then it's possible for anyone to replicate his success.

Who Is One Minute Magic For/Not For?

While it's easy to create and upload videos to TIkTok, you need a few things to succeed;

  • A way of creating videos that's right for you.
  • A plan for monetization.
  • Last but far from least - consistency of application!

No matter what method you choose to earn online, you must be consistent to succeed.

Social media platforms are meant to be distracting places, but you must not be distracted.

You have a clear advantage if you dislike TIkTok.

It's evident that Mark is not the typical TikTok user but there to build his list and profit.

You should have the same unwavering aim.

One Minute Magic Review: Final Thoughts

No a lot of online gurus are on TikTok at this time.

Of course, as mentioned, they don't have to be - they're comfortable on IG or Twitter.

However, this is the time for anyone not entrenched on the other platforms to start with TikTok.

Simply, you need the right guidance.

And Mark Furniss shows you the exact steps you need to succeed on the platform.

Best of all, he includes a case study to prove what's possible for anyone.

OTO#1 $37 ($27 DS)  Done For You MMO Videos. Users get 20 videos they can use straight away.  Also comes with researched products for each set of videos with high ticket commissions and monthly recurring payments.

OTO#2: Hot Niches Outside MMO $67 (DS to $47)  This upgrade dives deeper into other niches and also includes products to promote and lead magnets. Other niches. Training. Where to get memes etc. Dog niche, sleep niche... Numerous methods to create TikTok videos without being on camera or talking and full automation

OTO#3: License Rights. $97 (DS to $67). 100% commissions across the entire funnel of One Minute Magic


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