Laugh And Bank Review

Laugh And Bank Review

Thank you for reading my Laugh And Bank  review.

This is a new affiliate-marketing earning system by Bryan Winters.

It goes live on January 22nd at 9AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

Laugh And Bank Review
Laugh And Bank Review

What Is Laugh And Bank All About?

This is a fun and addicting web-based app.

The vendor uses over and over to earn $750 in one day.

All that you need to do is to rate and share funny jokes and YouTube videos.

This happens directly within the app.

Then, you get paid everytime someone clicks to to rate your submissions.

That is, they can rate it “funny” or “not” – and you get paid.

Users are allowed to submit one joke per day.

Note, that if you miss days they do not accumulate.

Thus, it is important that you submit jokes to the app every day to max out earning.

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What Steps Do You Need To Take?

Once you log into the referral program, you will want to watch the training.

Then, once on the dashboard, you will click on “my profile.”

Enter your desired user name or handle that you want to use.

After this, upload a user name picture and link to your social media profiles.

Now you will be able to start laughing and banking.

Click back to the members home page and then rate and view jokes.

Here, you will rate your joke as “funny” or “not.”

As you rate jokes, the laugh thermostat will go up.

Once the red bard reach the top, then this means your account is unlocked.

This means you can submit your own joke or funny video.

That is, you will type in the joke or put in the YouTube link.

Laugh And Bank Review
Laugh And Bank Review

How Exactly Do You Earn with Laugh And Bank?

The more amusing and unique the jokes you submit…

…the more money will earn from within the app.

If you submit jokes or videos that either get or don’t get funny votes…

…this will have an effect on your overall funny rating (on a 1-10 scale).

The amount of money you earn will reflect on your laugh and bank page.

The way users get paid is by having to view and rate submissions….

…in order to unlock their own submissions.

The way users earn is by way of a pool of revenue aka “shared revenue.”

So, the more users in the Laugh & Bank system, the more everyone earns.

There is no limit on how many times you rate a submission as “funny.”

It is important that you login daily to view, rate, and submit your own content.

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How Else Can You Earn Money Within The App?

One way to earn more commissions is to upgrade your account.

These are available with upgrades (OTOs) #2 through #5.

You can check out these optional upgrades below.

Also, you can extra joke submissions by earning them by the referral program.

This is the way you will make the most money with the program.

To get your refferal id, you will want to click on “my account” link.

Once you get your Warrior Plus id, you will save it.

Then, this will hard code this to your laught and bank referral page.

Note, that for every 5 people you refer to laugh and bank…

…you will get an extra joke submission per day for as long as they stay active.

Laugh And Bank Review: Final Thoughts

Really, I believe Laugh and Bank will appeal to a wide variety of users.

It’s perfect for those who want to earn some extra money online.

This is a much better (and less boring) alternative to, say, filling out surveys.

Also, it is much more consistent and reliable.

Moreover, Laugh And Bank holds appeal to those who are ambitious..

…and want to earn a full-time income online.

All you need to do is share your referral link on social media and email.

To make a full time income, you need to be consistent and apply top strategies.

Make sure to check my bonuses as I will help you to achieve this.

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OTOs of Laugh And Bank

OTO#1: L&B’S Free Traffic CO-OP $67 DS to $47. Takers of this OTO receive 24-7-365 autopilot traffic to their members-only Laugh & Bank referral program affiliate links.

OTO#2: L&B’S 1-Click Commission Doubler. $197 DS to $97. Takers of this OTO double their 1-click shared revenue commissions on every “Funny” rating you receive (on the jokes & funny video links you submit to the app). This means an INSTANT way to double commissions hands-free with zero extra effort.

OTO#3: L&B’S 500 Daily Leads Machine. $47 DS to $27. Takers of this OTO receive everything needed to amass a huge cash-on-demand Laugh & Bank email list.

OTO#4:  L&B’S Instant Commissions Quadrupler. $197 DS to $97. Takers of this OTO get ti auto-unlock for double submissions to the Laugh & Bank app, meaning yet another way to double L&B commissions (ultimately meaning quadruple commissions when you choose to add both OTO#2 and OTO#4).

OTO#5: L&B’S $1,000 Dollar Daze: $97 DS to $47. Takers of this OTO get to replace the vendors backend webinar link with your own affiliate link, meaning $500-$1,000+ high ticket commissions on autopilot.


                                       Massive Laugh & Bank Exclusive/Custom Bonus Package. (Exclusive Tutorial & Mega Bonus).

This tutorial will show you how to get the most out of Laugh & Bank by sharing your affiliate link. This bonus includes links to full courses and tutorials (several dozen): The perfect bonus for Laugh & Bank, as it’s very comprehensive. It includes everything you need to succeed with Laugh & Bank’s referral progrmam. Below are the categories of training you’ll get with this 1 mega bonus.

Laugh & Bank Referral Link Social Media Marketing Plan: You will get complete social Media Marketing strategies for markeitng on the following platforms:

  • Instagram
  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • YouTube
  • Underground Social Media Platforms
  • Forums

Laugh & Bank Referral Link Email Marketing Plan:  From solo ads to safe lists to setting up your own self-hosted autoresponder, you will learn how to max out your email marketing and start to gain serious traction by promoting your Laugh & Bank by way of email.

Laugh & Bank Referral Link  Paid Traffic Plan: How to use well-known traffic sources such as Google and Microsoft Ads but also how to use less known, low cost traffic sources to promote your laugh and bank offer.


Vendor Bonuses – 5 bonuses given to me by the vendor to give to you.

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