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Welcome to my Money For Everyone Review.

Money For Everyone is a new software and training by Tom E & Vick Carty.

It goes live on December 17th at 10AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendors can be found here.

Money For Everyone Review
Money For Everyone Review
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Money For Everyone Review


What Is Money For Everyone All About?

Our FE is a software hybrid method that exploits an oversight on Amazon Kindle.

This enables users to generate free traffic, commissions and leads.

What Steps Do You Need To Take?

Overall, you have 11 training videos to follow along with.

The first step is to follow the short training video on how to register the software.

Then, once you have access to this, you will get access to your done for you funnel.

This includes as DFY squeeze page and website.

After this you will be shown a software to turn YouTube video content into text.

With this content, you will have the basis for your book.

Next, you have the Amazon aspect of Money For Everyone.

You will be create KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) books on Amazon.

Links to the software will be embedded in the book you create.

Money For Everyone Review
Money For Everyone Review

What Are The Pros & Cons of This System?

One advantage of the system is that it's a viral system, which is quite good.

With this software you will be giving away a free and paid version of the software.

This means you can generate leads exponentially.

As for the creation of the content, it has its pros and cons.

You will transforming content (using the software) from YouTube to an eBook.

What Are The Cons?

The main issue with the system is that your using YouTube generated content.

This can create copyright issues, so what you will want to do is to alter this content.

In my bonus #1, I will show you how you can do this easily and without taking up time.

This means you won't need to worry about having legal issues.

Final Thoughts of This Money For Everyone Review

Money For Everyone is an ingenious system to make money online.

It's one that takes advantage of a loophole within Amazon's Kindle Publishing.

However, the content creation tactics you're given need more weight.

While you don't need to create your own content, you will need to do some alteration.

Otherwise, you put yourself at risk for potential legal action against.

However, if you make small changes to your content, you'll be fine.

That's why it's so important to get my bonus.

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OTOS of Money For Everyone

OTO#1: M.F.E. 10X Income Booster - $67 DS to $37. 
With the FE you get free leads every time you (automatically) give away the vendors viral free-lead-generator (which then turns into commissions). OTO#1 unlocks commissions on all levels, which means that if ‘Joe’ signs up for the free-lead-generator, and in turn signs up Steve, who signs up John, and so on...and any of them purchases an upsell, you get a commission for that...on unlimited levels. With the FE, you only get paid on the first level. This can make a big difference.

OTO#2: CLONE OUR SUCCESS - $37 DS to $27.

Takers of OTO#2 get Vick’s personal over-the-shoulder M.F.E. case study training, where he shares his own personal strategies for this method, showing you how to get $100 in the next 24 hours using this method.

OTO#3: DFY AUTO-INCOME - $97 DS to $67.
With this one, you don’t even have to take action, as the vendors team sends all the traffic to them daily, by placing your pixel on ALL the vendors sales pages, sending them tons of daily traffic. The vendors also create a full and complete funnel for you, so you literally don’t have to do anything by using the vendors custom landing pages that they have tested to convert OVER 30%.

OTO#4: M.F.E. LAZY MAN’S PROFITS - $37 DS to $27
With the M.F.E. system, you end up getting a lot of leads. Some of those leads buy upsells, but a lot of them don’t. That’s where the vendors 30-day auto-responder sequence comes in, which is customized to nudge free users to spend money. You also get access to the vendors library of graphics to create professional M.F.E. ‘books’ which dramatically increases conversions. You also include a professional image editor to make their job super easy.

This upgrade is for those who want an actual career out of Money For Everyone.. The best way to do that is to work directly with the master of this method himself; Vick Carty, who will coach you personally week after week (lifetime access), in a live weekly webinar series, where each person gets all the personalized attention they need.


#1: What You Need To Do To Make The Money For Everyone System Safe For You.

#2: Other Ways To Create Content For Amazon Kindle

#3: How To Sell eBooks On Amazon & Make Money with CPA Marketing (Must Have Training).

#4: How To Outsource Content Creation with Money For Everyone Content Method

#5: The best eBook cover creators I've used (if you're like me and graphic design is not your thing and you want to outsource...this then I'll show you where to go to get amazing eBook covers done cheap)


STORM: Training and Software.




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