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Maeve Review

Welcome to my Maeve review.

Maeve  is a new training by Jono Armstrong and Digital Dames.

Digital Dames consists of Nanda Brougham, Paula-Maree Roberts, and Kafayat Obinigma.

It goes live on July 27th at 9AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendors can be found here.

Maeve Review
Maeve Review

What Is Maeve All About?

Maeve is about how to leverage Google Discovery Ads.

If you're not familiar with Google Discovery Ads, this is a new rollout by Google ads.

With Discovery Ads, you will access people in Gmail, Google Ads, and YouTube.

Inside Maeve, you will learn how to set up campaigns.

This includes how to set up bonus pages that convert.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

First, you willl want to watch the welcome and introduction videos.

Then, you will move onto the main training in the course.

After this, you will go through the following modules:

  • Your Resources
  • Express Bonus Page Generator
  • Express Campaigns Setup
  • Boost Your Conversion Rate
  • Case Studies
  • Debrief

Then, you will go through

Maeve Review
Maeve Review

Who Is Maeve For/Not For?

Obviously, Google Discovery is all about paid ads.

So, you would need to have a budget for running ads to offers.

How much do you need? I'd say that a budget of $100 is good to start.

In fact, this is the roughly the amount that one of the the case study demonstrates.

The vendor's ROI running a high ticket offer was 10X what was spent.

This shows that the method works, but there is risk.

So, if you don't have the money for paid ads, Maeve may not be for you.

However, if you want to learn about paid ads for a later time...

...then you can start the learning process now.

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OTOs of Maeve

OTO #1: Ride The Bullet Train To Cha-Ching Station $67/$47. Skip the extra work & get more commissions with the vendors 25 Additional DFY High Converting Funnels, Ready To Plug & Play.

OTO #2: Outsourcing Suite - $397 DS to $297. Your 100% hands free solution. Let the vendors team give you a luxury experience. Let them setup 6 Maeve-style campaigns allowing you to rake In passive profits from the products that have been pre-vetted by the vendors. Limited to the first 50.

OTO #3: Cheat Your Way To Pretty Profits $97 DS to $67. Steal 100s of 1000s of the vendors traffic and get 10X more conversions.

OTO #4: Advanced Underground Marketing Strategies $47 DS to $37. Never seen before advanced detailed strategies with no additional fees.

OTO #5: Never Done Before MEGA SALE For Maeve Reseller Licence $29 DS to $19. Reseller Rights License To Maeve with 100% commissions throughout the entire funnel!

OTO #6: Never Done Before Mega Bundle Reseller Licence $87/$67. Reseller Rights Licence to 4 of the vendors high converting products.. With 100% commissions throughout the ENTIRE funnels! PLUS gain access to the Front End of ALL 4 of the vendors previous launched products. Golden Stash, Cleopatra, Zenobia & Xena Get Paid Up To $462 Per Sale

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Dash (Launch-Only Bonus) - Get Front-end access to my currently unreleased course on the fastest ways to earn online using Google Ads. This is the perfect bonus for Maeve. This is limited to the launch period and goes away on July 31st at 11:59PM EST.

What To Beware Of When Running Google Discovery Ads - **You need to know this about Google Discovery or else you risk jeopardizing getting your account banned.**

Method X - My best selling course on Google Ads & Microsoft Ads.

Researched Keywords in Make Money Online & The Weight Loss Niche. 

60 email follow up sequence written by a professional copy writer that can be used for any money online/IM/Biz opp offers.

(Mega Bonus): Top 5 Traffic Sources for 2021 + Full Training on each platform. Lately I have revised my list of the top 5 traffic sources of 2020 for 2021, which is soon upon us.
The Traffic Boss.  One of the best tutorials on getting traffic available. It's 1 hour+ long and provides step by step instruction on how to maximize your traffic.  Amazing, underground content revealed by one of the most successful marketers in IM industry history.
Avalanche List Building – complete training on list building.
How To Install A Landing Page builder for only $7 one time cost.
Additional Premium Bonuses

Stealthd (Full FE Course Access).

Stealthd - AdvancedTraining 

Insurgency - A course by Rash Vin an expert in FB Ads

FaceBook LIVE Handbook - Handy handbook covering facebook live and how to convert lives to sales via a funnel

El Bandito - Pre-Built, Evergreen Products that Return Consistent Sales

Urgency Suites - Full length course about using "Urgency" to drive demand for products

A - Z Case Study - Setting Up A Professional Affiliate Marketing Campaign. 4 part video series about how to promote other people's products and earn big commissions.

10k Storytelling Formula - Use Storytelling In Your Campaign Description To Engage An Audience And Turn Them Into Buyers

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