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Influx Reloaded Review

Welcome to my Influx review.

Influx is a new training by Guy Potok, Frankie Pellegrino, and Dan Ashendorf.

It goes live on May 26th at 10AM EST.

A recent review of a product by one of the vendors can be found here.

Influx Reloaded Review
Influx Reloaded Review
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What Is Influx Reloaded All About?

In a nutshell, Influx Reloaded is about getting paid with CPA Marketing.

With CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing, you don't need to do any selling.

You just need someone to take some action (such as filling in their email address)...

...and then you will earn commission for supplying the lead.

Beyond just CPA, you will learn about CPA "content locking."

This means someone needs to unlock a high value gift - can be a digital product.

They do this by filling out the CPA offer - which enables you to earn.

Why Is Influx Reloaded newbie friendly?

With Influx Reloaded you don't need to create any content.

No videos, no blogging, no creating sales pages.

With Influx Reloaded, all you need to do is to find a digital gift "to lock."

Then, your when your prospect unlocks it, you will get compensated by the CPA network.

Influx Reloaded Review
Influx Reloaded Review
Click Here To Get Influx Reloaded + All Relevant Bonuses

What Steps Do You Need To Take?

First, you want to watch the overview video.

This gives you a mindmap of the method.

Then, you will learn how to do basic CPA offer research.

Now you are ready to set up your landing page...

...which is wher you will send the traffic to before the offer itself.

Finally, you will learn 2 paid traffic methods and one free method.

Influx Review: Final Thoughts

With Influx, you get thorough and specific training in CPA marketing.

If you have tried to run CPA ads before but didn't have success... should strongly consider picking up Influx Reloaded.

What can I add to this Influx Reloaded review?

I have additional, underground very cheap traffic sources perfect for CPA.

Very few marketers are aware of these and so this help you a great deal.

Also, I will be giving you my course on how to get free traffic "The CPA Project."

Best of all, I will give you additional training on content locking.

And I will show you the best network to join that will have done for you content to lock.

Make sure to check my bonuses below.

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OTOs of Influx Reloaded

OTO#1: Influx Reloaded Pro - ($27). In this upgrade the vendors reveal additional methods to help double profits with the "Influx Reloaded" system. Includes over the shoulder video training.

OTO#2: Influx Reloaded DFY - ($47). Put your hands on the vendors best high converting campaigns. Copy/paste these battle tested campaigns to save your time and increase commissions. Full access to the vendors EVERGREEN ‘DFY’ campaigns - Review video and bonuses to giveaway.

OTO#3: Influx Reloaded Traffic On Demand - ($97). Get access to the traffic that visits the vendors websites, sales pages, and members areas. Get a chance to access this traffic via the vendors  unique rotating system. The vendors send the traffic - you collect the leads and make money.

OTO#4: Influx Reloaded Reseller License - ($77). Limited to 50 people only. The vendors let you steal the funnel of "Influx Reloaded" and sell it as your own product.

OTO#5: Influx Reloaded ‘Done With You’ - ($147). Jump on a live call with one of the vendors so that they can do all the hard work for you.

OTO 6: VIP Bundle - ($29). Access to some of our recent best selling digital products with 1 time low cost opportunity. The include: Profits Engine; Piggyback Profits; Capture; Bankroll; Dynamic.


Content Locking Tutorials - Additional tutorials and strategies to help you with the main course.

CPA --> MMO funnel sequence + results and email follow up sequence.  This bonus goes away on March 7th at 11:59PM. I will show you the exact offer I'm using on the front end + the offers on the backend.

1)The CPA Project - My Best Selling Course On Driving Free Traffic To CPA Offers.

2) 3 Underground, Cheap Traffic sources for CPA Traffic - These traffic sources all produce good ROI for CPA offers and yet now widely known.

3) How To Crush IG Story Ads with CPA To Earn 10K+ A Month (In-Depth Tutorials From A Top CPA Marketer).

4) CPA Income Crusher - Full course.

5) Profit Zenith - my course on how to get free traffic from social media and turn Gmail into an autoresponder.

6) Top 5 Paid Traffic Sources For 2020 (Mega Bonus).  With this mega bonus you get a complete walkthrough of how to set up campaigns on 5 of the best traffic sources of 2020.

7) Free Online Ads – Here I’ll show you where you can post ads to high traffic forums and free online and drive free traffic to your CPA offers.

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