Gram Grands Review

Welcome to my Gram Grands review.

Gram Grands is a new training by Jonny Rose and Sasa Ilich.

It goes live on August 9th at 10AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendors can be found here.

Gram Grands Review
Gram Grands Review
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What Is Gram Grands All About?

In a nutshell, Gram Grands is about how to master Instagram marketing.

It reveals how to maximize the power of not of Instagram…

…but also IG Stories to make thousands of dollars a month.

You get one hour of in-depth, over-the-shoulder training.

Additionally,  you get 6 case studies in video format.

These case studies are from top earning internet marketers.

All six have all made up to $5000 in the past month with Instagram.

What Does The Training Involve?

After the welcome and introduction, you get the main training.

The main training consists of both nuts and bolts of Instagram marketing.

This includes the ins and outs of setting up your IG account.

Additionally, you get information that’s difficult to find elsewhere.

By this I mean, the content found in gram grands is difficult to find by searching online.

Gram Grands Review
Gram Grands Review

Who Is Gram Grands For/Not For

Let’s start with who Gram Grands is not for.

If you’re an Instagram marketing expert, you don’t need this.

If you have no interest in IG marketing, then you should pass on this.

However, if you don’t fall into either of these categories, you should strongly consider Gram Grands.

Maybe you know how lucrative IG marketing can be…

…but you don’t know where to start?  Then grab this for under $10.

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Gram Grands Review: Final Thoughts

This training is so complete that it would be hard to fail with this.

The only way would be if you don’t take the level of action to see results.

The question becomes:  what can I add to this Gram Grands review?

I have some methods for you that will accelerate your marketing experience on Instagram.

These are closely-held shortcuts that will make the difference for you in getting fast results.

So, please check my bonuses to learn these methods.

OTOs of Gram Grands

OTO#1: Gram Grands PRO  ($27 DS to $17) – This is the UPGRADED course which contains 20 advanced video modules that will bring your business to the next level with Instagram. Pro version contains more in-depth training including ecom, zapier integration, affiliate marketing, profile promotion and more.

OTO# 2:  Gram Grands DFY ($47 DS to 27). – SAVE. 6K+ Instagram templates – Motivational, inspirational quotes for MMO, entrepreneurs, business, etc

OTO#3:  Gram Grands Profile Booster ($147 DS to 97). Your customers will be able to boost their Instagram profiles with 1000+ followers, 200 likes and 50+ comments all completely Done for them with no extra work involved. This will give them social proof, engagement and more visibility.  These are not BOT clicks but actual real profiles.

OTO#4:  An Hour With Jonny Rose ($77. No DS) .  1 hr of 1-2-1 coaching, conversation and collaboration where buyers can get their instagram accounts reviewed by me, discuss any stumbling blocks they’re having with the product, or just ask anything they want about internet marketing.

OTO#5:  Gram Grands Resell Rights ($97  DS to $67). Keep 100% of the profits when you re-sell Gram Grands  to friends, family and email list or social media audience. Buy the Resell Rights and Jonny will bump you up to 100% Commissions Throughout The Entire Sales Funnel ($312 per sale)


Bonus #1: Underground Instagram CPA Giveaway method.  Never before seen method: How to make money with CPA & Instagram. This bonus is limited to the first 10 people who buy through my link.

Bonus#2: Explosivo & Unreleased OTOs.  Full course on how to drive traffic on IG using low cost traffic.

Bonus#3: How To Crush IG Story Ads with CPA To Earn 10K+ A Month (In-Depth Tutorials From A Top affiliate Marketer).

Bonus#4: The Top IG In 20 Influencers In 5 Different NIches.  With this bonus, you get my top list of IG influencers so that you get the best influencers to contact right away.

Bonus#5: Leverage IG Influencers – This full course shows how you can take advantage of influencer marketing.

Bonus#6: Ultimate Vault of high converting swipes. Split-tested emails.

Bonus#7: Retargeting tutorial.  You will have a lot of visitors to your landing page. You want to make sure to retarget this audience using either Google’s or Facebook’s pixel for inepensive and highly targeted “remarketing/retargeting.”

Bonus #8:  How Make Money with Clickbank and Instagram (Fast). This fresh, no fluff tutorial goes over little known method for how to earn on Clickbank using Instagram.

Bonus#9: Campervan Commissions – Full course on Affiliate marketing A thru Z.

Bonus #10: Instagram Made Simple and Profitable. Step by step Instruction on how to succeed with Instagram

Bonus #11: Redlab – Deal of the Day winner.  

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