GamerPay Review

Welcome to my GamerPay review.

Gamerpay is a new software by Dan Green.

It goes live on February 11th at 11AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

GamerPay Review
GamerPay Review
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What Is GamerPay All About?

GamerPay is a way that you can make money online using popular video games.

Examples of wildly popular video game include Fortnite and War of Warcraft.

Also, you can choose a custom option to create a gamerpay site about any game you want.

With GamerPay, you get:

  • In-built Autoresponders
  • Unlimited Lists
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Unltd. Emails
  • DFY Email Campaigns

You will the option of using the vendors domain or setting one up yourself.

Watch a GamerPay review:

What Steps Do You Need To Take?

Gamerpay takes away the headache of setting up a niche site.

Essentlially, there are only 4 steps, which as follows:

  1.  Add your affiliate ID
  2. Choose your game
  3. Give your site a name

The site is created, hosted and monetized for you.

As a result, your site be filled with compelling content such as:

  • Latest news
  • Rumors in the gaming input
  • Tips

This content will be posted for you on an ongoing basis.

Gamerpay Review
Gamerpay Review

Who Is GamerPay For/Not For?

GamerPay is perferct for those who want get in the redhot gamer niche.

However, you may have thought about setting up a niche site with a degree of hesitation.

Aftera all, do you really have the time to set up a website and do all of the hard work?

Usually, this is a barrier to entry to most people.

Really, Gamerplay is perfect for those wanting to get into the gaming niche full time while putting in part-time work.

Also, it’s good for those with a side interest, who want an additional stream of income.

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OTOs of Gamerpay

OTO#1: Unlimited (Pro) Version $47


OTO#2: Done For You $97

This upgrade makes it 100% certain You Will Get Results With GamerPay.
Upgrade to To “Done For You” And the vendors Will Take Care Of Literally Everything For You.

OTO#3:  Easy Amazon Profits $67

Get multiple Income Streams “Done for you” Every day.

OTO#4:  Elite Marketer Program $67

Join the Elite Marketer program you will receive all the skills and knowledge you need to guarantee you will be huge success not only with your GamerPay site, but with basically any marketing campaign you can think of.

OTO#5: Agency Rights $97

Get unlimited Gamerpay Accounts. Do ANYTHING You Want With Them (Give Them Away, SELL Them; Use Them To Grow Your List)

OTO#6: White Label: $197

Your opportunity to start a software online business just like the vendors. Get whitelabel license and rebrand it as your own.


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