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Thank you for reading my Local Sites Hub review.

Local Sites Hub is a new cloud-based app by Vivek Gour.

It goes live on April 15th at 11AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the sam vendor can be found here.

Local Sites Hub Review
Local Sites Hub Review

What Is Local Sites Hub All About?

LocalSitesHub provides 100 websites themes for 100 Different Niches.

So, with this software, you can create local niche websites in less than two minutes...

You will be able to create & sell fully-functional single & multi-vendor local business websites.

You can do this using 100+ DFY Themes in the following areas:

  • Real Estate
  • Weight Loss
  • eCommerce
  • Day care
  • Dentists
  • Chiropractors
  • Spas
  • Restaurants
  • Retirement homes
  • eCom stores
  • Affiliate review sites

This is just a sample of the different categories - there are many others.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

First, you will want to go through the tutorial videos.

Then, you will want to install the plug in on WordPress.

Click on "appearance" and then choose a theme and activate it.

Now you will click on all the relevant plugins for your site.

Once you do this download the demo importer plugin.

Now the site will be ready for you to customize as you'd like.

Local Sites Hub Review
Local Sites Hub Review

Who Is Local Sites Hub For/Not For?

Offering a site like this to a local business is one of the easiest ways...

...to earn high ticket commissions of 500 to 1k a sale.

Really, every local business needs a high quality site like this.

So, it's perfect for those who want to do something...

...in place of (or in addition to) traditional affiliate marketing.

The question is: what is the best way to promote these sites to local businesses?

Please read the next section and have a look at my custom bonuses.

Local Sites Hub Review: Final Thoughts

What you will need to have success with these DFY sites?

You will need a done for you script that will appeal to buyers in any category.

This is what I have for you in my exclusive bonus (see below).

Really, you will need what's called a "foot in the door" strategy.

This will make all the difference for you in selling LSH websites.

Since selling a website is a high ticket item...

...you will need to have a strategy to sell a low ticket item to sell upfront.

That's the exact strategy I have for you in my bonus.

Also, you will want to know the ways in which to contact local business.

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 OTOs of Local Sites Hub 

OTO#1 - LocalSitesHub AutoPlay ($37/One-time)
OTO#2 - LocalSitesHub Reseller Rights ($37/One-time)
OTO#3 - LocalSitesHub Plugin and Graphic Suite ($27/One-time)
OTO#4 - LocalSitesHub DFY Agency Premium ($297 - $497)
OTO#5 - LocalSitesHub App Studio ($27/One-time)


**Launch Only Bonus** Goes away April 19th at 11:59 PM EST.  A high converting script that you can use to reach out to local business in any category. This works for any local business. 

Email Marketing Strategy For Contacting Local Businesses

How To Outsource Prospect Outreach On The Cheap (very cheap).

Foot in the door strategy. A great way to get clients by selling something that most clients will say “yes” to and then you can offer then your site to them.

How To Buy & Sell Hot Local Domains:  This over-the-shoulder video tutorial reveals the full process you need to sell geo-specific domains to local businesses.

How To Flip A "No Revenue" Starter Website For Profit - Tutorial/Case Study. Take your domaining to the next level by building a simple site and then flipping it. A starter site is actually fairly easy to sell if you do it the right way. Proof can be found in this tutorial by an expert of this method.

Directory Hack For Identifying Clients Who Need Your Help: With this proven, dead simple technique you will find a lot more clients eager for your help. Very few people know about this hack. This is gold. 

Service Arbitrage Secrets: In This Bonus, you will learn closely held secrets of service arbitrage.  This is something you can do alongside product arbitrage.

Offline Bullet Cash. Full course on local business marketing.

Case Study of How I sold A blog/website On Flippa For $1,650

Mega Bonus: Access to 4 of my Deal of The Day Winning courses: 1. Holiday Gold Rush, 2. Explosivo 3. The CPA Project, and 4. Profit Code - 3 of these sold over 1k units on Warrior Plus and 2 won Deal of the Day. They're still selling on the Warrior Plus marketplace.

All Vendor Bonuses - Here, you will get the bonuses that have been given to me to give to you - this is what most affiliates will be offering to you alone.

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