ListMe Review

Welcome to my ListMe Review.

ListMe is a new video training by Cynthia Benitez.

It goes live on May 24th at 11AM EST.

A review of recent product by the same vendor can be found here.

ListMe Review
ListMe Review
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What Is ListMe All About?

ListMe reveals how to run successful PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns.

This involves Google Ads using search campaigns.

The end goal of the course is to build your list without spending a lot of money.

The money you earn from affiliate offers should defray the cost of the ads.

Since I have ListMe Review access, you can watch the ListMe review below:

ListMe Review: What Will You Learn In The Course?

There are different areas covered.

Obviously, creating a search campaign lies at the heart of ListMe.

Additionally, though, there are other areas that you learn, such as:

  • Getting set up with Google Ads
  • How to create a high converting opt in page.
  • How To Take Advantage of Google Ad Words
  • Case Study

At the end of the course you have everything you need to get success with paid ads.

LIstMe Review
ListMe Review

What Are The Pros & Cons Of ListMe?

Really, there’s a lot to like about ListMe.

I find it a very newbie friendly way to build list and profit.

Many new marketers fear Google Ads because it’s usually taught in a convoluted way.

However, with ListMe, the instruction is clear and straightforward.

Just follow step-by-step training and you will have a profitable campaign set up in no time.

The drawbacks are the omission of advanced topics such as re-marketing.

However, for a front end course, to introduce topics like this is asking a lot.

So, in my bonus package, I have remarketing training for Google ads.

Also, I have done for you keywords in the health-fitness niche.

Essentially, then, this is more of an upgrade itself than just a bonus.

OTOs of ListMe

OTO#1 – Listbuilding On Steroids: $17 Learn more ways to build your list with free and paid strategies.

OTO#2 – ListMe Rolodex: $67. Here you get exact details of the vendor’s most successful campaigns (targeting, keywords etc). 

OTO#3 – ListMe Reseller Right: S$37. Sell ListMe as your own product and keep 100% of the commissions across the entire funnel.

OTO4 – Coaching: $197. Coaching for a month where the vendor helps with anything regarding Internet Marketing.


Bonus#1: My “Diamond List” of Health & Fitness Keywords For Google/Bing Ads. This is a must-have list if you are in the health and fitness niche – especially if you’re running Clickbank offers.

Bonus #2: Google Ads Re-targeting tutorial. The front end of ListMe does not cover re-targeting, so in this training you will get what you need to know to get dirt cheap clicks when you run your campaign a second time whether by way of search, display, or video ads.

Bonus #3: Ultimate Vault of high converting swipes:  Here you get a large number of split-tested swipes and headlines that can be tailored for any niche

Bonus #4:  The Best Underground Clickbank Products To Promote in 2020. This tutorial shows you some overlooked ClickBank offers you can promote.

Bonus#5: How To Build A Landing Page.  ListMe covers this, but here you get additional training if you want to learn another way to do. Also, I show you another wordpress plug in to use other than what ListMe suggests (both are good).

Bonus #6: Reddit & Google Search method: This is an excellent method that combined Google search and Reddit – to use on Reddit once you’re established on the platform, one that hardly anyone knows about.

Bonus #7: Bing Ads Training. Here you will learn how to set up PPC campaigns on Bing Ads.

Bonus #8: Free Traffic Frenzy:  A full course on Reddit marketing.

Bonus #9: How To Build A Buyer’s List. Simple method to add buyers instead of freebie seekers to your list.

Bonus #10: Urgency Suites Pro: Add scarcity/urgency to your promotions and campaigns. Works in any niche. Other than this tool,  you need Clickfunnels to get this! This is especially important for you email follow up on offers.

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