Get Domains Review

Welcome to my Get Domains review.

Get Domains is a new training by Bobby Dolcee, Adam Ekubia, and Cherrel Hu.

It goes live on March 8th at 11AM EST.

A review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

Get Domains Review
Get Domains Review
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Watch A Get Domains Review:

What Is Get Domains All About?

Get Domains is over the shoulder video training course.

It shows exactly how Bobby Dolcee buys and sell domains for a profit.

In the training, Bobby shows you the following:

  • Where to buy domains
  • How to buy domains
  • Where to find top quality domains
  • How to buy domains on the cheap and sell them for $100 plus.

What Steps Do You Need To Take?

First, you will want to watch the intro to the course.

Here, Bobby D walks you through what to do with an overview.

As he mentions, there’s a lot of content to absorb.

Some could see this as pro, others could see it as a con.

However you perceive it, you will want to follow through completely.

As Bobby encourages you to do: Go through twice if you have to.

After the first video, Bobby reveals proof of earnings/case study.

The Get Domains training is not one size fits all.

Rather, it shows you how to flip fast for 3 figure profits…

Also, you will learn how to hold onto high value domains and sell for premium.

Get Domains Review
Get Domains Review

Who Is This Training For/Not For?

Bobby D explains that anyone can do this without any of the following:

  • Experience flipping domains
  • An autoresponder account/email list
  • Website or page builder.

So, if you’re new to the world of online marketing or domaining…

…then this is a great way to get started earning online.

Flipping domains is an aspect of online marketing that does not have a lot of moving parts.

What this means is you won’t be overwhelmed with process as is the case starting in IM/MMO.

Also, this is for those who do internet marketing full time but want a “side hustle” of sorts.

It’s not for those who have a singular focus and are not in need of multiple streams of income.

Really, though, domaining takes little time and be very lucrative, so one should keeep an open mind.

Get Domains Review: Final Thoughts

Buying and selling domains is an overlooked aspect of online marketing.

Really, it’s one of the quickest and also most lucrative ways to earn online.

However, you do need patience to earn with big profit-potential domains.

However, buying domains for 8-12 and selling for 100 can be done fast.

In my bonus package, I will show a way you can move domains more quickly.

Click Here To Get Get Domains + All Relevant Bonuses

OTOs of Get Domains

OTO#1 ($47 DS To $23) – Secret Domain System. The vendors show you where to sell domains in a very special place you may have used many times but never thought of selling domains here…this gets thousands of views everyday all free traffic.  The vendors also show you a sure fire way to find millions of domains that are in demand and sell over and over again.

OTO#2 ($37 DS to $18) – Advanced Training. Here the vendors reveal an over the shoulder video series of how to make simple web pages to sell domains. These can be made in minutes and take the hassle out of advertising. These convert and even newbies can make these in minutes. You also get the vendors email method on where to find hundreds of thousands of potential buyers for their domains.

OTO#3 ($97 DS to $47) – License Rights.  Get 100% across the funnel on an evergreen product in an evergreen niche.

OTO#4 ($997) – Lets Launch – Learn how to launch your own product, find one, research it, and make it ready for market.

  1. Secret Premium Domain Flipping Method:  In this bonus, I show you the secret strategy that top domainers use to flip premium domains. This is a specific step by step strategy and known only to top domainers. You will not want to miss out on this.
  2. How To Buy & Sell Hot Local Domains:  This over-the-shoulder video tutorial reveals the full process you need to sell geo-specific domains to local businesses.
  3. How & Where To Appraise Domains: This tutorial shows you how to appraise domains and where to go to get this done. Appraisal in the domain industry is not exact science but it’s important to get an idea of how to do this. Get Domains shows you how to do this, but this gives you more options.
  4. Discounted Domain (Secret Hack): This little known way to get discounted domains will amaze you.
  5. Best Marketplaces For Buying & Selling domains: I’ve listed and sold domains on all the major platforms.  I’ll show you the places where I’ve had success and where I have not. Invaluable info here.
  6. How To Flip A “No Revenue” Starter Website For Profit – Tutorial/Case Study. Take your domaining to the next level by building a simple site and then flipping it. A starter site is actually fairly easy to sell if you do it the right way. Proof can be found in this tutorial by an expert in this method.
  7. Case Study of How I sold A blog/website On Flippa For $1,650
  8. Mega Bonus: Access to 4 of my previous courses: 1. Holiday Gold Rush, 2. Explosivo 3. The CPA Project, and 4. Profit Zenith – 3 of these sold over 1k units on Warrior Plus and 2 won Deal of the Day. They’re still selling on the Warrior Plus marketplace.
Click Here To Get Get Domains + All Relevant Bonuses

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