Marketing Reward Review

Welcome to my Marketing Reward review.

Marketing Reward is a new product by Jamie Lewis and David Kirby.

It goes live on July 27th at 10AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendors can be found here.

Marketing Reward Review
Marketing Reward Review
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What Is Marketing Reward All About?

First of all, you probably want to know what is this “60 Second “Polinator” technique?

In this review, we will investigate what this is all about.

Marketing Reward is a combination of three methods on different social media platforms.

To accompany these methods, there’s software to expedite the process.

First, there is the expired domain method.

Next, we have YouTube arbitrage (explained below).

Finally, we have a 60 second Instagram strategy.

Watch Marketing Reward Review below:

What Is YouTube Arbitrage?

The first method to look at is YouTube arbitrage using the YouTube Software.

With this, there is a dropdown menu of keywords.

You can use these to promote Clickbank, Amazon, or CJ products.

What this allows the user to do is to identify YouTube account owners.

Then, you can rent, buy, or barter with the YouTube account of your choice.

Can you do this by way of your own research?

Yes, but it will take a long time to do.

By using this software you will get the most appropriate channel to target.

Also, you will be able to access the contact information of the YouTube account owner.

Marketers Reward Review
Marketing Reward Review

Expired Domains Software & Domain Checklist

The expired domains software comes with training.

Also, you get a domain checklist in PDF format.

Then, below that, there is the “designer” tab.

With this tool,  you can create the following:

A Facebook post; an Instagram post; an Instagram story; YouTube thumbnail.

Marketing Reward Review
Marketing Reward Review

What Does The Training Involve?

You get a welcome video, two tutorials, and two webinars.

The second webinar stretches over an hour and this gives the IG strategy…

…of how Jamie is growing a fresh account.

Simply, you can follow over the shoulder and do as he does.

All in all, the training itself (without the software) is worth the price of admission.

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Marketing Reward Review:Final Thoughts:

Marketing rewards offers a lot of value for just $17.

However,  you’re going to need to focus on just one section of a time.

If you attempt to go for IG marketing, domain flipping, and YouTube arbitrage at the same time…

…then mostly likely you will be overwhelmed and won’t succeed the way you want.

So, remember, you need succeed with one before moving onto the next.

To make sure you succeed with all three methods, I have bonuses to help you.

OTOs of Marketing Reward

OTO#1: Unlimited version. Get unlimited bandwidth. $37 DS to $17.

OTO#2: – DFY Campaigns: $47 DS to $27. The vendors have personally packaged all of their campaigns and resources for easy use.

OTO#3 – Partner w/ Jamie: $57 DS to $37. Users will get unlimited attendance to the Webinar training for life + Priority service and attention in the webinars. Webinars have been performed by Jamie weekly since 2011.

OTO#4 – Jacker: $97 DS to $47. Ethically “Jack” the vendors traffic from their launches. Users can add their tracking pixel to the vendors sales pages.

OTO#5 – Resell $67 DS to $37. Resell “Marketing Reward” as your own product and collect 100% across the funnel.


Bonus #1: The OPL Method – (*Launch Only bonus*). Underground way of leveraging other people’s list for a low cost.

Bonus #2:  Instagram CPA Giveaway method.  Never before seen method: How to make money with CPA & Instagram.

Bonus#3: The Top IG In 20 Influencers In 5 Different NIches. 

Bonus #4: Leverage IG Influencers – This full course shows how you can take advantage of influencer marketing.

Bonus#5:  Explosivo – My best-selling course on how to get fast traffic from Instagram

Bonus#6: Campervan Commissions – Full course on Affiliate marketing

Bonus#7: Case Study: How I Sold A Website for $1,650 on Flippa.  In this exclusive bonus, you will get an inside look at an auction from its outset to the very end and then post-auction look.

Bonus#8:  Premium Domain Strategy: How To Buy & Sell Them. In this bonus, I’ll show you how to identify the best domains, purchase them for under $100, and then have the best chance of selling them for mid 3 or low 4 figures.

Bonus #9: Finding The Best Financial Offers.  In addition to Internet Marketing/Make Money Online offers, you can also promote Crypto and Forex offers. This is a good idea since many people will be promoting IM offers on the GD marketplace. Where do you find these Forex/Crypto offers? In this bonus, I’ll show you how to find them that very few know about.

Bonus #10:  Classified Ad Secrets.  In addition to posting your offers on the GD marketplace, I will show you other places to list your offers for free.


Super Mega Bonus Package (includes):

How to make 2k a day video training 

Rapid Google Account Creator (Worth 997)

Prestige (Worth 97)

20 WordPress plugins (Worth 987)

70 sales letter templates (Worth 297)

The IM Toolkit (Worth 97)

8 Super softwares

Buyer Funnel

Evergreen Commission Machine

Super Fast Traffic System

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