Instant Local Authority Review

Welcome to my Instant Local Authority review.

Instant Local Authority is a fully done for you package by SociMasters.

It goes live on July 24th at 10AM EST.

A review of a product on this blog by the same vendors can be found here.

Instant Local Authority Review
Instant Local Authority Review
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What Is Instant Local Authority All About?

Instant Local Authority provides everything ones needs to get started with local business marketing.

It requires zero background in local marketing.

So, if you have thought about this area of online marketing…

…but decided against it because you don’t have experience, then this is your chance.

To start you don’t need any tech skills or deal with any confusing software.

Also, you won’t need to do any hard selling to prospects.

In addition to step by step video training, you get 70 promotional graphics.

The breakdown of these graphics is as follows:

  •  Social Media Marketing (20)
  • SEO (10)
  • Website building (10)
  • Chatbots (10)
  • Reputation marketing (10)
  • Google My Business (10)
Instant Local Authority Review
Instant Local Authority Review

How Will Instant Local Authority Help You?

This product focuses on getting your local marketing agency instant credibility.

The training walks you through the materials you need to gain an online presence.

One of the challenges of getting your agency started is being recognizable and trusted online.

Of course, it’s important not just to have any online presence, but you need the following:

  • Have relevant content on your online hub.
  • Be a recognizable authority in your niche.

So, this is where the 70 above images will help you a lot.

Also, you get content curated articles that you can post on your page as well.

Instant Local Authority Review
Instant Local Authority Review

Where To Post All Your Content For Prospect To See?

You will want to create a Facebook business page as your online hub.

The training shows you how to do this, step by step.

Moreover, you learn how to optimize the page to make it as attractive as possible.

If you’ve never created a Facebook page, it’s an easy process.

However, the training will give you the edge you need over your competition.

For instance, you will learn how someone can set an appointment with you immediately.

Instant Local Authority Review
Instant Local Authority Review

What Else Will You Get?

There is training beyond creating and optimizing your Facebook business page

In the training you will learn the following:

  • How to edit your images.
  • Posting images on your FB business page.
  • How to get activity on your FB business page

Additionally, as a bonus, you will get 10 content curated articles.

You can post these on your page to increase engagement.

Moreover, these articles will help further boost your perceived authority in the niche.

Have questions about getting your local business marketing off the ground?

Then, you can join the SociMasters mastermind group and get your questions answered.

Click Here To Get Instant Local Authority + All Relevant Bonuses

Is Now A Good Time To Get Into Local (Online) Business Marketing?

A few months ago (back in April/May), the answer to this question would be “no.”

In fact, back then, it was a really bad time to be in this area of internet marketing.

However, now is a great time to jump into local business consulting.

(Or, if you’re already in, then take it to the next level).

The reason?

Small businesses are bouncing out of the worst of COV-ID 19 and need your help.

They don’t have the deep pockets of large corporations.

So, it’s imperative for them to get going on new customer acquisition ASAP.

You can be the savvy savior to their business that they know they need.

Simply. it’s a matter of getting your presence easily found on the web.

Instant Local Authority Review: Final Thoughts

Instant Local Authority is a welcome product to hit the market at this time.

Certainly, it will benefit those who are new to local business consulting.

Also, it will help those already doing it who are looking for a special edge.

So, if you are considering doing local business marketing but not sure…

…you should strongly consider Instant Local Business Authority.

It will give you the credibility you need without all the hard work.

OTOs of Instant Local Authority

OTO#1Prospecting Package ($37) .15 DFY Prospecting videos to send via email / FB messenger etc. 1 animated, 1 doodle and 1 spokesperson for each of these services:

  • Social media
  • Seo
  • Websites
  • Chatbots
  • Reputation
  • 5 DFY Scripts to create your own videos, so you can use your own voice, your own accent.
  • BONUS – DFY Email Sequence & Messenger sequence.

OTO #2 – Prospecting Masterclass ($37). Masterclass showing how to get 1000s of targeted leads without the fear of losing any money on advertising and paid traffic.BONUS – proven emails and videos that get clients calling you, no need to cold call.

OTO#3 – Instant Local Authority Club ($97). 6 month program of impressive online presence, credibility and authority that gives you unshakeable confidence in front of local clients. Get new content every month for 6 months:

  • 20 new images each month 
  • 3 videos for posting on your page
  • 10 content curated links  
  • BONUS – 5 training videos, each showing you specific strategies on how to grow your agency business in the 5 trending, in-demand local services; social media, SEO, chat bots, websites and reputation management. 

OTO #4 – DFY Email Prospecting Hero ($47).

  • Done-For-You prospecting emails for landing clients during this crucial ‘back to business’ period.
  • Professionally written emails in 5 of the most popular local services; Facebook Marketing, Reputation Management, SEO, Chatbots and Website Design.
  • Walk away with a huge collection of 70+ emails that land local clients, without writing a word yourself.
  • Includes powerful follow up sequences that explode your prospecting efforts, while building more trust and rapport with your prospects.
  • BONUS:  2 Hours of Prospecting Masterclass with bonus e-mails for Checkin SociMasters Program, Viral SociMasters and Local Coupon Formula. 

(A note about bonuses: You will receive 2 sets of bonuses. The custom bonuses below in addition to the bonuses that I have worked out with the vendor to delivered to you).

Click Here To Get Instant Local Authority + All Relevant Bonuses

BONUS #1) Directory Hack For Getting Clients Easily: With this proven, dead simple technique you will find a lot more clients eager for your help. You may say to yourself after learning about this: This is so obvious, isn’t everyone doing it? Very few people, in fact. This is gold.

BONUS #2)  Foot in the door strategy. This is a great way to get clients by selling something that most clients will say “yes” to and then you can offer a variety of marketing services to them.

BONUS #3)  Social Media Ads Training. Want to run ads on Snapchat, Quora, Instagram, Facebook for your clients. This will cover how to run ads on most of the major platforms. This involves training on several platforms.

BONUS #4)  5 Additional Places To list On:  In This bonus, you will discover 5 different sites that you can sell  services and products on. You’ll also get in-depth comparisons made between each of the major platforms.
BONUS #5) Service Arbitrage Secrets: In This Bonus, you will learn closely held secrets of service arbitrage.  This is something you can do alongside product arbitrage.
BONUS #6) Offline Bullet Cash. Full course on local business marketing.

15 ‘We are Open’ Images For You and Your Clients Pages (FB Post Size + Instagram story size):

These professional, eye-catching social media graphics can be used on your local clients’ Facebook pages and other social media profiles to let the world know that they’re open and back to business. Wow current local clients with these graphics, or you can give these graphics to new prospective clients as ‘bait’ to get them interested in your other paid services.

11 Pandemic Stats Images For Your FB Page

Local businesses have been dealt a huge financial blow because of the pandemic, and may have limited funds to invest in local marketing services, such as social media marketing, SEO etc. Ironically, statistics show that businesses that have continued to spend on marketing are more likely to survive this crisis. So here’s 11 professional graphics you can post on your FB business page, other social media profiles, your website etc. that educate your prospects on the importance of local marketing services during COVID-19.

Social Media Images for Your FB Page

When you are running your own Digital Agency, you have a lot to keep up with. One thing that tends to slip is maintaining your own Facebook Agency page. No local business will take you seriously as a digital agency if you don’t even have your own social media presence. We’ve solved this problem for you with our done-for-you social media images. Get 25 high quality images that you can schedule and post on your Facebook Agency page that keep your page active and wow local prospects.

31 Curated Content For FB Agency Page

I want every single potential client to think you are awesome. Which is why I’m also going to give you 31 content curated articles, each one showing them that you are “on top of it” when it comes to social media. Each one explains how important social media is for local businesses to succeed. These articles are from reputable online sources, such as Forbes, Tech Crunch, Entrepreneur etc. These will position you as someone who is a valuable source of education, and an expert who has their fingers on the pulse of the social media world. Just post these on your Facebook page and potential clients are sure to be impressed.

43 Instagram Hustle Images

Some of the most viral posts online are quotes. They motivate others to dream big and succeed. Add powerful images, and you have some of the most shared content in the world.  So here’s 43 powerful social media quotes, in JPG format, for you to simply plug in…and then sit back and watch all the free viral traffic roll in! Each one also comes in editable PSD file.

1 Client = $3564+/year with a simple $1 Frame.

Complete case study on how a simple little “check in sign” that Lorette printed on her computer and put in a dollar store frame, landed a client that has paid her $3,564 in just one year

21 Tips to Promote Your Business on Facebook. 

Facebook has become one the main ways we communicate, not just to friends and family, but also businesses and brands. This awesome resource shows you 21 Tips on how to market your agency business on Facebook.  Implement all the steps and, very soon, you’ll have a snowball effect where your business practically markets itself.

How to Get Clients Through PPC.

There are many free avenues for generating local clients to your agency business. But if you want to be flooded with local clients fast, nothing works faster than pay-per-click advertising. Even with a small budget, you can bring targeted local prospects to your door. 

How To Get High Ticket Clients (Even If You’re A Complete Newbie)

It’s a lot easier (and less hassle) keeping 5 x $3K a month clients happy, then servicing 30 clients at $500 a month. However, many people fall into the trap of low paying clients because they don’t know how to secure high-ticket clients (it’s a lot easier than you think!). Even if you’re just getting started, this comprehensive 8 part video series will show you how to build your confidence, how to spot the tell-tale signs of clients open to high ticket offers, and how to make consistent high ticket sales without ever sounding ‘salesy.’

Click Here To Get Instant Local Authority + All Relevant Bonuses

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