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Welcome to my Newbie Affiliate Playbook review.

This is a new training by Richard Fairbairn, Paul O'Keefe, and Steve Harvey.

It goes live on April 4th at 11AM EST.

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Newbie Affiliate Playbook Review
Newbie Affiliate Playbook Review

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What Is Newbie Affiliate Playbook?

This is a new information product in case study format.

It shows the exact steps Steve took to do a 5 figure promotion on JV Zoo.

Now, you may say to yourself: How is that even possible?

Of course, this can be easily done for an established marketer (such as Paul O'Keefe).

However, for a relative newbie such as Steve, it's quite difficult!

What you get in this course covers a new insight into a well known process.

What Exactly Does This Playbook Reveal?

Since I've been give Newbie Affiliate Playbook review access, I will show what's inside the course.

The focus of this course is on capitalizing on internet marketing product launches.

Steve uncovers which of these launches deliver the best ROI for those promoting them.

On JV Zoo or Warrior Plus, there's usually between 5-10 launches a day.

So, which ones do you promote, and how can you get approval for these launches?

In the first three modules, Steve breaks down exactly how to do this.

Then, he covers topics such as knowing your audience, creating a targeted list, and positioning.

Finally, you get inside info on maximizing opens and clicks, video reviews, and creating bonuses.

Newbie Affiliate Playbook Review
Newbie Affiliate Playbook Review

What Are The Pros & Cons?

What I really like about this course - the information on how to position your promotions.

It's no secret that top affiliates have a method for promoting that's beyond regular affiliates.

Often, this information is missing in affiliate marketing training.

What's emphasized are the steps for creating a promotion.

However, the angle (or unique selling position) is often overlooked.

While the course is strong overall, I disagree with Steve that big launches are good starting points.

From my point of view, I'd say it's much easier for any newbie to go after smaller launches.

However, the way Steve teaches how to go after a big launch makes a big difference in results.

Also, there are some technical considerations for review video creation you need to know.

This is not given in the course, but I do have bonuses to give you step by step instructions.

Final Thoughts Of This Newbie Affiliate Playbook Review

Many courses hit the market on how to do affiliate promos for products in launch mode.

Often, though, there's nothing very different from one course to the next.

Newbie Affiliate Playbook offers fresh information that will give you a competitive advantage.

Additionally, several modules offer Paul O'Keefe's experienced perspectives as well on a topic.

All in all, Newbie Affiliate Playbook introduces excellent strategies on how to do an IM promotion.

What I thought was missing was step by step instruction on the following:

  • Step by step  instruction on how to do product reviews
  • Where To Find the Best Products to promote based on trend.
  • How to rank your product reviews

So, in my bonus package, I have filled in the gaps regarding these areas.

OTOs of Newbie Affiliate Marketing Playbook

OTO#1: 4x DFY Campaigns. $67.  4 DFY Affiliate Campaigns. DFY affiliate campaigns includes:

  • Four 6 figure offers available
  • Guaranteed approval to promote these products
  • The emails used in these promos
  • Bonus pages
  • DFY bonuses

OTO#2: 5 figure a day campaign framework $47. Take the exact email and webinar framework that Steve developed, moving him from newcomer to leaderboard status. If you struggle with copywriting emails then this framework makes it easy to capture the attention of your audience, and gets them to buy again and again. 

OTO#3: Resell Rights.  $97. The ability to resell the Newbie Affiliate Playbook and earn 100% across the funnel.

OTO#4: 1 to 1 Coaching with Steve. $147. Get live coaching sessions with Steve, covering all levels no matter what stage your business is at. In the coaching we will cover your current issues, and deliver an actionable plan in order to achieve your goals. These coaching sessions usually sell for $497 but are available at a launch only discounted rate.


Bonus#1: IM Insider's Blueprint.  There are certain realities you need to be aware of to have an advantage over others in the make money online/IM niche. Do those at the top want you to know this stuff? – Not unless you pay them 4 figures to find out.  Usually (as I did), you have to go through high ticket coaching programs to get this knowledge.  In this exclusive bonus, I lay out the blueprint to follow to get that insider's advantage over others trying to make it in the IM niche. This bonus includes Getting To 25+ Sales On Warrior Plus. In this exclusive bonus I show the exact 2 methods that I used to go over 25 sales after being stuck at close to 0 for months on end.

Bonus #2: Online Product Creation Secrets.  In this tutorial, I show you how I created my 3 top-selling products on the Warrior Plus platform, which each sold over 1k units. This training is important for two reasons: it shows how to create bonuses and then how to create full courses from these bonuses (used for affiliate promotions).

Bonus#3: Ultimate Vault of High Converting Swipes.  

Bonus#4: 0 to $100 in 24 Hours.  An excellent course on building strong affiliate promotions with video marketing. This course fills in some of the how to of video marketing promos missing in Newbie Affiliate Playbook.

Bonus #5: Advanced Backlinking. My full tutorial on backlinking your review videos and blog reviews.

Bonus #6:  Secret Method To Promote ClickBank Products with Videos:  

Bonus #7:   Secret Method To Get Free Traffic From Latest Trends (video tutorial)

Premium Bonuses

Bonus#8: Video Wizard. With this bonus you get over 70 videos on how to do video marketing. This is a great addition to Newbie Affiliate Playbook.

Bonus #9: Affiliiate Wizard. Blueprint to selling products as an affiliate.

Bonus #10: All Vendor Bonuses.  These include 11 bonuses that have been given to me by the vendor to give to you.

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