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Welcome to my Graphics Supremacy review.

Graphics Supremacy is a new hybrid information/done for you product by Eric Hammer.

It goes live on February 3rd at 10AM EST.

A video review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

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Get Graphics Supremacy And All Relevant Bonuses

What Is Graphics Supremacy All About?

Graphics Supremacy is one part training, one part done for you package.

This package consists of the following:

  • Dozens of the customizable eBook templates
  • 100 logo templates
  • 100s of mock-up templates
  • Doodles
  • Arrows
  • Motivational posters

The training shows you exactly what to do with this material.

Also, Eric reveals the unsaturated marketplaces where you can sell your products.

This is the critical aspect that makes all the difference for profiting with this material.

Who Is Graphics Supremacy Perfect For?

I'd say that Graphics Supremacy has two people in mind.

Those will use the tools for their own personal use.

For instance, eBook authors and graphic artists.

Then, there are those who want to do work for clients and profit from this.

Most people who pick up Graphics Supremacy will fall into the latter category.

Eric shows you where to profit with your graphical empire.

Graphics Supremacy review
Graphics Supremacy Review

Final Thoughts of This Graphics Supremacy Review

As Eric mentions in the training, the only way to earn with this money is to take action.

You cannot let this graphical arsenal sit on your hard drive and collect "digital dust."

What I like about this training is that the training shows you to profit with the graphical assets your given.

Also, Eric offers instant approval to those who buy Graphics Supremacy to sell it to others.

You will get 100% for selling the front end product and 50% commission on the upgrades.

The price of Graphics Supremacy is set to rise to $12.95 after the launch period ends.

So, it is a good idea to pick this up as soon as possible at the early bird discount.

OTOs of Graphics Supremacy

OTO #1: Expanded assets and funnel builder. $37. (Downsell to $17). 75 professional eBook covers, 200 or more logo templates, 100s of additional templates for CDs.

OTO #2: Customizable Video/PPT Assets + Training $37. Allows you to 10X your services and maximize your profits. (Downsell to $17).

OTO #3: 1,500 HD Stock Video Clips + Training.  $47. Downsell to $27.

OTO#4: No pitch Newsletter. Keep up to date on what's going on in the world of online marketing - what's working and what is not working. $9.95 a month or $1 trial.

OTO#5: License rights. Sell Graphics Supremacy as your own product. $67.

#1)  5 Additional Places To list On:  In This bonus, you will discover 5 different sites that you can sell  services and products on. You'll also get in-depth comparisons made between each of the major platforms.
#2) Service Arbitrage Secrets: In This Bonus, you will learn closely held secrets of service arbitrage.
#3) Personal Rolodex of the Best Online Workers: This is an exhaustive collection of the high level workers on places such as Upwork and Fiverr. This bonus will do three things for you. One, it's going to give you an idea of how these top notch workers sell their services. Also, it's a resource for you for doing service arbitrage.  Thirdly, if you need any work done at all for your own business, these are some of the best go-to workers online.
#4) Google Ads Done Right. Get complete video training on Google ads.
#5) FB Advertising For Marketers:  A complete video training on FB advertising.
#6) Twitter Ads Made Simple: A complete video training on Twitter Ads.
#7) Local Video Jackpot: A previous full course by Eric Hammer on local video marketing.

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