Gold Rush Review

Welcome to my Gold Rush review.

Gold Rush is a new product by Jonny Rose and Sasa Ilich.

It goes live on September 7th at 10AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendors can be found here.

Gold Rush Review
Gold Rush Review
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What is Gold Rush All About?

In a nutshell, Gold Rush is all about earning online with Snapchat.

You will learn both organic and paid strategies.

The training has two parts to it: The main training and Case Studies.

The first step is to go through the training in order become familiar with the platform.

Since you have many options for what you want to promote with Snapchat you need to decide:

CPA offers, Affiliate Offers, promote local businesses, etc.

However, you don’t need to decide on what to promote until you go through all of the training.

Gold Rush Review
Gold Rush Review

What Will You Learn In The Main Training?

The main training covers a lot of territory.

You will start with getting your Snapchat business account set up.

Then, you will learn how to create organic content, which includes:

  • Adding text to a Snap
  • Adding annotations to a Snap 1-3
  • Snapchat stories 1-2

After this, the training proceeds to setting up a your ad account.

Gold Rush Review
Gold Rush Review

What Will You Learn with The Case Studies?

In the case studies, you will learn 5 different way to use Snap Chat.

These include:

  • How to promote CPA Offers
  • Classic affiliate marketing offers (i.e. ClickBank).
  • Running National Pay Per Call campaigns.
  • Running campaigns modeling after competitors ads.
  • Learn how to grow and then sell Snapchat accounts.

These case studies enable you to model after them.

Also, they serve as an encouragement for knowing what’s possible for your own campaigns.

Who Is Gold Rush For/Not For?

Gold Rush is not just for newbies…

…but also advanced marketers who may be new to Snapchat platform.

Snap Chat might best be described as an “emerging” platform.

It’s not as established as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

This means there’s less training on how to market on it.

So, with Gold Rush, you can take advantage of this opportunity.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t like Snapchat then this is not for you.

However, for anyone interested in exploring it, this is a good option.

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OTOs of Gold Rush

OTO# 1: Gold Rush PRO  ($27 DS to $17). This is the UPGRADED course which contains 20 advanced video modules that will bring your business to the next level with Snapchat. Pro version contains more in-depth training.

OTO #2:  Gold Rush DFY ($47 DS to $27). 6K+ Snapchat templates – Motivational, inspirational quotes for MMO, entrepreneurs, business.

OTO #3:  Gold Rush Profile Booster ($147 DS to $97). Your customers will be able to boost their Snapchat profiles with 300+ followers, Done for them with no extra work involved. This will give them social proof, engagement and more visibility.  These are not BOT clicks but actual real profiles.

OTO# 4:  An Hour With Jonny Rose ($77). A hr of 1-2-1 coaching, conversation and collaboration where buyers can get their Snap  accounts reviewed by me, discuss any stumbling blocks they’re having with the product, or just ask anything they want about internet marketing.

OTO# 5:  Gold Rush Resell Rights ($97 DS to $67) – Keep 100% of the profits when you resell Gold Rush  to friends, family and email list or social media audience. Buy the Resell Rights and Jonny will bump you up to 100% Commissions Throughout The Entire Sales Funnel ($313 per sale)


1. Additional SnapChat Ads Case Studies – Get 2 in-depth additional Snap Chat Ads case studies to what you get with the front end product.

2. Snap Chat & CPA: How to make $100 a day using Snap Chat and CPA. Tutorial. 50+ minutes.

3. Snapchat Ads tutorial.  A through Z tutorial on how to set up you business account with Snapchat and begin running ads + which verticals and offers are best for the platform.

4. Three Underground, and very inexpensive traffic sources (perfect for CPA campaigns).

5. The CPA Project (full course with 1k plus units sold). My Best Selling training on video marketing and CPA that I did with 2 of the vendors of team blackbelt (Ram Rawat and Pallab Ghosal) back in August of 2019. This includes training on how you can get accepted into Max Bounty and/or other CPA networks.

6. Explosivo My Best Selling full course (1k+ units sold) on how to get fast traffic from Instagram (works great with CPA).

7. Holiday Gold Rush. My best-selling course on Twitter marketing and Bing Ads (nearly 2k units sold).

8. How To Crush IG Story Ads with CPA To Earn 10K+ A Month (In-Depth Tutorials From A Top affiliate Marketer).

9. Effortless FB Profits.  Full course on how to do FB ads and free Facebook marketing.

10.  Instagram Made Simple and Profitable. Step by step Instruction on how to succeed with Instagram.

11. Affiliate Profit Blueprint

12, The Secret Weapon (Full course on FB Groups method)

11.  Reddlab (Deal of the Day winner – Reddit training).

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