Leads Transformers Challenge Review

Leads Transformers Challenge


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Leads Transformers Challenge Review

Leads Transformers Challenge is a new training by Ivana Bosnjak

It goes live on July 20th at 10AM EST.

In this Leads Transformers Challenge review...

...we will investigate what this is about and who it's for.

Leads Transformers Challenge Review
Leads Transformers Challenge Review

What Is Leads Transformers Challenge All About?

In a nutshell, the training will show you how to get leads from Facebook.

This 7 day callenge aims to grow your business to the next level quickly.

You can do this by following a simple and proven strategy.

One that enables you to generate quality leads on demand.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

First, you will want to watch: "Get Started With Leads Transformers Challenge."

Then, you will start with Day Zero preparation.

There are three days of preparation work before you start the challenge.

After this you will watch the videos for days 1 thru 7 and apply what you learn.

On day 8, you will submit your results for feedback.

Leads Transformers Challenge Review
Leads Transformers Challenge Review

Who Is This Training For/Not For?

Since this training involves Facebook, you will want to be familiar with this platform.

Just about everyone is familiar with FB, but how to navigate it from a marketing standpoint?

This is where you will want to access not only training, but also feedback along the way.

Really, this training benefits those who seek accountability for their online marketing activities.

A lot of times with trainings leave it up to you to figure it out.

Here, though, you will be get insight and feeback into the results you get.

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Leads Transformers Challenge Review: Final Thoughts

Obviously, to make this training work, you need to be open to Facebook marketing.

If you're not active on Facebook, then this is probably not for you.

So, I think it will benefit marketers of various kinds:


  • Local Business marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Digital Marketers
  • eCom Owners

OTO#1 - DFY Campaigns

  • 51 DFY Wisdom Campaigns + PSD Files
  • 80 DFY Engagement Posts
  • ​30 DFY Motivational Posts
  • ​80 DFY Value Posts

OTO#2 - Auto Community Growth

  • 10 Over the Shoulder Videos Showing You How To Grow Your Community On Autopilot
  • ​How to Grow Your Email List Automatically
  • ​2 DFY Prospecting Email/FB Messages

OTO#3 - Biz Transformers Program

You will learn how to develop the following:

  • Your high ticket offer
  • Launch it successfully in 3 weeks or less
  • Position yourself as an authority
  • How to setup a high ticket funnel that converts
  • ​2 Weekly coaching calls
  • ​Accountability Group
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#1: FB Laser Targeter.  This underground tool shows you how to target people on Facebook using the same algorithm used by Facebook Ads.

#2:  Profit Code - My latest Deal of the Day winning course on Warrior Plus (released in April of 2021).

#3: Effortless FB Profits.  Full course on how to do FB ads and free Facebook marketing.

#4: The Secret Weapon. This full course shows how to market in Facebook Groups using a very engaging method.

#5: Social Signals Unleashed. (Tutorial).

#6: Affiliate Profit Blueprint (Full course).

#7:  Facebook Live Wire – Guide On How To Use Facebook Live.

#8) Directory Hack For Getting Clients Easily: With this proven, dead simple technique you will find a lot more clients eager for your help. You may say to yourself after learning about this: This is so obvious, isn't everyone doing it? Very few people, in fact. This is gold.

#9) Personal Rolodex of the Best Online Workers: This is my own collection of high level workers on places such as Upwork and Fiverr. Also, I paid for high ticket coaching from mentors to learn about the best places to get work done online, which you get with this bonus.

#10) Foot in the door strategy. This is a great way to get clients by selling something that most clients will say “yes” to and then you can offer a variety of marketing services to them.

#11) Social Media Ads Training. Want to run ads on Snapchat, Quora, Instagram, Facebook for your clients. This will cover how to run ads on most of the major platforms. This involves training on several platforms.

#12) 5 Additional Places To list On: In This bonus, you will discover 5 different sites that you can sell services and products on. You'll also get in-depth comparisons made between each of the major platforms.

#13) Service Arbitrage Secrets: In This Bonus, you will learn closely held secrets of service arbitrage. This is something you can do alongside product arbitrage.

#14) Offline Bullet Cash. Full course on local business marketing.

Additional Premium Bonuses

How To Get High Ticket Clients (Even If You’re A Complete Newbie

Local Retargeting

Entrepreneur Skill Set Checklist

2 DFY Prospecting Messages For Social Media

11 Ways To Get Clients Without Cold Calling

‘Outsourcing Made Easy’ Directory – 49 Must-Know Freelancing Sites

FB Retargeting Decoded

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