Formula 10K Review

Welcome to my Formula 10K Review.

Formula 10K is a new training by Brendan Mace, Diego Hernando, and Philip Johansen.

It goes live on September 3rd at 9AM EST.

A recent review of a product by the same vendor can be found here.

Formula 10K Review
Formula 10K Review
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Watch a Formula 10K review below:

What Is Formula 10K All About?

This formula reveals what Philip does in his business to create 10k a month income stream.

In 15 videos, he walks you through the entire process of how he earns money, A through Z.

In a nutshell, the technique he teaches is known as product launch jacking.

Some of the topics he covers are as following:

  • The launch calendar
  • Get organised
  • How To get approval to promote offers
  • Setting up your YouTube channel
  • Creating Bonuses
  • Capturing Buyers email (hack)
  • Uploading YT videos – thumnail, description, tags, etc.
  • How To Rank Faster
Formula 10K Review
Formula 10K Review

Who Is This Training For/Not For?

Clearly, this is a course for those either new to online marketing or those who need a formula for success.

What’s the problem with a lot of methods for making money online?

The big problem is this: Most methods lack buyer intent.

So, if you’re promoting on social media, what’s the issue?

Most people are there to waste time – they don’t want to buy anything.

Now, if you have a compelling message to a targeted audience…

…then, all that can change in an instant.

You can turn a disinterested audience into fast buyers.

However, it’s a lot easier for anyone new to online marketing to selll…

…if they can quickly and easily put an offer in front of those with buyer intent.

What you get in Formula 10K is a way to do this without paying for ads.

It’s a 100% free traffic method.

Formula 10K Review
Formula 10K Review

What Separates Formula 10K From Other, Similar Courses?

I’d say the depth of training is what gives it that something extra.

You get 15 modules each averaging about 7-10 minutes per video.

You learn all of Phillip’s tricks, secrets and strategies he’s learned along the way.

So, none of what you get is theory but actually what Philip does in his business every day.

In particular,  the sections on bonsuses is excellent.

However, as good as this course is, I think I can add tremendous value to it.

Please make sure to check out my special bonuses that I believe will take this to the next level for you.

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Formula 10K Review: Final Thoughts

Formula 10K offers what you need to succeed online.

It’s a strategy that just about all internet marketer pros acknowledge works time and again.

However, the training focuses on Philip’s strength – YouTube marketing.

There are other ways that you can do product launch jacking.

So, in my bonuses, I have ways for you to get a complete view of how to succeed with this model.

Really, you are going to need a more well-rounded approach than just video marketing in your arsenal…

…to get the best possible results.

And that’s what I have in store for those who pick up Formula 10K through my link.

OTOs of Formula 10K

OTO#1: Done For You Funnels ($37) – With this upgrade, you get proven to convert funnels by the vendors.

OTO #2: DFY Money Page ($67) – The same “Money Page” the vendors are using to get leads into their business.

OTO#3: Infinite Profit Sequence ($97) – Make more money from your campaigns with the vendors virtually unlimited sequence of over 200+ campaigns. 

OTO #4: High Ticket Integration ($197) – Attach the vendors high converting “Big Commission” system to all of your campaigns.

OTO#5: Unlimited Traffic ($197) – Siphon the traffic from the vendor’s sales pages and redirect it to wherever you’d like.

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Full Strategy On How To Rank At The Top of Google:  Get your written content and videos ranking high on both Google and YouTube. This info serves as advanced strategies like no other and you will get inside knowledge on how to rank your blog posts and video in the best way.  **Limited to the first 20 people who buy through my link.*

How To Think As An IM Product Launch Reviewer – What top earning reviewers know and why they keep going.

My Reviews Collection Case Study  Go behind the scenes of a recent promo done with this blog (May 2020). Discover a simple ranking trick that helped this blog earn lions share of commissions of over $500 in just a few days.

How To Create A Review Blog. Step by step multi-video tutorial showing how to get a domain that ranks fast in the search engines, how to get hosting, how to structure your reviews, no stone left unturned.

Case Study: How I Sold My Review Site.  Step by step tutorial on how I sold a review blog for over on $1,600 on Flippa.

0 to 100 in 24 Hours.  Full course. One of the best courses on launch jacking available.

Campervan Commissions. – Full course on affiliate marketing and promotions.

Free Online Classified Ad Secrets.  Updated tutorial and resources for posting free ads online.

Social Signals Unleashed – Course on how to get social signals to your posts.

10X Commission –  Learn tricks and strategies on how to maximize your commissions (Brendan Mace).

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