Leverage Review

Welcome to this Leverage Review by My Reviews Collection.

Leverage is a new video training by Bill Hugall and Mark Barrett.

It goes live on December 10th at 9AM EST.

In this review, we will look at what Leverage is about and who it’s for.

Leverage Review
Leverage Review

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What Is Leverage All About?

Leverage is a system of online marketing that identifies five points of “leverage.”

What’s this means is: You will be able to take advantage of work that has already been done for you.

This allows you to plug in to a system for making faster money online than you would otherwise.

The vendors have identified the fastest and most effective way to do affiliate marketing.

They go so far as to say you’ll be able to compete with big affiliates on launch leader boards.

Is this true? In this Leverage review we will find out.

Leverage Review
Leverage Review

Is Leverage A Push Button Solution?

Definitely not.

However, Leverage aims to shortcut your route to success by leveraging those who have a following.

Obviously, those who have a significant following have access to traffic.

This enables you to get traffic to your offers – fast.

The five points of leverage involve the following:

  • Email marketing
  • Instagram marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • YouTube
  • Product launch leverage

None of these leverage techniques are very well known.

The vendors have been using these techniques over years to grow their businesses.

Watch The Leverage Review below:

Is Leverage Really Newbie Friendly?

Yes, Mark Barrett walks you through the set up for building your conversion machine.

This is nothing new.

You’ll be setting up a traditional, high converting funnel to build your list.

Both of the vendors use (and recommend) a landing page builder…

…that loads very fast – and this is critical to your success with Leverage.

This will increase your conversions (I myself am planning on signing up for it).

While I am aware of all five of the techniques in Leverage…

…I have not used the Facebook or YouTube methods.

Nor have I used their product launch leverage – although many top vendors use it frequently.

Leverage is an excellent product for newbies and intermediate marketers alike.


What Can Be Added To This Leverage Review?

The methods in Leverage involve relatively low cost, paid traffic.

With that in mind, I’ve included some free traffic methods in my bonuses.

This will give you more options for building your list for free.

I’ve also included training to enhance your experience with the methods given.

My vault of high converting swipes are an essential bonus that will help you with email marketing.

Remember, that the majority of the money to made in online marketing…

…is comprised of the emails that are sent out to your list. 

So, you want to have the best email training available – which I’ve included in custom bonuses.

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