Lion Listings Review

Welcome to my Lion Listings Review

Lion Listings is a new training by Dawud Islam.

It goes live on August 11th at 9AM EST.

A recent review of a product can be found here.

Lion Listings Review
Lion Listings Review
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What Is Lion Listings All About?

In a nutshell, Lion Listings reveals the best online classified ads sites.

These are places that you can promote your affiliate or eCommerce products.

The training shows you these sites and how to navigate them.

This is a very simple process of earning online.

However, it does require consistency in order to achieve optimal results.

Watch Lion Listings Review below:

Who Is This For/Not For?

Lion Listings is for any marketer who wants a free way to advertise online.

With Facebook ads and Google ads going up in price, it’s good to have free alternatives.

What’s nice about posting on Classified ads, is most of these platforms have relaxed policies.

The question is: Do people really visit these sites?

Yes, obviously, Craigslist and Gumtree get a lot of monthly visitors per month.

And lesser known classified ad sites.

So, by posting on the Lion Listings sites you will get a lot of eyeballs to your offers.

However, to make this method work, you need to take consistent action.

To post, say, once a week won’t be enough. You need to post several times a week.

Lions Listings Review
Lions Listings Review

Lion Listings Review: Final Thoughts

To know about these Classified Ads sites…

…and posting on them will be a boon for your online marketing.

However,  what if you don’t have time to spend an hour or two doing this?

In my bonus, I have a way that you can outsource this for very cheap.

That is, where to pay someone $2 an hour to post on your behalf.

Also, one of the upgrades gives you 50 more listings.

However, in one of my bonuses I’ll show you additional places as well.

In the final analysis, Lion Listings

Click Here To Get Lion Listings + All Relevant Bonuses

OTOs of Lion Listings

OTO #1 — Lion Listings PRO Version. $37 DS to $17. With the PRO version you will discover a further FIFTY sites where you can advertise for free, as well as getting access to some advanced training and resources.

OTO #2 — Mega Traffic Package. $197 DS to $97. Get 10 solo ads to Dawud’s entire network of 25 sites in the make money online niche PLUS plug in any URL of your choice into the ad rotators at all 25 sites..

OTO #3 — Resller Rights x 5. $37 DS to $17. Get a great set of reseller rights by picking up 100% reseller rights to Lion Listings + 4 more of Dawud’s best selling products. Keep 100% across the funnel. Guaranteed approval to promote.

OTO #4 — DFY Campaigns. $197 DS to $97. Get sent 3 x DFY campaigns each and every week. Includes DFY bonus page with review video, product demo and ten custom bonuses delivered for you (requires Commission Gorilla).

OTO #5 — Launch a Product with Dawud (Limited to 5 persons only) $997. – No DS. This is an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to launch a product with Dawud. Either chose your own product idea or have him one create one with you.

Custom Bonuses

Classified Ads Secrets – Get My own list of Classified Sites (so you don’t need upgrade #1).

Craigslist Method – How to get free traffic from Craigslist without their violating TOS.

SMS marketing. How to get people to send you a text message about your offer.

Best Way To Outsource Posting On Classified for super cheap.

Get a landing page builder for $7 (Tutorial). 

FB Laser Targeter.  Underground tool shows how to target people on Facebook using same algorithm used by Facebook Ads.

IM Insider’s Blueprint.  Multi-video tutorial. An exclusive, inside Look at the game of internet marketing.

Explosivo + Unreleased DFY Upgrade.  My best-selling course on getting fast traffic to your IG posts.

Holiday Gold Rush. My Best-selling course on a free Twitter marketing method and Bing Ads.

Social Signals Unleashed. (Tutorial).

Affiliate Profit Blueprint (Full course).

All vendor bonuses

Click Here To Get Lion Listings + All Relevant Bonuses

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